Manga Intro: Anonymous Noise


One of the goals for 2018 is to read more manga, I have begun my journey already. It was the grandest moment in this day and age for Lita to do her first proper manga intro. We’re not calling it impression, need to change it up. This manga has got me recollecting my choir days.

Genre: Romance
Published: 2013
Volumes: 13 – On going
By Ryoko Fukuyama



First Look 

Feels good, feels good to be doing something manga-related, honestly had been meaning to write this for the last two weeks. Don’t you love it the feeling of trying something new? I may not go visit my library regularly but least go there twice a month. My library seems to have updated their manga section with newer titles. Which was great to see as out of curiosity decided to pick up Anonymous Noise.

The only reason actually remembered this series was when evil amazon strike rest in peace. Got a hold the rights to stream the adaptation on their service which people weren’t happy with. Picked up the first two volumes luckily enough, don’t you find it annoying finding odd numbers of volumes? Good god. Lady luck was on my side this time. It took me until about half way through first volume for me to be glued to the story line which I resonated with on a level. 

Main protagonist Nino loves nothing more than to sing but especially when your feeling influenced. When Nino’s childhood friend moves away she finds the ability to sing again encountering Yuzu. But it was surprising that she unexpectedly loses Yuzu when he stops meeting up with Nino. It had all the inkling of love triangle alert in this set up. It made me excited honestly as the first half of volume one covers how Nino meets both boys. Seeing from Nino’s childhood perspective of what each boy meant to her. It was set up well for me to get into Nino’s character and this genuine aspiration for singing she has. 

Found Nino’s character quite adorable in her longing love of singing and clever think that was used. Nino wearing a mask over face, first made me go what. But realising as getting volume two if she didn’t have either Momo or Yuzu beside her. What was the point in singing? Nino made me think about my three years in being my high school choir. I was not the strongest singer, as my voice was mid-range my teacher always put in the middle group. Few times asked myself why I joined the choir and that somewhere there was this hidden desire. That I loved to sing and didn’t matter to me if my voice was not the highest or lowest. It just felt good to sing and be apart of something. 

The use of the mask to represent how much without her special two, it affected her ability to sing. There were certain parts that honestly made me want to cry I’ll be honest. The door being slammed in Nino’s face every time she gets a chance to sing or something gets in the way. The door got slammed a lot for Nino when meeting Yuzu again in high school and reaching the end of volume two. Nino encounters company producer now Momo where Nino auditions. Things left a good place here honestly.

Speaking of boys It is just me in Yuzu just looks like a girl to me? Yuzu find quite selfish and childish but in a cute way. Momo seems nice but puts on the cold act for certain reasons. Momo and Yuzu have got their issues and can’t wait to uncover more about them. There was a small glimpse from their pasts reasons for not wanting to communicate with Nino. But there is more to this. 

The mix of music focus and on-going love drama was melded well together, was such an enjoyable introduction read into Anonymous Noise. 

This is definitely something I’ll be continuing. 

I need to figure out a better layout for this for next time round but Anonymous Noise was a great first manga to start 2018 off. Mangaka Ryoko doing research is fairly new to the manga scene, as not hearing her name before. Her simple art is something already admire and look forward to what other future titles she’ll do.

If you have read Anonymous Nose what were your thoughts on it, without spoiling it for me? Maybe at some stage I’ll take a stab at the anime but I’m in no rush. But leave your comments below.

Can’t wait to do more posts like this one ! Hope you enjoyed!

I’ll see you all in the next post! 



4 thoughts on “Manga Intro: Anonymous Noise

  1. I believe Anonymous Noise is Fukuyama’s third series, and they’ve all been over 10 volumes. Her first was Nosatsu Junkie/Charming Junkie, about a girl and a crossdressing guy working as models. Tokyopop started releasing this one in the U.S. Monokuro Shounen Shoujo (Monochrome Kids/Animals/Boys & Girls, depending on the region) is about a girl at a school for beasts. Her characters tend to be sarcastic, which I love. So hopefully her other works can be released (fully) in English now!

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