Skip Full Metal Panic? Your Missing Out Mate.


My anticipation for 13th April is rising high. A certain favourite of mine is returning after a decade and still can’t believe it’s happening. SPRING 2018 ANIME COME AT ME!! Your missing out on a good laugh this one if you’ve not checked out yet. Better to continue reading as to why you should.


Solider Sousuke Sagara a member of private group Mithril. Sent on a mission to protect sixteen year old Kaname Chidori. A mysterious group has her in their sights and Kaname has become their target. While guarding Kaname, Sousuke has to learn to adapt in regular society. As Sousuke’s mindset believes can solve daily issues through military means.


The fourth instalment of Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory is two weeks away. When this announcement was made last year. I’d had never fan girled so much. This series is way up their in my favourites for all the right reasons. This is the perfect timing to cover in three reasons. Why this series is one of my favourites and bringing so much laughter with it. I’ve reviewed Full Metal Panic somewhere on this blog. Don’t go in search of that as I wrote it in my early days of this blog, starting up. In a way this post, will be redemption for that awful review.



1. The Laughs


I’ll say on an often basis when it comes to Full Metal Panic. It’s secret weapon is it’s comedic factor. 
The comedy factor is not strongest in season three known as ‘Second Raid’. Much slower season but still good in my eyes. The real comedy is found in season one and second season Fumoffu. Every time I think about this series, main central character Sousuke Sagara. The thought makes me smile of that odd ball. Sousuke is truly unique character, the dude does not know how to interact in society. Putting that concept with someone with a military background. Is one of the funnies things in anime I’ve seen.

Receiving a love letter in a shoe locker, Sousuke will blow it up. Using a condom to hold a litre of water. You can tell he has not lived. Second season Fumoffu is a real treat to watch. Focusing on Sousuke’s daily life in regular society and guarding Kaname still. Fumoffu is what I’d highly recommend out of all the seasons of Full Metal Panic. Absolutely crazy time that has me crying tears of laughter every time. Not just Sousuke who is a great central character but Kaname along side. The chemistry between these two and how they interact together is hilarious. Nearly 24/7 time Kaname is either scolding or angry at Sousuke. Because well he is an idiot. An idiot who doesn’t know any better how to handle certain situations.

Most of my rewatches of Full Metal Panic has been the sole fact to see Kaname and Sousuke. I cannot leave out such characters though as Sousuke’s Captain Tessa a complete ditz at heart. But once she is in that captain, not someoneto mess with. His comrades Mao and lewd Kurtz who support Sousuke always. Teasing him, not that Sousuke would know, of average things we’d understand. Entirety of the cast are a fun, humorous bunch which work well together. As I write this the inkling to rewatch is setting off my feels. Full Metal Panic ability to space out the jokes, crazy situations. With all the military action going on is done so well.

Your in for a good time. 



2. Crazy Action



Full Metal Panic is all about go go. From the first few episodes of season one. It was right into the premise. My first time watching it was ‘get right in there’, think that was the moment I became hooked onto the series. It’s great for me to say this series being a mecha, has much more to offer, to non mecha fans. Biggest thing that puts off people watching mecha series are complicated ‘talk’. The finer details about mecha’s, operations, it’s fair least once watching a mecha series. You’ve become bored, lost?

Full Metal Panic is not exempt from having that complicated ‘talk’. But to follow what happens particularly regarding season one and three. I found it fairly simply to follow, without becoming bored or lost. Besides with all the kick ass mecha fights and interesting missions. It’s very hard to be bored for a second. Season three have to point out is the slower of the seasons but still up to par on action factor. 

You won’t be bored my pretties. Particularly Fumoffu season is full on crazy. My favourite.



3. Military Made Fun 


Mixing the idea of a solider who knows not of the ways of being social. Learning there is a wider scope to the life Sousuke has known. Till he comes to meet Kaname and protect her. This concept remains constant throughout. Making Full Metal Panic stand out from other military mecha type series.

