The Pie Was Good Last Time But Cookies Are Taking Over This Winter Part 1

Are you craving this now?


The worst thing in the world for any blogger is having a busy week. Leaving no room for any writing, which is what happened. But the question I put to you is are you a cookie or pie person?

Come on who doesn’t love cookies?

Winter 2017 pie last year was good but this 2018 season’s cookies have got me singing bro. The variety in genre and pull to taste testing some series was too great, so I’ve had my pick of the bunch. That most appealed to my tastes and pretty satisfied with what’s been put on display. I’m not particular to picky when it comes to seasonal anime but this year I’ve chosen not to over haul myself. In watching ten series as there are other priorities.

So what show got what cookie?  




Since Netsuzou Trap the inching buzz to watch another anime yuri series has been in high demand. Made forget all about this winter highly anticipated Citrus was starting. One of the most-loved Yuri manga out there, the attention of this adaptation has put this series back into focus. The impressions I’ve read most people have read the manga so know what will go down. Well I like be surprised. 

From the perspective of the yuri community know how important a decent yuri adaptation has been craved for. As regarding yuri in general the validation in lesbian relationships is barely recognised. The seriousness of female characters feelings towards  one another aren’t taken seriously. Scenes of a character forcing themselves upon another is taken the wrong way. Labelled as “Rape” or “Assault’. Which cannot blame people for thinking as the yuri genre is not for everyone.

However watching Citrus finally feel like that void is being filled. From the satisfaction in seeing so far progression between two main characters Yuzu and Mei. From watching episode one set up for what complications await for newly step sisters Mei. The biggest set up was at the end of the episode Mei kisses Yuzu out of nowhere. Since then things have progressed at a nice pace between the girls, left me with questions like Why does Mei act the way she does?. Mei seems physiological damaged regarding her family ties and in how she acts. I’m sure it will be delved deep into her mindset.

Yuzu’s has rubbed off on me a lot, in how she is as a person and outspoken. Yuzu was the reason let me begin to believe with her new found feeling so far. This is will be a satisfying yuri adaption, it’s a bit early to say on now. My feelings for Citrus right now are all positive. Cannot lie in the first three episodes there have been some heated scenes, which had be gasping slightly. Citrus didn’t beat around the bush for first impressions.

I’m currently reviewing Citrus for Manga Tokyo weekly if your interested to hear more of my opinions.

Citrus has become an avid favourite for me this season and I give a cranberry, oatmeal cookie. If you’ve ever ate a cranberry it’s sweet but has this bitter after-taste. That’s what Citrus gives me every week.


Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc

@Manga Tokyo

Is 2018 turning into the year of nostalgia? got my Full Metal Panic season four coming this spring 2018. Which absolutely so stoked for. After over a decade a beloved childhood favourite for many returns, continuing from where the main series left off. Cardcaptor Sakura like for many was apart of my childhood. Still to date one of the most enchanting magical series I’ve ever watched and be a crime to not have checked it out. 

Again many have read the manga sequel clear card so knows what will happen in this adaption. Do you want to hear something lame? I had never heard of this sequel manga till the adaptation announcement. It’s okay to look down now on me. All I knew was Sakura and Syaoran were going to be a thing, squeal factor for this OTP pairing. As well not hearing about this sequel, this was my first taste of the Japanese version. Growing up with the Kids WB english dubbed was afraid, my nick pick nature would compare the two.

Episode one just blasted a nostalgia wave so powerful finding myself, swept up in the magic. Once again. The Japanese voices for all the characters had no issue with in fact, ended up loving way more than the dubbed. Sakura and Tomoyo voices are too much for me, just so cute. I find them cuter than before it hurts my heart every time hearing their voices. One thing that was cool to learn was most of the original cast from the 90’s version, is voicing for clear arc.

The voice acting wasn’t the only thing that I loved, the soft-tone animation. Particularly in the first few moments in episode one, the cherry blossom. Very beautiful, subtle animation, I’m not someone who is so pick when it comes to animation. If I say something is beautiful, if it’s average that will be the final verdict. The plot itself has me intrigued all Sakura cards turn clear, new wand and new incantation. I just love it it all, everything about this sequel, it’s become a night time ritual on the weekends. To watch the latest episode before bed and sets me me in a good mood.

It’s just great to see this series back. Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Arc I give you the favourite chocolate chip cookie. Fills you up with the most satisfying, warm feelings ever and nothing is better than that.


Darling In The Franxx

@Manga Tokyo

Oh it’s been sometime seeing a mecha series in a seasonal since Gundam Iron-blooded Orphans. In saying I’m not being particular in what I check out in seasonal anime, there is one exception, Mecha. Combining forces A-1 Pictures and Studio Trigger brought the different this winter season with Darling In The Franxx. The studios who worked on this series were not the reason for me checking it out, simply for me because it’s mecha.

