Selfless Sacrifice – Syaoran’s Love Poem

It’s been forever since 2016 I’ve wrote a poem but as we know it will be loved-up central this week due to valentines. I’m a little rusty at this but I’m feeling it this year to be mushy.

I am rusty at poetry it’s been forever since I felt like writing anything now. The influence entirely of this post is because of Auri inspirational poem you need to check out. Also Jack from the Ani writer, who I love their poetry. So thanks guys you gave me the boost to restart this segment in my blog. Writing poetry about anime is something that truly let’s be creative in a different aspect to blogging in general.

I said this week I’d be bringing the mushy with what time I had to write. Felt like writing about a inspiring selfless love. Syaoran’s love for Sakura is timeless in my eyes.

Fleeting feathers disperse into the starry sky
Leaving a after glow of sorrow
Bond, memories have become untied
Leaving a boy feel nothing but hollow

His precious love, a princess
That radiates a pure light
This light fades less and less
He knows what has been lost will reunite

Soughting out the time witch of deals
Comes a decision that will break
Letting his precious bond up for steal
Is more than prepared to take

Above and beyond
Syaoran will go
He will hold on
To bring back Sakura’s glow

Crossing time and space
Every precious feather
Keeping them close in his embrace
Scattered memories, princess who cannot remember
but it’s enough their together

Syaoran’s love is as a waterfall
Flowing endlessly
Not afraid of the free fall
Putting his princess first so selflessly



Expect to see some more poetry, maybe I’ll do three in one poetry posts that would be a cool idea. You guys can feel free to comment below if there is an anime you would like me to write a poem about. Preferably a series I’ve seen, you can check out my list, if you need too.

I’d be happy to write poems about series you request.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 


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