Coming From Rock Bottom | Cross Ange – Ronda Of Angel and Demons “Revival” OWLS January Tour

Here’s to a new year my friends !!!

First come first serve as they say. I’m excited starting Owls first blog tour for 2018 wohoo! But in the back of my mind feels this pressure slightly to deliver something good, but no point thinking that. Just got to let the words flow and our January tour we are covering a great topic. Thanks for our Chief Officer Lyn who is always thinking up these awesome topics. How many have you made new years resolutions or goals? This time of year people treat as a time to start-anew.

A new year implies “new beginnings.” Yet, rather than discussing the “new,” we will be discussing the “revival.” “Revival”  has multiple definitions, but the meaning we will be focusing on is the improvement, development, or refinement of something. Our posts will be about characters that undergo a positive or negative transformation and what we can learn from them.

I personally love the word ‘Revival’ it signifies many different meanings for religious reasons a reconnection with god, something coming back into popularity. But how were viewing this meaning is through transformation. Learning from your mistakes, setting things right is how I see the word ‘Revival’ but the outlook I’ll be going with this. It will be a bit dim and gritty, Feel like the timing of this tour was perfect. As the last anime I finished in 2017 Cross Ange Ronda Of Angels And Demons came instantly to my head to write for this tour. I’ll be focusing on a Princess that went through every abuse you possibly could think of, stripped spirit bare. But the transformation she makes, as this kick-ass pilot and protagonist actually ended up liking in the end.

The High Life Is A Lie

My first curiosity to wanting to watch Cross Ange was a Youtuber’s review which labelled as just bad, terrible, awful. But they admitted the second half of the series was good despite saying the negative feedback. In how finally seeing Cross Ange for myself I’m left feeling controversial over it and others might as well. While I actually enjoyed the series, it’s not going to be others cup-of-tea especially when entering into the first episode. It’s shows on a platter sexual exploitation, over fan-service, and heavy bloody battles.

Why are you choosing a show for this month with such sexual exploitation, over fan-service?

While the beginning of Cross Ange is anything but rosy, slowly we get to see a strong plot emerge and still questioning how on earth. I actually can say I enjoyed this series. Cross Ange did not beat around the bush from the start at how exposing and deep, it would go into it’s plot. That’s the first reason that made me begin to like the series but the second reason is the main reason in this post. The spoiled princess who had it all then went right down to rock bottom and came back up. As this determined kick-ass fighter who don’t take nothing from nobody, Ange.

Princess Angelise has it all in the so called ‘high life’. Lucky to be in a idealistic world where there is no war, oppression, famine it’s sunshine and rainbows. Peace among the people where the power of “Mana’ makes this utopia even possible. You don’t have to get changed yourself, snap of a finger new outfit within seconds. Give me some of that Mana haha! But there is a glitch in his utopia dream the so called ‘Norma’ who can’t produce Mana. If you can’t produce Mana, well your no good to no one in fact your a thing.

At Princess Angelise’s coronation to be the first princess of the Misurugi empire the royal life becomes non existent. Julio Angelise’s brother rats her out to the masses, of being a norma herself. The girl had believed all along she had Mana but it’s as obvious she doesn’t, when her maid did everything for her. Everything goes downhill from their for Angelise, stripped of her title, hated by her people. Mostly what was worse shipped off to a military hell hole with other ‘Norma’ and forced to pilot humanoid machines known as Para-mills. To defend the world from the invasion of a unknown enemy and dragons.

Coming From Rock Bottom 

Spoiled Angelise in the beginning did anything but annoy me with her regal attitude and denial of accepting of being a Norma. Angelise’s character is one of those in anime that just you don’t end up caring about and is just plain old annoying. Honestly after episode one of Cross Ange is enough to turn anyone off this series and in no way could blame anyone. But as intense and exposing the first few episodes were, I was determined to finish this series. If I had not continued this series then probably wouldn’t be here writing this.

As stomach-turning the beginning of the series was to watch, it made me see the importance of Angelise transformation. Angelise experienced in every way possible of being humiliated, stripped of her royal title, literally stripped, betrayed by her family and treated as nothing but a thing. With the acceptation of her parents who kept it hidden from others, of Angelise being a norma. Truly Angelise had hit rock bottom with having no hope of getting off hell hole Arzenal. From being in a situation yourself when everything just falls apart in your life? You lose faith in yourself and trusting others around you?  Exaggerated a tad in Angelise case but it’s hold true symbolism that in any traumatic event or situation. It’s beyond difficult to sculpt yourself back together and coming back from it.

You’ll Make Mistakes

Having the high-life one minute then nothing the next Angelise went through a massive transformation. First phase was massive denial refusing to believe she was a norma, not wanting to cooperate with the other female pilots and putting her life on the line for her people. Who put her where she was and threw her in the deep end. Given the humiliation and hell she’d already been through, Angelise had given up. It reached a point she wanted to throw her life away. Mean how can you trust easily? when you’ve been betrayed by those close to you, learn to trust anyone again?

It’s through making mistakes we learn the right way of things and that help us to look out for in the future. Angelise through her denial phase just bit anyone’s head off that tried to get on her good side. Sometimes violent. Reminds me of myself that I can get so defence about things easily and that one of my weakness is in getting to know people. I can be too trusting and over-honest which in the past has left me betrayed. One thing I cannot forget is how me and my old best friend fell out over something so trivial. We were best friends for 9 years and ended on something so trivial, just felt so betrayed in how she acted. Since then has I’ve been over cautious in when getting to know people and getting so defence.

