Heatwave Friday Feature

It’s been a warm one this week.

It’s been nothing but staying in water this week but I’m looking forward to that cool change coming in tomorrow. Found some chill content though this week, to tide you all over. 

Indeed has been a warm one this week but I’m complaining. I’d rather that than experience the freezing cold for a little while longer. Then again it doesn’t get cold all that much in Australia. Spring is on the way for some of you and hope it’s a good one. I’ve been nothing but lazy this coming week with marathoning Yugioh on a strange whim. I’m on season four now not about to stop now. You know there are those times you can’t explain what your doing with your life.

Yeh that was me.

But it will be one off my back log which will be a start. Though have been working on some projects which I’ve not made the time for until now. I’m excited for them when they eventually come out some will come out sooner. You guys will enjoy that as something to look forward too. For next week’s content well we all know it’s Valentines day coming up. I wasn’t originally going to but I’ll be doing romance related content for the week. Depending on what I have to write up but thought what the heck, give me a chance to talk romance since it has been a while. I’l look forward to reading others romance related content, I’m sure my other blogger friends will be doing.

Time to introduce some chill reads for you and blogger of the week !!!

Blogger Feature

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 2.49.46 pm

This weeks blogger feature goes to a humble male blogger whom love visiting his blog to just hang out. Derek from Apprentice Mages Lounge.I really love the name of their blog as it gives the feel of inviting and that was a reason Derek named it so. They cover primarily seasonal anime but other content like tags, older anime. Derek wanted his blog to be a place for bloggers to come interact. A favourite post of their which was a great personal readEpisode One Just Because!. Where Derek talks about his own passion about photography.

Derek really runs a well versatile blog and deserves every follow he gets !!

AKB0048 | Fighting The System Through MusicBy Arthifi’s 

I’m not one to watch girly idol anime all the time, really have to be in the mood for it. But Artthifi’s did a great job with their review on AKB0048. The plot sounds great honestly main characters doing concerts in secret and set in a war setting. I’d had no interest in the series until now, finding out it based on a actual real group from Japan. Gives me all the more reason to give this series a chance.

Mail Bag, The First: Hidden Gems And Other Old ThingsBy The Subtle Doctor 

The Subtle Doctor you’ll know from Wave Canon Motion blog which recently hasendedwhich is sad. Loved their site. I happened to come across this interesting post answering fan questions, of them talking about their favourite under-appreciated series. Mentioning older shows I’ve not heard of before, it was a informative read and loved it.

4 Reasons To Watch “Only Yesterday” By The Spooky Red Head 

In this short post I was impressed with all the four points they made. In what Only Yesterday had to offer from the Ghibli film collection. I saw this movie last year and it was a self reflecting film for sure. Full of so many real realities to real life and one to check out for sure.

#ReadManga18 | Update 1 By Manga Hoarder 

Laura from Manga Hoarder is doing her own personal manga challenge for the year. I’ve been playing along with this myself and Laura’s diverse taste in manga. Always make it worth it to check out what she is reading. This was a great scope into what she’s completed to so far and gave me something new to discover.


Failing in manga reading

I am failing on reading much of any manga at the moment. I’ve only completed one manga so far haha. Still plenty of time… yeh time. But Anyway hope you all enjoyed this Friday Feature and notice how diverse this round is. I’m trying to branch out between older and newer content. I’m trying my best to hunt down on those older post but takes some looking but I’ve discovered some more bloggers since doing this.

Make sure to check out the people in this feature!!! and their posts.

Now time to continue my Yugioh marathon, I’m up to where Kaiba and Yugi are dueling one another. Then Yugi hopefully wins and faces Marik.

There goes my Friday night. I’ll see you all in the next post!!


9 thoughts on “Heatwave Friday Feature

  1. You did say that you loved my review, which made me blush already, but to the point of making me a shout out? I wansn’t expecting that in a bit and I just to humble thank you! And well you made me blush even more! 😀 Really, thank you very much, you made my week! 🙂 And now, time to go read those amazing blogger you mentioned! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We are currently enduring a snowstorm… so talking about your warm weather seems extra hilarious!
    Thanks for the feature! 😀
    I’m so happy you’re participating in the challenge! Don’t worry, you still have LOTS of time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Like Laura, snow yet again where I live. I don’t mind snow so much but this past summer, we had hardly any pool or beach weather. If I’m going to have snow in the winter, I want at least warm weather in the summer!


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