It’s A Haul Fiesta !~! Anime Collection Update

The waiting… waiting.

Last time a collection update or haul post was in October 2016. *hides* Is that how long you all have been waiting for one? Oops.

Being a collector is the best and most thrilling feeling. Those packages with your name on it, coming to your door. Unwrapping the contents inside then fan-girling to yourself.. that IT’S YOURS!!!. It’s like better than candy to me. My wallet never suffers all the time as there are some months, I don’t buy nothing. When it comes to being a collector it’s about pacing yourself, is what I’ve known for the longest time. These days when it comes to collecting, I’d rather not blind buy a lot, that always has been hit or miss.

Not ended liking a series and feel like my money has been wasted. This rule of blind buying applies only to older, unknown series. That is still a risk in itself but that’s where my main interest in anime lies. Mainly I buy series favourites and ones I know I’ll rewatch. Most of my collection is second hand anime that has come from good old Ebay. I’ve gotten some great deals on there over the years, never had too many issues with the site. I know others have but if you know where to look and always look at feedback. You get some good deals.

The anime featuring in this post some are gifts and others have gotten gradually over the pass month or year.

As my friend Animepalooza Gigi always says on her channel.

Let’s Get Our Anime On!!


Hirro no Kakera was my first experience with a otome anime adaption. This where I even heard what ‘Otome’ meant. That it was a whole word have yet to experience. My friend introduced me to this series as we were both suckers for romance and couldn’t help love it. It was from watching Hiiro no Kakera that other adaptions like it, female protagonist surrounded by all these boys. Either someone would be chosen or your left unsatisfied. For those otome lovers please to say this series will leave you feeling satisfied.

First half of the series is a bit slow in parts, back and forth negotiation between main group and enemy. Over a sword as the story focuses on Tamaki who comes to learn she is the Tamayori Princess. Who in her family sworn to protect a ancient sword Onikirimaru aiding Tamaki her five handsome guardians. Second season I like better than the first but as a whole is a fulfilling watch. It was a steal off of Ebay for $40, whole collection. You have no idea when it comes to Australian anime prices, regular price for the whole series. Would have been $120 and I’m not willing to pay that much. Unless it’s a series I really like, but overall very happy to have this. Can’t wait to rewatch and hopefully do a piece on.

Wolf Children, Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars. I’m sure your all familiar with all of these titles. It’s been a long time since seeing anything Mamoru Hosoda and $25 for Boy and The Beast. It was a good deal from a local DVD Store. I haven’t seen this movie yet and very keen in February watch. Know nothing about the movie it looks interesting main characters, particular the bear? haha. You can be sure I’ll be letting you know in a post come on it’s me. I’ll do a post for everything when I can get around it. Didn’t know when buying this came with extra of how the movie was made and other extras too. So very happy with this !!!

For the record Summer Wars is my favourite by Hosoda.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have been around on my blog long enough you’ll know besides mecha, romance genre is my favourite above all else. My close friend from youtube last month as a Birthday gift got me Ef a tale of Memories and Melodies. Still haven’t gotten around to starting yet but will during February, as I promised my friend. But this is a romance series that heard nothing but good things. For it’s good balance of romance and drama. Both seasons are completely different stories, which is great and the bluray set for it, is nice. To my surprise it came with four art cards but on flimsy card stock. Us collectors hate that filmy card.

But very excited to watch this romance as it’s been so long since seeing one. Again expect a post. Pretty sure everything in this haul, I’ll do a post for eventually.

While back last year a fellow youtuber was selling off some anime. Ended up picking up a first rom com I ever watched, apart from Midori Days. Maid Sama has always got mixed reviews from what I’ve read and discussed with others. Personally from recollecting it was a hilarious watch and wasn’t all that bad honestly. Student council president plays the tough act with the boys of school. Misaka can’t stand boys as a whole, they’re all scared of her. When Usui one of them discovers her secret, Misaka working in a maid cafe.

Usui constant teasing around Misaka was hilarious to me and really brought out different sides of Misaka. They’re is no Australia release of this so was lucky to swipe this up, again can’t wait to revisit this series.



Certainly added some blur-ays to the collection, I got lucky getting some good deals. Couple of months on impulse picked up Terror in Resonance. For this series genre thriller, physiological, there not genres I watch a lot of. Really have to be in the mood for it and it was a “Well what the heck” moment in buying the series For being only 11 episodes made me wonder the plot relation of terrorism. To make a impactful impression.

Again a series heard good things about and I’ve been personally keen to see it. Usually I like to watch a series before buying it. Accept for unknown or older titles. Feel won’t be disappointed with this one for $25 it was a steal.


