This Isn’t One Of Those Benefits Of Watching Older Anime.

90’s anime has my heart singing 24/7

The millions of videos and articles bet you’ve seen right? covering the benefits of watching older anime. More directed towards fans who just watch seasonal all the while. This isn’t going to be one of those posts. 

It’s fine to encourage those to broaden their horizons when it comes to watching anime. For sometime now weighing on my mind in wishing to give a different angle on older anime. Thought that best would be my own retrospective. In how older and rare titles have come to be my main interest in anime. How have they have come to mean a great deal to me. 

Where Did It Begin ?

To go back really have to thank my old best friend, from when meeting her. She really awakened my interest in anime, introducing me to a lot of the shows I know today. That was the biggest influence in discovering what it was that, interested me in the anime medium. Full Metal Panic was one of the first ten anime I ever and how much this crazy series after ten years. Has a hold over me especially receiving a new season this year for spring 2018. Full Metal Panic getting another adaption is a blessing itself.

Honestly from watching Full Metal Panic it made me curious from watching popular series at the time. Fairytail, Sword Art Online for example, haha oh yeh I can still remember how big Sword Art Online was. That what other series like Full Metal Panic were not something others talking about? What else was out there besides the focus of what’s popular?

My first answer to this question was when my friend suggested watching The Vision Of Escaflowne together. Both me and my friend quickly become invested, especially me. After the first episode girl being transported to another world, war, knew this show would be my jam. Everybody’s got their jam when it comes to hobby. Quickly became clear older anime was mine. After completing Escaflowne, the need for my void to filled with more older series. Ah was vastly growing.

Since then I’ve consumed no end. It’s still not enough.


Escaflowne Started It

To be clear on one thing when I say ‘Older Anime’. People have different tastes in saying this, mine is anime from 80’s to early 2000’s around till before 2010. Genuinely anything before 2005 something recommends me, will go up on my watch list. Over a series recommended from 2008 for example. That might give you a better idea where my older tastes lie.

Escaflowne was my first experience of a 90’s series. I’m excluding Sailor Moon, Dragonball z as 10 year old me thought it was cartoons back then. Just like for others. Sixteen year old me wouldn’t have realised a lot from my first viewing of Escaflowne. How deeply complexed the series was which I’ve explored before. Sixteen year old me was just full of fascination and excitement at the time.

As the series was something I’d dreamt being out there and it was. Dragons, medieval anything to do with fantasy, mythical was something I was into in my teens. There had been times from other series I was into Xena, Hercules the legendary journey’s. For wishing there was another series or medium that had dragons, was set in a fantasy setting. Just something really out there and crazy. I got my wish when I discovered anime. Seeing Escaflowne made the desired teen dream come true.

Fast forward to now, blogging and having watching so many series since then. My mindset towards anime has completely changed, not all. But in how I approach each new series I start and especially towards older anime. This mindset I have a new appreciation for thanks to Escaflowne. The series itself is course more than just about a girl transporting to another world. It’s deeper, the internal struggles of each character, incorporation of the savageness of war. I’ve described it’s more than what it seems and truly is.



It’s Like An Endless Treasure Hunt

I experienced the same feeling experience as with Escaflowne. Few years later a Kyoto Animation early work, Munto Tv. Planting a new seed of interest entirely. Munto Tv is only nine episode long, short series I’ve watched to date. Still love it to no end, it’s not one of those overly amazing series. But for me the worlds setting and plot were so likeable to me and it’s a warming watch every time. Spreading the message of believing in oneself’s more.

Discovering since Munto TV A abundance of hidden gems that all have their own shine. 2009 Shangri-la by Gonzo was a series I hated a first but afterwards totally fell in love with. That was a breathe of fresh air regarding it’s plot trading with carbon, post –
apocalyptic world. Jubei the Ninja Girl 90’s anime so much comedic flare doesn’t know what to do with. It’s not a series you’ll take serious with the plot, it will be become irrelevant. That’s not a bad thing don’t worry. Seriously I could go on with what I’ve found but this post would be a novel. 

I always get that rushing sense when I’m watching a series I’ve not heard of or isn’t talked about a whole lot. That I’ve discovered something new and can’t wait to talk about it using my blog or youtube. Though for the past year I’ve not really done so, bringing that older anime. Which I’ve promised and still is.



Power Over Me

Older Anime has this power over me now. Seasonal anime doesn’t give me the same feeling as if I’m watching a series from 90’s. Finding series from early 2000’s and 90s is something special in itself, it’s still hard for me to put my finger on now. It’s not just because their not known. But one reason would be seeing how anime has involved from such a time. It’s an obvious point to make but it’s an important one. Secondly (this is a personal taste) from seeing shows like Ceres Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yugi. Oh they truly have that corny factor down pact when it comes to romance. Basically their train wrecks I can enjoy in all it’s glory. Series like that are predictable in it’s troupes and I’ve only been able to find these, among 90s series. 