Kaname doesn’t take it lying down the fact being guarded by a military maniac. Any of Sousuke’s miltary logic to certain situations go right over Kaname’s head. It’s absolutely hilarious, Sousuke being confronted by someone else’s own thinking and logic. Who is not military personnel. For such a odd ball as Sousuke without such a fiery, strong willed female lead as Kaname. Challenging Sousuke all the while, things would be boring a tad. Kaname could have turned out as a shy and no back bone lead. First time of her introduction, Sousuke’s conrad Kurtz was watching Kaname. His image of Kaname was destroyed when this beautiful girl, does a complete 180 ranting in a temper. This is when I knew I was going to like Kaname a lot. The girl is bloody awesome.

Kaname’s character only makes up half reason for this military series fun. Other half comes to learn more about Sousuke’s background. How his group Mithril work as a team. This was a important part incorporated well into the series. Because you won’t come across a character quite like Sousuke, he’s one of a kind. I felt more invested into his character learning his background and if he could actually talk normal. The guy is an military encyclopedia. The relationship between Sousuke and Kaname, likeable humorous character cast. Are important for making this series not turning out to be a heavy military series. If it were full of only action and generic characters, where all that would be left to hold up the series. Is the action.

Glad this is not the case. 


Haha I love this scene.

Full Metal Panic forever for me will always be a favourite. I’ve rewatched this series so many times and find myself. Coming back to how I felt the first time watching. It’s a purely good time. You wont find a military made fun series quite like this. With a solider who will astound you in his idiocy, being in regular society. Full on action with hilarious filler and a fantastic humorous cast.

Personally english dub for Full Metal Panic is a favourite dub of mine. Chris Patton as Sousuke and Luci Cristian as Kaname. They were the perfect choices for this amazing characters and truly bring out the best in them both. Highly recommend watching it in the dub personally but the subbed version is still on equal level.



I hope you guys enjoyed my coverage on Full Metal Panic. It was like going down on memory lane for me writing this. It feels so great to write about an old favourite. I think it rekindles your writers flame every time. Certainly has for mine.

Would love to know if you have seen Full Metal Panic and your thoughts on it. Or if you haven’t seen it are you interested now? Are you going to be watching the new series airing in spring 2018? 

More mecha posts to come before end of march. Bare with me.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



15 thoughts on “Skip Full Metal Panic? Your Missing Out Mate.

  1. You are mostly citing Fumoffu, which is wonderful. However, the last half of FMP that’s hit the air has been decidedly EMO and not fun at all. Second Raid had few laughs, and from the Redshirts in Afghanistan and the Submarine mutiny/takeover episodes it wasn’t much fun at all. I think the author got bullied by the studios and he’s lost his sense of humor. I have LOW HOPES for the newest release and until I read reviews saying its found how to be funny again I’m avoiding further contamination of what was a fun series 10 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree second raid has it’s issues from my memory lol course I understand in wanting to preserve what memories you have with any series 🙂 Let’s hope the new series is not a flop. haha lol


  2. Maybe it’s not the first time you did this and I’m only realizing it now (?) but let me tell you, I LOVED how you displaced the gifs!
    And yet, another Anime to put on my want to watch list! I think I would need to live until 200 years old to be able to watch everything xD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love FMP ! I have a dvd copy of this and I think I had a post about it somewhere on my blogsite. ( although that other girl , the Captain who likes Sousuke, pisses me off . She uses her position to get close to Sousuke. )

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My dvd copy is only up to the point where Kaname saves Sousuke at that battle ( quite hazy now ) ……. Where can I find the new season ? Netflix ? I want to have a complete dvd copy of FMP !


  4. I am still hoping to rewatch Full Metal Panic sometime this year so I can write some decent reviews of season 1, 2 and Fumoffu. I love this series but it has been at least a year since I last watched any of it so want details to be a bit fresher rather than just reviewing it by saying “Watch this, watch this, watch this” over and over again.

    Liked by 1 person

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