After that was friendless for a little but in time I met other people and began to feel trusting again. Pushing everything away was Ange’s first big mistake, mean can’t say I blame her. From her pampered, sheltered life style it’s like a bomb went off, when Ange is exposed to how the world can really be. If it wasn’t for when Ange meets Tusk, her transformation wouldn’t have been so impactful on me.


Close Ones Revive Us 

Ange’s transformation as saying before truly began when Tusk came into the picture. Having only anyone else treat Ange as a norma, he treated her like a actual human being and this began to stir something within Ange. It’s from this point Ange builds up her own will to say stuff it to those telling her what she is and what she should be doing. Through going her denial phase made her selfish in the beginning. Meeting Tusk showed those she’d pushed away her co-pilot girls in particular. They were the same as her treated as nothing and her selfish actions were not called for. It’s wasn’t helping her or anyone, showing also not everyone is cruel.

Despite what occurred with my best friend from when moving to Australia. Meeting her my first week in a new high school truly revived in me. That there were genuine people out there and she reassured me what it felt like to have a true friend again. Ange went through one hell of a transformation in my opinion, her parents wishes for her to live. Those she met and became close with in the end, maybe not at the start. Affected everything, realising the world is not perfect but she loved it anyway. Ange found a newfound will to survive and think of herself when it counted. Course without being too selfish. Being more independent for herself.

Ange became by the end of the series the hero protagonist that should have been there at the beginning. But watching her to come new realisations about life, the world, people was truly impactful on me. She’d become one hell of a strong woman and I love her now for that. Plus is a killer shot with a gun in her hand. In speaking from realistic approach coming back from a traumatic event, trusting people, a break up, an argument. It’s a true belief for me that those close around you or meeting new others can make us believe again in things you may have given up on. Letting us see things in a different lens and perspective. Meeting my best friend revived in me what a true friend is and that hasn’t changed.

To Not Give Up Completely  

If I re-learned one thing from watching Cross Ange it’s not too give up on people so easily. Ange regained trust in people once more and that was her main struggle throughout the whole series. Through all your betrayals and times of getting hurt by others, I can’t just be like how Ange was originally. Bite people’s head off and push everyone away. I’ll still leave myself open to trust others but just be mindful in who I want to put my trust in. I’m not saying you have to leave yourself like an open book. But even if it’s just baby steps to trust again, take it at your own pace.

All I know is with the close ones in my life now, I feel stronger I have ever. Ange found strength too through genuine people’s love and trust. So don’t close yourself off to everyone, keep those closest to you and not to give up on trusting people so easily.

Remember this world isn’t perfect.

This concludes my January post and it was long. I hope you enjoyed reading. Glad I got to talk about Cross Ange though it won’t be a series for everyone. The series does have it’s good points but wasn’t easy to cover the deep dark parts. Hoping to do a seperate piece on Cross Ange at a later time, whole review. I loved this first topic for a new year it was so fitting.!!

Please any comments you have down below!! 

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Well until next month !!

I’ll see you all then and in the next post!!


  1. Hmm, definitely relatable. I have been betrayed by so many people over the years after doing pretty much everything for them, that it isn’t even funny anymore. Like you, I have developed some definite trust issues because of that….but then again…I am still who I am, and eventually you just find out who your real friends are so to speak. But I have become more cautious in meeting new people too. And I don’t think that there is anything particularly wrong with that. Great post to kick off a new Owls year 😀😀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I still haven’t watched this anime. It is on my watch list but has never been a high priority given the incredibly mixed reviews of it. Still, I enjoyed reading this and it has made me a bit more curious about the anime.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I enjoyed this series and not just because of the eye candy. The rough start was necessary to change the spoiled princess’ outlook on life. It was cool seeing Ange turn her life around, although given how episode one played out I can understand why that Youtube review was brand the series terrible.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. All I’ve heard about regarding this series was that “The second half is SO much better than the first.” While I should really just watch this show to find out for myself if that’s true, you definitely make a convincing case with this little character analysis here. Stories where someone of high power quickly gets overthrown and sent to the bottom rungs again, only to start their way back to the top stress me out, haha! It’s like, you know that they’ll get there—that the MC will learn a valuable lesson or two on living (as Ange did)—it’s just that you have to sit through all the terrible things they go through in the process. If I’m feeling up for a little action and the tale of a princess-turned-knight, I’ll hit this up regardless of any “community slack” it gets. Thanks for the enlightening discussion!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome post Lita!! I have never heard of this series, and reading about it, I don’t think I’d be able to handle it with the way you described the beginning. Though I can get a real feel of the MC in the way you described her, and it fit perfectly with this month’s theme! Plus your inclusion of your own experiences was great, I too understand the loss of a friend, and how much that hurts. I think I suffer a bit from trust issues too, and I should be more open. It’s all a part of learning and growing as a person!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well another anime I will have to put on my list. It can def be hard to trust people after you have been hurt but I think it is well worth it to remember that there is brightness and beauty in the world ❤ I dig this post 🙂 Can you tell I'm trying to go back into the archives of posts I have missed out on?


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