Blogger Tips Collab With A Wild Irina

A wild Irina approached me sometime ago to do a collaboration with me. It was certainly my pleasure to do so. This is aimed to benefit all bloggers and the common hurdles that come with blogging in general.

If I think of Irina as a pokemon Chansey is first one that springs to mind. She is ready to help a blogger in need. Irina has made a name for herself in this blogging community within a short period of time. She is an amazing blogger and person, I’ve come to know and honoured she wanted to collaborate with me. If you haven’t checked out Irina’s blog then you should click here and do so. One amazing lady.

Been needing some blogger guidance for any bloggers out there?

Irina has covered before with Remy, Check out Part 1 and Part 2. Fantastic set of blogger articles to give a look over. Me and Irina have got you covered with more blogging tips. Each blogger experience when it comes to the blogging game is vital. Hearing other people’s advice and such is always important in the mix. Hope this collaboration only helps you out.

Check out Irina’s Part 1 here.


5. How do you make time for writing?

LITA: Along with motivation for blogging, time is another hurdle. For me time has been my biggest blockade. If you were told as a kid do your homework first, then play/free time comes after. The same rule applies here, get the important things done first. Real life responsibilities come before hobbies. Personally reflecting on this question, I blog generally at night time as during the day. I don’t have peace.

LITA: Everybody‘s schedulewill be different but I find writing at night is therapeutic for me. Helps me me destress but usually limit myself to 2 to 3 hours of writing during the week. The weekends I’ll write for much longer but depending on what I’m doing. The most important thing in this equation is do all important things for. Even schedule a couple of evenings during the work/study week just for writing, even if it’s for two hours or so. By doing this, will stop you feeling like you have not made time for any writing. You won’t feel guilt. I’ve personally done this in the past and has worked great, recommend give it a go.

IRINA: Everybody’s life is different. I work fullest time and have a few other engagements/hobbies that keep me quite busy. I also don’t really like working on the blog in the evenings. So I adapt.

If I find myself taking public transit anywhere, I’ll write during the trip. I dictate posts to my phone while I walk my dog or occasionally to my laptop as I cook dinner. I’ll also write whenever I decide to take lunch if I don’t have a lunch meeting. Much like posting – I try to keep a regular schedule but I tend to be much looser with it. Generally speaking, I try to write a couple of posts every day. This means that I end up with a nice little pool of written posts for days when I can’t write at all or just don’t feel like it.

For those of you interested, dictating takes some getting use to and will probably require copious amounts of editing so it doesn’t cut down on the time requirement but it is something you can do while doing something else.

6.   Do you have tips for formatting posts?

LITA: It’s always great to try out new things. It’s only within the last year I decide to give my posts format particularly with my anime reviews. I was getting tired with using the generic anime review layout plot, characters, art. I wanted to change it up and how I do my reviews now, overly happy with.

LITA: My anime reviews/thoughts focus on the a series themes and meanings. My aim doing it t this way is to peak people’s interest, to giving whatever series a go. I enjoy more than ever finding each series meanings first, then everything else comes last. Using catchy subheadings has helped immensely. Giving a brief indication to interest what coming up next. To persuade the reader. This has helped me also break down doing a anime review in general, a less painful process. Doing it the ‘generic’ way for me is so tiresome and hard for the words to come out. Using subheadings to break down your points is something I’d recommend strongly.

LITA:What I mainly keep in mind is the people who will read my posts. That keep simple and easy to navigate through. An overwhelming wall of text, is sure to steer readers away and wouldn’t want that.

IRINA: That’s actually great advice. I kinda want to try that. I’m basic with my reviews. I still have to decide whether I’m writing them for people that haven’t seen the anime and therefore want to know about the technical aspects and general plot or people that have and want to know my deeper personal takeaways on the concepts and meanings of the work.

My much more pedestrian tip/request is to break up walls of text. It doesn’t have to be with pictures – in fact if you cram too many of those it can make the post difficult to load and feel oddly shallow, but at least put in paragraphs. I enjoy reading but when I see a single 1k word paragraph I feel my attention drift right away.

Also, when you are previewing your page, I would recommend you go in the options (the three dots in the lower right hand side) and do a view in reader. A lot of people are going to be reading your post in the reader and some themes don’t translate as well. It’s good to get an idea what it will look like in that format too.

7. How can you get people to discover your blog/posts?

LITA: Getting noticed in the blogging community, Is harder than getting noticed on youtube. From my personal experience anyway. My way to how I got to know so many bloggers as for anyone who started out. I took the initiative from no knowing soul, reading other peoples posts and comments. It’s as simple as that to how whom I got to know. From putting in search terms ‘anime, anime blog’ a abundance of anime bloggers. Appeared before me more than I ever found, when I was on google blogger.

In creating another social media account like twitter or instagram as a way to get noticed. I always tell new bloggers by commenting on other people’s posts. Will be the best way to get noticed and meet others. In my eyes it’s about showing kindness and thinking about you won’t be the only blogger. Who isn’t getting noticed, no comments, no likes. Showing some kindness is all it takes.

