Humid Friday Feature – Go Away Humdity

That’s all I’ve felt like doing this past week.

Sorry there was no Friday Feature had no time aside to write the feature. But I’ve been spending catching up on some blog post reading. Been reading on the daily to get myself into a routine. 

It’s only now writing this I’ve caught on things that are not to do with my blog completing. No Wednesday post happened which means something will be out over the weekend instead. Because as you guys know from, I’ll always have something out every week. I’m not happy at present of my progress with trying to be more active at writing but during over the weekend. I’ll be dedicating some time to certain things wish to write and work on.

Terms of what is coming up for my blog all will be revealed for the month of March. As I have something planned for that. March is next week…. what the hell. Time could you slow down for a bit. Honestly right now I’m a bit all over the place right now, so bare with me over the next week to get back on track. Just been one of these weeks ya know.

Anyway Time to spread some positivity which is my favourite part of these posts!!

Who are indeed my features for this week?



Blogger Feature 


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 5.02.15 pm
This week’s blogger feature goes to female blogger Keiko from Keiko’s Anime Blog. Keiko mainly covers seasonal anime and round up series reviews. But it’s always fun to read her musing thoughts on what she is currently watching. Keiko has a cool segment called “Music Box” spotlighting a particular anime song and expressing the meaning of the song. I’ve found some great songs because of this segment and definitely think any anime music lovers will. 

Keiko’s blog is one to follow if your a seasonal anime lover and want someone fun to follow!!


On Love, Loneliness and Growing Distance Between Us By Takuto

I’d had been waiting to read this piece by Taku for ages now. He dropped it on Valentines day and was so excited. So much research and work went into this piece, deserving a spotlight. Taku goes exploring every work by Makoto Shinkai, and the directors approach to the theme of love. This was a beautiful and excellent piece.


Romance and Abuse in Shoujo Part 1 by Caitlin 

An older piece but Caitlin from Heroine Problem writes a compelling, look into. Which is a transcript from a panel she did on this topic. Caitlin explores the different forms of abuse in the genre of shoujo, where sexual, verbal or physical. Taking examples of shoujo titles doing in depth of which abuse is seen and reading this was a eye opener. That’s for sure. But really good piece to read.


Some Romance Troupes and Some Personal Loveless Tales By Ameithyst 

I really enjoyed a lot reading Ameithyst personal post in combining their personal love encounters. In combination with common romance troupes we see in anime. This was a clever and interesting way to look this particular anime troupe with a personal touch to it.


Guest Post – Don’t Know What To Read Next By Lena K. 

This is a guest post but this segment on Yuri Reviews was a great discovering. If your a lover of Yuri you’ll love this post. With a Abundance of Yuri manga to read. Recommend following this segment if you love reading Yuri manga.



All this humid weather these last few days has made me feel nothing but tired. I’m tired writing this ugh. Change weather, change it up soon. I hope you all enjoyed this edition of Friday feature. Make sure to check out everyone.!!!

Next week is end of month post a rama. Can’t wait to share some posts I’ve found XD

Have a great weekend ahead!!
I’ll see you in the next post!!




4 thoughts on “Humid Friday Feature – Go Away Humdity

  1. Hey, seriously don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes everyone needs a break, and you are always sharing enough stuff with us like for instance these wonderful posts, so really no need to feel bad at all.
    Hopefully you are okay and things will settle down for you soon. Just take all the time you need.
    Looking forward to what you have in store for us in March. It sounds exciting! Take care 😀😊

    Liked by 1 person

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