Most important reason regarding older anime is checking out a series. Others would look over and shedding a deserved spotlight. haha I find it’s something just cannot help and wish to give every rare series I come across. A fair shot where in liking it or not, giving my honest opinion. I’ve discovered so many older series so far with their own unique treasure about them, even if the series is far from perfect.

Upon discovering in my interest of older anime particularly 90s. Guess I’ll go back to Escaflowne for a second here. That the story telling explores intertwining themes even in while watching Fushigi Yugi. There was some twist or angle that completely changed the story and kept my glued to the screen. There is that grip factor in older series I’ve watched that has never diverted my attention away.



Appreciate The Treasures

My pull towards seasonal anime is slightly loosening less a little. Not to say I’ve lost interest completely but to limit myself. In what really fits in with my tastes. I’d rather consume of most older series I could in this life. It sounds a little dramatic but makes me happy honestly. This post is not here to tell you to change your anime watching ways. It’s a scope as to why older anime has always been my main interest. But one thing I’ll emphasis on to not forget those series that have paved a way for anime as it is today. To always keep talking about those series that may not get a look on. Keeping the discussion flowing, that is something I’ll continue to do for as long I’m blogging. 

Have fun with your new or old series. They’re all treasures really. 


This is what older anime does to me half the time….. send help

Hope you all enjoyed this discussion piece on my interest in older anime. Definitely something I’d been wanting to write about for a little while now. Something also that means a lot to me. 

I’d appreciate if you all commented below your thoughts. In what does older anime for you? Is it the storytelling, music? Are there things newer anime does not explore like older anime?

It would be interesting to hear all your thoughts!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. Some older anime is really great for nailing a sense of realism. This is even the case in shows with a mystic element or something (Hell Girl for example). That’s something I like.

    Of course, there are more reasons to like old anime too! I find that doing a mix of newer and older to be very enjoyable.

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  2. I absolutely loved this post! As I already told you I think I love 80’s anime. For me it’s the style, the way the animation looks, and the often just gripping storyline that really are so awesome to see. And then of course there is the music, which is also at times so very appealing 😊😊
    The only thing that I regret is there seem to be so many people that dismiss it off hand, just because it’s old. Which is a real shame if you ask me 😢

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  3. Older anime on TV ran for longer (more often than not) than the shows do on seasonal slots, so people put more thought into what to adapt and how to adapt it. Hence, there were less rushed endings and better pacing of stories overall, even if there was a need for filler or anime-only endings. There’s more than that, of course, but that’s one thing I appreciate from older shows.

    I think my “watch range” mostly goes from about 1997 to the present with a bias for anime from 2014 onwards, but I have been looking at some older shows recently while keeping up with simulcasts. That would make me roughly in the same boat as Jon Spencer.

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  4. There’s always such a rush to get the latest and greatest new title, but I always love to see older series in the spotlight. Hey, at the very least, they’re already finished, so you don’t have to wait months to see the whole story!

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  5. I love older anime series, too! I think I like the general tone/feel of the stories coupled with their animation and music. I enjoy feeling nostalgic when watching them, too, even if I didn’t actually watch the shows during the time they aired (like, if they’re from 80s or the early 90s).

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  6. Escaflowne is wonderfullll…the movie is excellent, too, I’m less a nostalgic way and more a “This is really good” sorta way. And FMP! I can’t wait for the new series! I’d read the light novels following the existing series a long time ago, but I’ve mostly forgotten them, so I’m excited for this rush of nostalgia and the brand new that’ll come when spring arrives!


  7. I clicked solely because the abundance of Escaflowne gifs and pictures makes my heart sing happily hehe 😆

    I think what newer anime has really excelled at has been sports anime, but I’m biased asf towards them. The colors being brighter also makes me happy. It has also brought brevity to some shows that don’t need too many episodes.

    In counter point, this 10-13 episodes a season rankles to me because many need more and it’s baffling. There’s too many rushed shows and episodes that clearly need more.
    While older shows clearly had issues with going too long, 100+ episodes, new ones have the opposite problem.
    Anime industry needs to find not a happy medium, but to actually pick the length of a season based on project and not on what’s popular/easiest.

    Tbh I hope there’s more remakes not because older shows are bad but because there were a lot of shows that didn’t get proper treatment back then. By that I mean budgets for animating, etc. Boys Over Flowers is one such, when the manga is tremendously good.

    It’s nice seeing this type of discussion 👀👌


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