Such Is Simple | Gargantia


As the saying goes “Only scratching the surface”. Finally took the plunge into a mixed taken mecha series. That has much more to offer from the mighty depths.

Anime: Gargantia On The Verdus Planet
Published: 2013
Genre: Mecha, Scifi
Producer: I.G Production
Episodes: 13 + two OVAS

To save from extinction mankind finds shelter in the stars. Where in the future Galatic Alliance Of Humankind is fighting their enemy, Hideauza. Galatic solider Ledo while out in battle gets knocked unconscious. Resulting falling into a worm hole. When Leo comes to he’s been asleep for 6 months, winding up on the original mother earth. Everywhere covered with water and gigantic fleets, Leo ends up on Gargantia. 

Intriguing Water Planet 

There’s a time when you finally get around to watching certain shows. Netflix must have hated me wishing to watch Gargantia in dub, to find was no longer on there. As if the Australia anime options on netflix is limited enough. So boo you.

From the surface Gargantia will sound boring to non mecha fans. Origins of humanity, alien war, does not excite you right? That’s understandable, though if you watch the first episode making it through to where our protagonist Ledo. Lands on the fleet ship Garganti. From this point slowly things begin to bloom about this ocean covered setting. The arousing, deep attention paid to the animation truly brings to life, the secrets wonders. How humans on this version of earth have adapted.

The ageing wear of the ship, tiny such detail of rust grooves. Showing the time lapse between what Ledo has come from and where he is now. The Gargantia ‘northern lights version’ illuminating the sea and sky. Displaying such intrigue in what wonders lie beneath and the appreciation. Taking pride in when such a phenomenon happens at sea, to take the time to appreciate such a sight. It shows the simple way of life how these people live. They don’t take anything for granted.

Its absolutely fascinating from every new thing came to learn about how this planet works. Again how the humans have come to adapt. From how these people make a living on a massive ship, it’s interesting. It’s a mini metropolis in itself. Using flying gliders from place to place delivering mail, salvaging whatever is useful from the sea bottom. Everyone on the fleet of Garangtia you’ll learn is like family and it’s so warming to witness.

The animation to Gargantia is what drives home, the fascination in wanting to learn more about it. Really breath taking a main stand out for this series right off the bat.


Another Wonder Opens  

One of the biggest things in Gargantia that stood out. The transition process of Ledo all ever knowing his whole life. Being a solider and killing the enemy Hideauze for mankind survival. It takes a while but he under goes quite the transformation from being a foreigner to one of the Gargantia people. When Ledo arrives he cannot even speak the language his mecha known as ‘Chamber’ translates for him.

The two massive influences over Ledo his support system Chamber and Amy. It’s sounds funny to say his mecha, was a profound affect. Chamber really was, as Ledo confides in him a lot. Which is a hilarious concept, Chambers answers to certain asked questions are surprising. This mecha had quite the personality and it was weird to feel this bond. Attachment Ledo had for chamber, but was the only reliance Ledo had in the beginning.

Amy who is cute as a button, has the sweetest heart. Apart the fact Ledo held her hostage in the beginning. Amy was the first one to be so inviting. It took patience and understanding with Leo for him to adapt to a unknown place. Amy had the patience of a saint. It was something I latched onto this perspective. My autism limits me to a lot to  understanding simple things in life. Watching how Amy was with Ledo reminded me, how the people have around me now. In the patience that I’m slow to catch up or understand things.

It’s a natural feeling we all relate to. The perspective through Ledo was ‘wow’ in my face. It was deep and sincere. It was cute moment the importance Ledo learned ‘the solider way’ isn’t the only way. The circumstances Ledo learnt this was a bit stupid towards the end of the series. But either way this was surprising to get myself attached to Ledo’s progression. It’s told through a relatable scope.


Lost In Transition 

Find one concept in Gargantia that got lost was part of the plot. Because whole time I was watching the focus on Ledo winding up on Gargantia. This is where people with the mixed reviews I’ve read begin to loose interest in what’s being conveyed. The evolution of humanity talk is a deep concept to the story. But somewhere in the middle of the series, it gets lost. The beginning we see Ledo fighting in the war then he comes to Gargantia. In the middle is very slice of life seeing Ledo adjusting to his new surroundings and way of life on Gargantia. The series seems to pick up right at the end with our alien war, a comrade. Whom Ledo thought was dead makes an appearance. At this point is where it feels stupid to add into the mix.

The alien life form Hideauze you come to learn detail about. Which is interesting, honestly didn’t see coming of what you come to know. What best stands in the plot of Gargantia is a young solider coming from such chaos. Learning meaning of what it means to be human, there are no orders to follow. His choices are his own. Our alien war concept is interesting but weighs down the plot for Gargantia.

It’s A Homely Feel 

 Gargantia On The Verdus Planet is the warmest series I’ve watched in a long time. It is to be seen everyone on Gargantia fleet are one big family. Taking all great pleasure in the small things, as simple as taking a day off work, eating such delicacy as meat. It’s crystal clear Garganita evokes it’s the simple things. With the ability to make you forget the craziness of the alien war and humanities origins part. Though still these parts make for an entertaining time with all the fights. Where Ledo is piloting chamber or fleet ships are battling at sea.

Definitely Gargantia stands out from the pack in the mecha genre. It’s proved itself to have deeper goings on. It’s a series can easily overlook it’s little flaws. The minor exposures of fan service, lost in transition plot and so called romance element. That fell so short in the end, you were snippet teased. It’s a real shame the season two that was planned for it got cancelled due to ‘out of hands reasoning’. I was lucky enough to find out it had a two part OVA series. I needed more after the TV series, wanted to see how Ledo had truly adjusted to his new way of life. The OVA part is definitely worth a watch.

Anyone who is not a mecha fan this is something. I would recommend to give a try. If you can overlook the alien war part, it makes for such a good watch. Gargantia wasn’t amazing in certain areas. It was amazing in the concept of a simple way.


Can you tell I’m attached to Amy?

Really hope you enjoyed my piece on Gargantia was a surprising, loveable watch. Series worth more attention. My folks you’ll leave me some comments down below if your a non mecha person.

Have I made you even a little curious? If you’ve seen it already let me know what you thought?

Gargantia is available on Crunchyroll. Far as I know.

I’ll see you all in the next post I dive into…. because seriously. Gargantia’s animation made me want to jump into it’s ocean. By god.



13 thoughts on “Such Is Simple | Gargantia

  1. Looking back on that show now, I have really grown to like it more and appreciate it for what it is and yeah, I wish a season 2 didn’t end up getting canned. Yeah, this show is very underrated in my eyes.

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  2. ~ Ocean vibes ~

    I’ve been wanting to watch this series for SUCH a long time, and now I might make it my next mecha, as soon as that time comes. Seeing as how I didn’t really jive with the cast of another famous mecha, Eureka Seven, I’m really hoping I’ll enjoy the crewmanship shine clearer in Gargantia. Glad you liked this show!

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  3. Oddly enough, I’ve had this anime on my list for 3 years now. I got it as a recommendation from someone online, and was interested at the time, but I just overlooked it and went on to watch other things. I’d like to try it, since I have yet to finish a mecha (I started Gurren Lagan but I ended up forgetting about it). After reading your post, I think I’ll put this one as a priority. 😄

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