Episode one in a nut shell wowed me with a great, decent introduction to this series. The plot is the utmost appealing in every way from the world setting to the mecha’s themselves. Centring on these young pilots living in a dome known as ‘Bird Cage’ their sole purpose to pilot Franxx mecha. It’s sad these kids are worthless if they cannot pilot, among the category is Hiro. His meeting with twin-horned Zero was hilarious, leaping from the water holding a fish in her mouth. Think this is a favourite scene for me in male and female protagonist meeting. From Hiro and Zero’s meeting things moved quite fast but not in a bad sense.

Having seen episode two it became more interesting learning how the franxx mecha functioned. Similar to Aquarion mecha where the power of connection with another is a significant part. Though the sexual-like positioning in the cockpit for the pilots will be talked about. Among other pervy scenes and the word use of ‘Darling’. Personally doesn’t bother me not taking away the interest factor. On a brighter note the franxx mecha designs are fantastic, quirky and futuristic. Definitely a stand out. Is it just me or does the enemy Kaloxsaur look like just dinosaurs, who designs are very straight lined? Yeh that was weird to see. My hope is getting to know the other pilots along side Hiro and learning their individual feelings. It was loud and clear Ichigo you have a thing for Hiro yet, you don’t jam with him when you tried to pilot with him.

It was funny to me that the title of this series ‘Darling” being apart of it. Hiro, darling Zero will either be your dear long life darling or your death. haha.

Darling In The Franxx has made a great impression and love everything so far. It certainly was a breathe of fresh air. I give you a Ginger Biscuit. Theres that spice factor that makes things exciting.



Don’t tell you don’t crave a cookie now?

I’m certainly craving those cookies now, wonder if we have any in the cupboard? But this concludes my part one of seasonal impressions. I like this free style layout way of doing seasonal which I’ll stick with I think. There is going to be a part 2, as for when it will be out? Hoping next weekend. There are so many other things with to write at present, it’s not even funny.

Winter 2018 season really enjoying with what I’ve picked to watch and managing to keep up in my own time. I didn’t mention for the all the shows in this post but all of the openings are great, love them. Just couldn’t bothered stating them individuals.

You guys know what to do let me know in those comments down below. What are you watching this season? What is yummy and What has gone stale?

Bare with me as incoming posts will be sprouting around sooner or later, this week had no time to write a dam thing until now.

Now need those cookie see you in part 2 !!
I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



12 thoughts on “The Pie Was Good Last Time But Cookies Are Taking Over This Winter Part 1

  1. Great …I just love cookies, so before I commented and after reading this post, I quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed a few Oreo cookies😂
    But back now! I watched Darling in the FranXX. Loved the first episode, the second was a bit meh for me…But it’s definitely not near the point where I’m going to break it off. Also watching Violet Evergarden Not everyone seems to like it as much, but I absolutely love it. The series that so far has been the most fun for me though has been Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. I absolutely love that one, and it’s I think the best show that almost no one is watching. Last is Junji Ito Collection. While not bad it isn’t very good either. Still it has that kind of Twilight Zone feeling to it, which is very cool 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my god your comment made me laugh you actually went to get cookies LOL my mission is complete then ahaha lol Darling in the franxx is very interesting to me and love the series so far. Violet evergarden going to wait it is available honestly.Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens does sound really fun XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m watching CCS and Darling in the Franxx as well—and I’m not sure about either. The beautiful animation and nostalgia factor aside, CCS feels a bit hollow; I’m waiting for it to find itself a bit. As for Darling, I find it very entertaining, but I’m hoping it becomes more than Evangelion with different stylistic choices.

    I’m also still watching Violet Evergarden, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Yuru Camp, and my favorite new show, After the Rain, as well as the next cour of The Ancient Magus Bride and March Comes in Like a Lion, which are amazing series both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How does cardcaptor sakura seem hollow to you if I may ask? and that is a array of series your watching. Violet garden im waiting for till it’s on netflix gives me something to look forward too XD


  3. And now I want cookies too! I loved your take on “Darling…” because I feel much the same way. I recognize the blatant oversexualized themes, but I’m still compelled enough to keep watching (so far). I’ve not started many series this season, in hopes of catching up on neglected series past, but Citrus seems promising now that I read your review. Thanks for the overview and for the food porn!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What doesn’t have over-sexualised themes honestly lol doesn’t take away my interest from the series honestly haha Citrus is my hope it will be different from other yuri. I’ve not seen a lot of yuri is my hope it will turn out different XD

      Glad you enjoyed the food porn 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. And now I want cookies……

    And since you mentioned comparing the seasonal anime to cookies, Darling in the Franxx (so far) to me is like a white chocolate macademia nut cookie. It has some things I really like about it (Zero Two, the action, the premise – aka the white chocolate) and some I’m not all that keen on (rest of the characters, story is kinda meh – aka the macademia nut) but overall, I can still get into it despite some shortcomings and this is coming from a guy that adores Studio Trigger works.

    But, seriously, now I want to buy myself some cookies. The soft ones…the chocolate chip ones…the— I’m making myself hungry. Excuse me.


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