Making Posts Sound Something That Your Not




Just words in my blogging vocabulary I’ll ever us properly.

Not feeling your post is interesting enough?

Remy from the Lily Garden is an inspiration for this piece from their own blog editorials they write.

Think we can agree anime is such a unique medium, that is unlike other mediums. Where there is so much freedom in it’s genres and stories. It’s like a blank canvas never knowing what the first few strokes will evolve too, or the imagination. Anime is an art all on it’s own with youtubers, bloggers treating it as so. Anime covering such deep, vast themes in it’s works that, it can’t help engage others. To speak and analyse what makes each series unique and special about it.

Let’s go back to when I was on google blogger, how that platform is like a waste land. Chances of anyone reading or noticing my little blog on their was slim to none. That was my experience anyway.  Unlike word press when it comes to blogging in general, it was like an explosion of happiness hitting me. Seeing all of these people blogging about anime from fan-girling to deep analytical pieces that make the brain think. Seeing everythingin a new aspect.

Somewhere along the way last year I started giving more thought into my layout of certain posts, breaking down themes and going in more depth. This was all inspired from bloggers I consider to be better at “going in deep” than me. To give an example blogger Emily fromAtelier Emily is someone I’m avidly always reading their content. I admire their analytical posts such asThe Flower Language of Ancient Magus Bride Episode 1 exploring the meanings of native flowers. Tying to the main character Chise. Until reading pieces like this, is when I started when watching series or writing about them. To take more notice of a series main themes and what it explores.

But course I knew,

They were not going to sound like other anime bloggers, who had a good way with words. 

Big Fancy Words 

Not sticking to how you love writing will have it’s on repercussions. People I’ve followed in the pass that I’ve followed their content. You grow accustom in a bloggers writing style and it’s where I’ve noticed people begin to change it up. By attempting in my eyes words in their writing they might not normally use. “The dialogue is fairly strong in *something” I’ve seen this written and made no sense to me. Meanings like this I goggle all the time and still in confusion about what point is trying to be conveyed.

Every blogger wants to get noticed in some way or form but using words in your writing. That you don’t know how to use and make your posts more interesting won’t give you any of the benefits you may seek. This is something never have attempted when I started this blog and don’t intend to start now. My bubbly, outburst nature in my posts is apart of me. Attempting to start being so serious in my posts constantly would just go against my own blogging style. Attempting at using words your not familiarised with to just make your post, more dynamic. Is going to leave you sulking in dissatisfaction.

Sticking To Your Guns 

This is the most simple, important point wanted to get across and stick to your writing guns. It’s okay to load up on new ideas and expansion in your blogging style but only write how your comfortable with. I’ve touched upon before about the importance in enjoyment factor in your passions and hobbies. There is no point trying to sound something you are simply not in your posts. It will leave you in disappointment and a sense of unfulfillment.

It is a-lass any analysis or analytical discussion happen to read that makes me wish at times, my posts sounded smarter. But I know I’m not like other people whom know how to chain smart, engaging words together. While it’s okay to feel slightly jealous, also makes me remember from when myself starting out blogging. For how far I’ve come since then and notice myself the change in my style. But it was for the better. Who wants to sound a big shot who knows what the hell their talking about. Not Lita, I’d rather delete this blog and start anew.

Delete…. haha No panicking it’s a joke.

Not every post you produce, your thoughts, your fan-girling has to be top notch or sound smart. Your just lying to yourself in what your feeling as you type away, saying a show was amazing when you thought it was trash. Saying the music backing was so harmonically with certain scenes, when you couldn’t care less about the music. It’s not easy to state your opinion because the fear others will pick away at it. Your blog, your space, you won’t be the only one feeling as you might do.

In your posts of what your excited about, must talk about, you just gotta let loose. It’s what I’m doing right now, not trying to sound smart in this post. Once in your life I’m sure you’ve been told once “Don’t be something your not”.  It’s okay to want to branch out in your style, but I’m telling you as a reminder have fun in your writing. It’s what counts at the end. You agree?


Quite a deep in thought post.

Finally an extra post I promised you all and delivered for once. I’ve been blogging up a storm today with drafts of upcoming pieces. But this will be happening at a slow pace. But this was a topic that had been weighing on me for some time now. But please guys down below comment below any thoughts you have on this topic !!! Have you tried to use words that were beyond you? Did it work out for you or not?

Hope you enjoyed this post as always and I’ll see you all in the next post!!



26 thoughts on “Making Posts Sound Something That Your Not

  1. When it comes to writing, I don’t really limit my style. I’m not a blogger first, I am a fiction writer. I’ve learned so many s and is still learning. Writing — you shouldn’t really limit yourself. I don’t know about blogging but that’s how I think writing works. I have so much to learn yet. Thanks for the post, by the way!

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    1. No I agree you shouldn’t limit yourself I’ll cover this In another post hopefully lol but of course you should only grow and learn more what makes you learn more. Thankyou for
      Your comment 😊

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  2. Well..since I am Dutch, and English isn’t my native language, it’s always hard for me to come up with the right words in the first place.
    But I do try and learn from other bloggers as well. There are so many cool blogs that I follow (including yours) that are just way more skilled at writing than I am. As much fun as i am having with blogging, I am not going to pretend to even come close to these levels. But I always like learning things, and that’s another thing that I just love about blogging 😀 This was a great post!

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  3. Very helpful advice! I do admire many bloggers with sophisticated writing styles. Sheer imitation is definitely the wrong way to go, but I think it is still nice to read and learn, until one day you decide that “narrative” and “retrospective” work perfectly in your sentence and use it to bring yourself lots of satisfaction.

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  4. This is so true Lita-san!
    While I think I don’t have a specific style of writing as of yet (I’m trying out as many as I can), I don’t think that trying out a new style is bad?
    Just that we should be careful while going at it.

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  5. I guess this is the difference between writing to impress — and writing for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with (and I highly encourage) trying improve your writing, to hone your style, and to adapt new words to your vocabulary. But losing your authentic voice in the mix means that you’ve done something wrong. It’s no good (especially with blogging) to alienate your audience.

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  6. I was always told that the best writers are the ones who can efficiently convey their message using the smallest amount of words. And for a while, it was my goal, too. But now I’ve started to realize that my “wordiness” makes it easier for me to write. By looking less at the word count, I can simply write for as long as it takes me—that decreases the stress tenfold! While I’d ultimately like to be a more brief and succinct writer with 1,000-word posts or less, I realized that I first need to focus on writing and posting more in general. I totally feel the pain that comes with admiring other bloggers, though. I’ve already written about them, but Seasoned Prattle is a huge “ideal standard” for me to chase after, as their work is always deep and analytical, yet never dragging out too long. And it’s HARD to imitate that style when you know, deep down, that it’s just not “you” no matter how hard you try. It’s a struggle, that’s for sure!

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  7. This is all brilliant advice, and I can relate as I’ve come to grips with pieces with a more personal voice being more my forte than academic stuff. Luckily that’s where Dominic balances me out really well, we are each other’s writing yin and yang in that way 😊 It’s so important to be who you are in your writing, because how can you expect anyone else to connect with it if you aren’t in the first place? I read this blog because I know I’m hearing your voice, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    1. Thankyou so much Elisabeth 🙂 You and dominic are def ying and yang ahaha. btw have you heard that amanchu is getting a second season? was wondering if you had yet IM SO EXCITED XD


  8. I would really like to find my own sound / style of writing because I feel like I haven’t yet settled. And I only recently came back to wordpress again. I’m currently trying my best not to get discouraged due to the amount of awesome people I follow who write great content.
    Thank you for this wonderful advice. Great post! ^^

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