Not That Complex (Buddy Complex) – Collaboration With Scott

*Surprise* Another collaboration and with fellow mecha lover and blogger. Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews. As we took a look at mecha gem.

This is the second collaboration for Mecha March. There is one more to come out which, most excited about. That won’t come out till next week.

You know Lita goes searching for those hidden gems? I’ve teamed up with Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews to cover a mecha gem. Sure you guys are aware that Studio Sunrise widely known for their Gundam series. Upon looking through their works, there are some series that I’d never heard of. For this collaboration I picked one of these random gems. Me and Scott both watched Buddy Complex then gave our thoughts, through a Q + A. 

Buddy Complex was a surprise for us both in how we greatly enjoyed it. For being a thirteen episode series. Much was jam packed and would go as far to recommend to non mecha fans. As a introduction. Me and Scott asked each other questions which Scott’s part you can read here.



Scott’s Questions 

How did you feel about Buddy Complex when you first watched it?

From the first episode was confused about what was going on but that’s what pulls you in honestly. Protagonist Aoba randomly attacked by an unknown enemy, saved by Hina from the future. All Hina tells Aoba is “Dio is waiting for you”, when she said that thought Hina meant the name of a mecha. So at this point in my time my curiosity was peaked.

Next couple of episodes were very interesting, Aoba winding up in the future. In the cockpit of a mecha known as Luxon. Aoba being thrown into the deep end was hilarious. It’s your going to ‘another world’ plot anime but it was funny. Aoba’s first few moments in the future in an all out war. There was certainly no reason for me not to want to continue and I’m so glad I did.


Dio and Aoba had a unique friendship has come along way since the beginning of the show. Did this development feel natural to you?

Dio which by the way thought was a mecha. Haha is a person the one Hina said was waiting for Aoba. But Dio had no idea who Aoba was in the beginning, which made me think. Does Dio have amnesia?  Later on the whole truth of everything is revealed in the beginning. Dio and Aoba are polar opposites, Dio is rather vulgar in his manner towards people. Aoba is the easy going guy.

It was a given Aoba and Dio wouldn’t get along at first. As to answer the question, I felt their bond grew in a natural way. Aoba was a great influence over Dio, making Dio less harsh in attitude. Type of person Dio was, sticking to rules and never being reckless. Aoba went against all of this. Dio had put himself a wall up to hide his real feelings. Aoba slowly broke it down, making Dio realise his wrongness of blame he’d put on himself. What repercussions were having effect over this.

Dio saw Aoba as someone purely reckless without thinking. But Dio knew the genuine, honest nature Aoba had. That he would do anything to see Hina, find the truth and though things were a mess for Aoba. He’d just keep pressing on.


What was your favourite mecha design in the show?

The main mecha’s Luxon and Braydon piloted by Aoba and Dio. There synchronisation mode
coupling, where they grow wings. Makes these mechas very cool, when they’re in this mode. They look like butterflies to me in a way.


Would you recommend this show to people who haven’t watched a mecha series before?

I would certainly recommend to people who have never seen mecha. Recommending a series like evangelion is a bit much. As even now I find that show confusing as anything. Buddy Complex at first appearance in episode one confusing in what’s going on. Most people feel like watching any mecha series. All the finer details are revealed in the end. Through the course of the series it’s easier to just go along with what’s happening.

While I watching had a fair idea what the war element involved. Of who was battling who. When it comes to watching mecha I never bother following in detail what the plot’s war is about. It’s always the characters and battles I’m intrigued by honestly. Going into Buddy Complex, I wanted to know what Aoba’s role was and this dio waiting for him. So don’t let the war of opposing opponents distract you from the reason, main protagonist. Being transported to another world. Buddy Complex is an easy show to get into, was surprised by the great charazciation like Scott mention. In all of it’s characters, there is quite a big cast. Some you’ll end up not caring about but majority have much great personality.

Buddy complex would be a great light introduction into the mecha genre. Very entertaining in action and majority of the cast.  


To repeat your question, what was one thing that you liked about the series and one thing that you didn’t like?

Most thing liked about Buddy Complex was the majority of the characters. Particularly people aboard the ship Aoba had become associated with. There was a ‘homely’ feel among the crew and grew fond of everyone how warm they were to another. Great this characterisation series had.

The syncing technique with ‘coupling’ was a super interesting concept. Where each pilot’s thoughts and knowledge are passed through one another. Aoba who had no idea how to pilot the Luxon. Dio’s piloting skills were projected in front of him, his body just moved in accordance with Dio’s thoughts.

Most thing didn’t like was I agree with Scott SEASON TWO. I had to do some searching as instead the series got a 2 part OVA conclusion. Which felt rushed in my opinion, so was not fully satisfied with that. Another thing were the bland enemy of Great Zoiliga, particularly Bizon. Who was straight up crazy.

Another thing was the romance element between Hina and Aoba. It was so lackluster, never fully developed. More like the time wasn’t given for it to develop. I was suppose to give only one answer oops. 

To finalise Buddy Complex is an undiscovered gem. It was an enjoyable watch with it’s likable cast and entertaining fights. I agree with Scott squeezing in some background story on main character Hina, Dio and Aoba. Was great you become invested into their characters. Like anyone would say in a show like Buddy Complex. There are not areas that were all perfect and things it did well at. But in terms of plot and characters it nailed these components pretty well.



I hope you guys enjoyed this mecha collaboration and let us know in the comments below. If we have peaked your interest into giving this series a shot.

Make sure to go check out Scott’s blog. He’s been doing Mecha March as well 😀 Thankyou for doing this with me. Your the mecha man. !!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post!!! 



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