IRINA: I completely agree with Lita. One little nuance I would like to add is that there is a difference between getting noticed by other bloggers, this is fairly easy as we already have these interests in common and can interact with each other’s blogs, and getting noticed by the larger anime fan community.

Before getting my own blog, I honestly never really paid much attention to comments. This was partly because I frequented some very large and popular *professional* blogs with often unpleasant, bigoted comments and it seemed not worth wading through all the sludge to get to the one interesting point. I really have been blessed with amazing readers as I have had very few of those less savoury comments.

Wait I was supposed to give advice? Um do whatever Lita says, she seems to know her stuff!

8. Any general advice?

LITA: In the blogging game always remember to write about things you love and are passionate about. Over my time blogging my desire to keep up with what’s new has diminished honestly. The people who follow me, always the one that comments I know what they enjoy from me. It took me forever to figure out my blogging style and interest for my blog. There’s no way I’m changing it up now. People know me for my personality in my posts, I can’t write a post without doing that. That wouldn’t be me.

LITA: So always put your personality into it, the readers will get to know you. Don’t be something your not in your posts, I’ve written about before. Be your own voice and join among all the blog voices in this community.

LITA:Most important to have fun in your blogging journey!!   


IRINA: Here’s mine, try to convince Lita to collab with you!

Ok seriously, mine would be it’s a wondrous thing that we can have this little virtual universe to share a common experience in. Don’t take it for granted. I’m not just saying the same old, go read other blogs, comment, interact thing, although I think you should, you’ll like it. I’m saying take it in. Take a deep breath and smell the virtual roses.

Liking posts isn’t a job and commenting isn’t a responsibility. But if a post catches your eye, give it the attention it deserves. If you have something to say, do so, sharing wisdom is a kindness. Allow yourself to appreciate opinions different from your on, explore series you would never watch by reading reviews of them.

Just remind yourself that you and your blog aren’t an island. Or at the very least, you’re part of an archipelago and take full advantage of it. I have found so many treasures since I started

Hope you guys enjoyed this collaboration post with the lovely Irina. I’m sure you will see future posts from us for certainly. Make sure to check out Irina’s Part one and thankyou for this fun collab Irina.

Happy blogging everyone 🙂

I’ll see you all in the next post !!!



  1. Glad you mentioned the “dictating” thing! It’s sometimes necessary if you’re having a creative streak, can’t turn your mind off, but can’t sit at the computer 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. the dictation thing makes sense. i wouldnt do it myself because i cant be bothered and i tend to be fairly quiet in public, but plenty of people would prefer to be more vocal. personally, i leverage the memo app on my phone to jot down notes when i think of stuff. i also impose restrictions on myself when it comes to how much i try to write at a time. it’s why i dont write a bunch of posts ahead of time when shows come out.

    for discovery, im honestly convinced that things like social media contribute a fairly small amount. i think the best way to get out there is just to participate and comment on other blogs. but this is completely gut feel with no real substantiating evidence, so take it how you will

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I use my blogger notebook all the time for new idea. Easiest for me. I tend to blog on a whim now instead ahead of time. It’s much easier. Some posts get scheduled but not a lot , blogging on the day I want something to come out works easier.

      Yeh social media will give you so much coverage honestly. But i agree with you on that note for sure 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve noticed that switching from a more thematic perspective on reviews rather than evaluating its components like a machine not only makes it an easier review to write, but more people will be interested in reading. Good for you for working so hard to find a style that fits you best! This was a fun 2-part series from a couple of the bests in the community!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. “smell the virtual roses” – I love that! I can’t agree with it more. People put effort into their posts, and they should know it if someone enjoyed them! And I enjoyed this post~ ☺

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Thanks for sharing some great advice. It is great that the two of you are putting this out there for other bloggers as everyone is always looking for ideas or wondering if they are doing something ‘right’. These sorts of posts are really invaluable to the community.
    Definitely agree that you need to have your personality on your blog and you need to get involved with other bloggers by visiting their blogs and actually having a discussion.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. You both have some good reminders about searching the web at-large for other blogs. WordPress has some awesome bloggers, but not everyone is hosted on As a reminder, you can always add other sites to your WordPress reader and help make new connections that way as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Gotta agree with you two on formatting. There are a few (subjective) rules when it comes to that particular aspect and sometimes it’s blatantly disregarded and makes for difficult reading…

    Glad to see the two of you collaborate!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Time: If I can’t make the time to get a post done, I’ll jot down the title/ideas (I almost always start with a title, since it tends to contain the main idea) then finish it later. The “motivation-led” thing I mentioned to Irina means I can’t really schedule time to write posts though…

    Formatting: Formatting is one way to present yourself to your audience, so regardless of formatting, make sure people don’t judge you weirdly for your posts’ lack of readability.

    Finding blogs: Blogrolls and blogger spotlights are always fun to go through! Other than that, I’ve noticed some people picking up on my posts through Twitter since I share my posts there too, although majority of people find my blog through Gravatar.

    It was great reading this collab from you guys. Keep up the good work, both of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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