Following along in terms of Terrorism plots and on Bluray Eden of the East. This was a series never imagined would end up loving as much as I did. The first episode really picks your interest naked man in front of the white house, holding a gun and has amnesia. Seriously couldn’t stop watching, was hooked, the series reminded me Future Diary a little. Nine players with phones as apart of the game, given 1 million yen to use to make a difference in the world.

Truly is an most intriguing and interesting I’ve seen of it’s genre and would recommend highly to all. For $15 for the whole series, I was laughing seriously the sale at the time getting it from. It was insane. So excited to rewatch this series at some point and talk about.



Any 90’s anime that comes in my possession, my heart is singing. Amazon is my best friend for getting my hands on not licensed titles here in Australia. But in the case I got this series for a good deal on Ebay and free shipping. Your winning if you get free shipping.  Yuu Watase is a manga author I’ve been a huge fan of for a long time and Ceres The Celestial Legend. I’ve wanted for a long while, since finishing this last month. 

It was a train wreck I’ll be honest, bit messed up at times and the dub was not amazing. In saying that it made for a entertaining watch, it was like a soap opera drama. Oh my god. If like you like train wrecks, 90s and romance then this series is for you. Other would not personally recommend this to others if your not a fan of the following. At the end adding any 90’s anime to my collection is a bonus. I don’t regret picking up this series.




Haha do I really have to say anything? I’ve talked about no end of times about A Silent Voice on this blog. Funny fact this limited edition bluray/DVD set was my first PREORDER EVER!. That’s how lame I am admitting this. Came in last month and lesson learned: Wait until it officially releases. Paid a pretty penny more than others would have but oh well. You have no idea…wait you might have a fair idea of what having this movie for my own means. Seeing it in cinema, just knew wanted it for my own.

The limited edition itself by Madman is actually really nice. The book it came with is full of interviews, sketches etc. Nicely put together book. Also what came with the set four beautiful art cards which aren’t on flimsy card. Hooray!. They are really nice art cards, as for the bluray cover visuals. Beautiful and this limited edition is lovely. I’m really excited to rewatch this movie in the english version. I’ve watched a snippet of it with a scene between Shoko and Shoya, the dub sounded spot on. Going to the extend of casting a deaf girl to voice Shoko, that was unexpected but bloody awesome.

If you have not see this inspirational movie… stop scrolling through this post and block out time this weekend. WATCH IT !!


Here comes a rare title you not have heard of Argento soma. I have not watched this series yet but $40 for this beautiful box is sick as. It was interesting to find out this was one of Studio Sunrises earlier works from 2001, so it’s rare and out-of-print. Which are words that sing to me out-of-prints.. that’s weird isn’t it. It was the box, the name and plot that pulled me to buy this set. Sci fi, military genre and about a man Takuto who goes on the path of revenge, aliens take over earth. About someone who looses everything.

I am psyched to watch this series sometime in February as it is most intriguing and another rare to add to the collection.


Last but not least in this haul post saved best for last. Well in my opinion anyway. 2015 series Snow White With The Red Hair stole my heart and have since then died to have for my own. It was non negotiable to have on DVD had to be Bluray, wasn’t settling for standard. The first season was a gift from my sister and the second season swiped up in a sale last month. Seriously again one season per an anime on bluray here costs $65.00 and I got second season for $50. You can see I waited so long to get this series.

If you not a romance person in general and lovey dovey overload. This series will be a great comprise for you. It’s not fairytale ending as the visual covers make it appear to be. Leads Shirayuki and Zen are not your typical prince and damsal, this head strong duo. Learning about one another’s ambitions and about each other, makes for their sweet relationship a treat to watch. Every time looking on my shelve to see have this series finally makes me so happy. Just love it so much, a beautiful show.



This is me right now…. dead.

It’s always fun when I saved this post originally then come back from dinner yesterday. Having to write it all over again. Because word press didn’t save it… lost three hours of work. Twitter rant happened. Out of frustration from last night, went scrolling on Ebay….. yeh bought two more anime. First world problems. What’s also funny is that’s what is included in this post is only a fraction of what I’ve collected for the past year. Including everything would have been a marathon a post, ugh nope weren’t doing that.

Overall very happy with how my anime collection is progressing and sure will continue to grow.

You know what do below.!!
Comment of some anime goodness you have picked up recently manga, figurines. Tell Lita!! If you have seen any of the shows I’ve mentioned tell me what your thoughts are on them. Did you like them or blah?

Seriously after writing this again. I’m burned out from writing for one night and now off to sleep land, hope you enjoyed this post anyway guys!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!!

