Attenborough Female Fan Shoujo Cycle

David Attenborough came to the Kino blog, to speak of a female species that is everywhere in this wide world. Here you will learn and understand these species habits and outburst nature. They are known for when it comes to deadly shoujo.

*Disclaimer: This post is for fun and meant to make you laugh* 

Among the Japanese culture a vast majority young youths. Primarily amerce themselves in the medium known as Anime. It is often mistaken for regular cartoons but is a only other form of entertainment in itself. Making the impossible, possible bring stories from real life to swash, buckling space action. The variety of possibilities among anime is what makes fans keep coming back for more. Some form of screaming is counted in the process also.

Anime does not diverge itself into tv series but also books, known as manga. A particular anime aspect that has quite the largest gathering ever to be seen. Within this gathering is a form of female species, the opposition male find hard to understand. This female species gorge themselves in known as the shoujo genre. A form of book titles involving young adolescent teen and adult romance. Exploring deeply into themes of friendship and relationships. The power of this shoujo genre is vastly great, transforming any female species into another self.

Their is this continuous cycle that repeats itself with the female species. This cycle origins date back as far 1966, never seeming to stop. Continuing into the foreseen future as we know. Will take a look at this cycle and what makes the female species so immerse in this shoujo genre?  What troupes or themes set them off screaming from mount everest to the deepest oceans?



 That Cute Scene 


Photo on 13-2-18 at 2.19 pm
It’s a common factor during shoujo romances certain scenes set off the female emotions at a tame rate. Situations of main protagonists holding hands, unexpected kisses. During the course of shoujo stories things can escalate the females species into high pitch wailing. This particular sound indicates female exuding vast amounts of excitement. Situations that set this course off where the main protagonists have any close encounters. But then are interrupted by other individuals or a silly situation that disrupts the balance. Extreme fan-girling will occur Don’t be alarmed, This behaviour a common occurrence and hence very harmless.



Now You Come Childhood Friend or Love Rival 

Photo on 13-2-18 at 2.19 pm #3
Pushing the limits of the female species into a harmful state. The couple they are rooting for suddenly a so called “hurdle” stampedes the mood. Either protagonists childhood friend or rival whom makes a appearance that stirs the pot. By spreading lies, trying to be the dominating presence front of their love interest. Pushing back whom the female desires to be on top. Spreading toxic energy in the air causing the female to be aggressive. It is advised not best to approach while in this state.


Senpai Notice Me 


Photo on 13-2-18 at 2.22 pm

As apart of the rollercoaster shoujo cycle, the female has equal calm and enraged levels. Semi balance between all of this. Where the main female protagonist is a non intelligent individual. Courting their love interest to notice their presence. Playing hard to get, inviting themselves along, acting so innocent these are some factors. Leaving the female bewildered and impression of predictably right there. A predictable and confusing state always for the female but one they adapt to with every read. Unpredictable behaviour is a factor in this state, so proceed with caution.



Photo on 13-2-18 at 2.21 pm #3Photo on 13-2-18 at 4.07 pm

This is a very fragile state for the female species. Probably the worst stage of the cycle, a unhappy female leads to into a depressive pit. That is hard for all the females to crawl out of it. What causes this slip are many factors.

– The females couple do not end up together
– An unresolved ending where no one is left happy
– Something tragic happens
– Personal connection to a real life experience

You’ll find usually a mountain of tissue waste by the side line. Diluted pupils and red face how distressed the female will be. Proceed with caution as comfort could cause the female to retaliate or succumb to your comfort.


Cold Jerk Face Protagonists 

Photo on 13-2-18 at 2.19 pm #2

One of the common dominators that will set off females species almost immediate. Are male leads who treat the girl poorly and harsh. Male leads who are abusive and manipulative. In the relationship whether verbally or physically. This set off is a double edge sword you may come to deal with. Either the female will go into a inferno rage through social media, rants are a common occurrence. Or the female hormones display their excitement and guilty pleasure in reading such titles, involving jerk males.

In my professional opinion most dangerous in the cycle. Do not engage.


Eternal Hate, Love Interest 

Photo on 13-2-18 at 2.22 pm #2

Exploring the behaviours of these females species as we’ve gone through. How powerful hold shoujo genre beholds over the female species. Their emotional limits are pushed to always near breaking point with every new read. But these intelligent females know how to spring themselves back. In indulgences we ourselves as humans have, will always come back to that place of comfort. Shoujo is an understanding for the female species, from their own retrospective in relationships and friendships.

This cycle is continuous but the difference. It’s a different experience for each individual. We as females and males may never always truly understand one another. But that’s the beauty in learning. Though in this case it’s clear for the female species it’s one indulgence you should not dare critique.


Thankyou to a great wise man for his words of wisdom in the art of nature.

Oh god won’t lie I was laughing as I was writing this whole piece but I hope you were laughing along. As you read along. Truly hope you enjoyed this humorous valentines post but there will be more romance junk to come this week. Don’t worry. Now maybe the male species might never understand us girls with our shoujo.

Psst…. They don’t have to. Indulge my ladies till your void is filled and I dare say a part two could happen. 

Hope you enjoyed yourselves my readers !!

Enjoy your valentines, mine is sitting my fat ass on my bed and bingeing those romances. you know the go.

I’ll see you all next post!!! 



  1. Haha you weren’t kidding when you said this post was meant for fun and intended to make us laugh. It certainly did! Really enjoyed it, and the photographs you included were priceless. Really had to laugh out loud here 😂😂

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