It’s A Hot Friday Feature #52


Been a scorcher this week.

Hey… it’s been 105 Fahrenheit last two days so that’s my excuse for this being late. The will to do nothing has been great. 

It’s been hot people and my writing mojo went right out of the window this week. I love summer but the last two days leave you hibernating in your house. That is when it sucks as you can’t do any outdoor activities, I burned my feet in the back yard from being out there for five minutes. But oh well still loves summer, even when it’s this hot. I think I’m crazy then. On a happier note you guys technically got three posts from me, wanted to do more but did not work out how I thought. Believe me I have several drafts of things wrote up and a lot on my hobby plate. Be patient with Lita and I’ve been revamping the “fellow ani blogger” page for the last week. Still needs a bit more work but aiming to have out for next week or so.

I’ve been asked numerous times as of recent regarding seasonal anime If I’m in the game. This winter 2018 currently am watching some shows and aim to have a post out in the next couple of days. I did a poll on twitter the other day and asked people to vote for big post or single impressions. Result: BIG POST !! excited to write so look forward to that.

As far as reading posts lately has been slack a tad but I’ve read a few. so Let’s see who made it this week in my Feature Friday !!!



Blogger Feature 

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.22.43 pm
This week’s blogger Feature goes to a male blogger who’s been in the blogging scene for a little while, Jack from The AniWriter. Came across Jack’s blog late last year and fell in love with his approach to writing in general. He uses his blog to express his personal experiences with anime and vast variety is content, keeps me coming back. Pieces like Eureka Seven and Aho Girl Review  are what I enjoy reading from him most. His opinion posts always inspire me with new ideas and all round is nice guy to have a discussion with.

Jack is a trooper in my books and hope you go check out his fun, humble blog !!!



The Best 3 Action Anime By Amelia 

Amelia from A Girl and Her Anime is a blog that constantly gives me ideas for posts. Thought this was a nice, simple list for anime beginners covering three popular series in the world of anime. That have made mass impact so recommend to recommend this to someone you know that is new to anime. Check it out !!  


Lesbian Rape? Hardly Citrus Analysis By OtakuGamerGirlT 

Citrus certainly has been gearing up a storm this winter 2018. I have been following it weekly as for my own interest and reviewing for Manga Tokyo. Tanique’s post in defence of Citrus I resonated someone who is not an expert on yuri genre. She explains that Citrus is not like other yuri this it is proclaimed to be Yuri rape. The series has been deeper meaning in being ‘complicated’. This was a well written opinion piece and recommend checking out !!



Why You Should Be On Mal? By RossiRoad 

This was a pretty solid short post that will convince you to make a mal anime account. To keep a track of all the series your watching. Ross has got you covered so check out his post !! 


Why Starting A Blog Is Actually Good For Your Novel By The Nerdy Lion 

This is a different kind of post I normally feature but this was a great read. For ani bloggers I know that like writing or are looking to write their own novel. It was a inspiring read and applies all the same to blogging in general. Recommend check it out for sure !!



Seriously me by the end of every post.. perfection is needed with me lol

As I write my eyes are slowly wanting to close so bad but was determined to go this out. As not blogging for days or doing in what I needed to do set me off my routine. Promise next week I’ll be more prepared. But please go check out everyone from this week’s Feature!! 

I’m going to go read some posts, reply to comments that are a week old and then crash.

I’ll see you all next week as usual and next post!!!



11 thoughts on “It’s A Hot Friday Feature #52

  1. That’s right I’ve got you covered! I like MAL so much that I let them decide what counts or doesn’t count as anime for me, I like to just leave that argument to them. Thank you for the mention and showing us some interesting posts!

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