Lita Kino


  1. I’d love haul posts to be a regular occurrence on your blog (since I loved reading this one) but not sure how your wallet would feel about it. But seriously you picked up some really fantastic stuff and incredible prices, Australian anime prices are awful! I try not to cry when I walk past the anime Jb hi fi section. I can’t wait for your review of boy and bear, I was a little mixed about it but my friend adored it. Also the Silent Voice special preorder looks like it was worth every penny, it looks so pretty!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha awww thank you steph. I’m hoping to make hauls a regular thing again next one would be a manga one. I am particular in what I’ll pay for so I wait a lot or have happened by luck to come upon something great XD

      yes ungodly awful Aussie ani prices are -_- I will def review boy and beast on here 😁 and writing this out again only took me 2 this time around 😆


  2. Nice haul. I remember Terror in Resonance, and it was okay to me. Seen Argento before doing some bargain bin hunting, but kept forgetting it. Also, that Silent Voice limited edition is cool. Hope your wallet didn’t take too much of a dive.

    Still waiting on the last of my stuff to come in this weekend, so I should have an update next Friday.


  3. You picked up a lot of classics! Notes on a few of them:

    1. The Boy and the Beast is wonderful. Hosoda was perhaps my favorite director even before I watched this one (I LOVE Summer Wars, and TGWLTT equally, and appreciate Wolf Children as an absolute classic of anime—oh, and the Digimon Movie, too!), but this sealed it. It’s my favorite of his. A beautiful movie.

    2. Terror in Resonance is very much an art piece. Take it all in—the director, Watanabe, is who I would consider the BEST director of anime series (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Kids on the Slope). He’s a master and doesn’t waste a moment. Incredible animation, beautiful score, meaningful characters.

    3. The Ef series are not among my favorites, but two of our staffers—the real otaku on our staff (one who attended graduate school at Japan’s preeminent university and the other who now lives permanently in Japan)—swear by it. The series certainly has a lot of depth; it’s not just a simple romance.

    Have fun with your haul! 🙂


  4. We got lucky and had a nearby theater showing Silent Voice during the one-day US event… It was indeed awesome.

    My recent hauls were all gifts for my birthday (Nov) and Christmas: Angel Beats and WUG on DVD, a Honoka figure (Love Live) in her first outfit, and the Asuna (SAO) ‘bread eating’ figure.


  5. Okay….looks at all these titles with some serious jealousy 😂😂 Just kidding of course, but wow there are some truly amazing titles in this one (and for a change there are actually some series/movies that I have seen myself…yes I was as surprised as you are lol 😂😂). Seriously though: I loved Eden of the East. It was an absolutely amazing anime with a highly original story. The girl who leapt through time was terrific as well (and I have summer wars as well, but have yet to see it….to hear you saying it’s a favorite, only adds to my urge to see this even sooner😊).
    Great post, and some awesome stuff that you added to your collection 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I only started collecting about 5 years ago and so far have only bought things from brick-and-mortar stores, so it’s tough having several of your favourite titles to potentially splurge on…

    The only one of your haul I’ve seen anything of is the first episode of Terror in Resonance, but I’ll have to finish that via streaming before I decide whether to buy it or not.

    As for recent purchases of my own, I found Case Closed vol. 36 on sale – it looked shabby but it went for less than one dollar(!) – and I bought Short Peace blind because of post-Christmas discounts.


  7. I’ve been wanting to do a similar post!! And maybe I should now, you’ve inspired me! I’ve always been a little wary of how it would come across if I were to post some of the stuff I’ve managed to pick up. Thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Okay, I didnt know the term “blind buying” but that is exactly what we do when Funimation or Right Stuf have sales. Also, didn’t even think to check Ebay so thank you for the recommendation. “Boy and The Beast,” has been in my cart everytime there is a sale on it, but I talk myself out of it last minute. So I’m looking forward to your review of it!

    Liked by 1 person


    I’m so glad you picked up Terror in Resonance and Eden of the East, as I find the two to not only be similar in setting and tone, but also in quality—which happens to be very, very good. Seeing as how you loved Eden of the East so much, consider checking out the two films, The King of Eden and Paradise Lost, to see how the true story concludes. While others find the series to be a better “ending,” I definitely prefer what the films provide, as they continue that high intensity game of cat and mouse and give us a true resolution to Takizawa’s story! ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Love The Haul Post You Did For Last Month. Have You Seen These Anime’s Love Hina Love And Lies Scum’s Wish Sakura Quest Kanokon:The Girl Who Cried Fox Blend S Resturant To Another World Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles NTR Netsuzou Trap My Hero Academia Hunter X Hunter Love Live Sunshine Citrus Plus Kiss Jim Not Me. I Have Seen The Girl Who Kept Through Time Snow White With The Red Hair I Too Heart Romance Anime Lita 😀 Take Care And I’m Happy Getting English Manga’s For Early Christmas And Birthday Gifts Last Year.

    Liked by 1 person

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