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Sure, I’m not the only one asking where has 2017 gone already? 0.0 

Well were here my friends and time to recap a little and see what I have in store for 2018

New years eve is here, well for Australia anyway. So you may be reading this beforehand but it’s Happy New Year all round no matter early or late. Up until a few years ago New years used to be something I’d especially get excited for. That saying “New year and a new me”. Eh doesn’t apply now as these days it’s not about me as a person but in the things I do. So this will be reflective on all the things hobby wise in 2017. That’s my reasoning at all for being excited for the new year and new year means different things to different people. 


Much has happened.


A Year With Owls

Back in December 2016 I was asked to join Owls. If you don’t know by now about our group or are new to my blog. We are a group of otaku bloggers and you tubers who hold annual blog tours. Covering important subjects through pop culture such as mental health, disability, race. Since January our group has grown to up to 30 members from there was only 5 to begin with. That has been an amazing transformation, and I want to acknowledge the following who make up this cracking team:

Steph (Two Happy Cats)
Mistress Of Yaoi 

Such amazing group of individuals I’ve come to befriend and have fun within what we do at owls. Most are fellow anime bloggers and it’s been great to see people join Owls. Have to give a special mention the end of live streams I do with Kat and Naja covering our fellow members posts. Glad we started doing this back in April Which is always a blast, but the word ‘Haikyuu’ has become a deadly word. Who knows what awaits for my group in 2018 but here are my three favourite owls posts I wrote this year:


Nothing Changes You | “Treasure” Owls September Tour

Having Strength In Your Voice – ( May Owls Blog Tour)

Kenshin’s Divided Conviction- March Owls Blog Tour

September covered Mental Health was my longest post out of all exploring all areas. Even went as far as doing an interview, this was my favourite to write honestly.

May covered strength where I used A Silent voice and went into personal depth about a part of myself.

March covered Sanctuary where I got to talk about Rurouni Kenshin and Kenshin’s past and when he finally found peace for himself.

Thankyou to all my Owls Members and people who have followed us my only wish for 2018 is we just keep growing.

Kino Corner Became Official + Over 500 followers


After a long while of hesitation in deciding when felt like the right time. This month made the move getting a domain name for my blog. I encourage to those to make the move if your hesitant about doing it. This blog feels like officially mine and with the design changes I have in mind to restructure everything. It will all come together and this was the biggest move for me to make. As if that wasn’t enough reaching over 500 followers which is mind blowing. I’m not like others who pin a target group of followers as that was not the point of my blog. My blog is for my own purposes sharing my love of all anime but now it’s become about something else. A place for others to visit and discover other anime bloggers if you happen to be one yourself. But also to be seen as a fun place to come visit.

That is my new wish for my blog. I’m so thankful all around ^^


Favourite 2017 Posts


Me, Chisaki, Futaba We Deny ChangeBack in February something personal happened and I needed to lay out my feelings there. I’m not someone that copes well with change and it was therapeutic to do a post like this. Actually liked how this ended up turning out to be honest funnily enough. 

Water Boys And Their Ties | FreeFinally this was the year I watched Free and this anime ended up meaning a lot to me more than I thought it would. After this review is when I began to notice my writing style change and again liked how this piece turned out. Striking deep personally and defending fan-service free it’s been known for 

How My Anime Romance Would GoIt’s important to lay your ideas out there and I was surprised in the popularity with this post. It was a lot of fun to just run wild with my imagination and got me thinking to make this a series possibly.

First Time Crying In Amazement Of Wonder Seemed this year was when I branched out more into other pop culture interests. Wonder woman was such a experience to see in cinema and enjoyed writing about that experience. 

Three Bloggers Flow As One CollaborationIt was so much this collaboration with ani bloggers Scott and Hazel getting them obsessed with Escaflowne like I am, your welcome. 



Of course with anything along with the positives come negatives there weren’t too many honestly. Firstly was my Manga May Challenge I set myself to read a book every day in the month of may. As usual the same happens I borrow too many books and they just sit there and a over due fine waits for me haha. Secondly was blogging every day in the month of September, I came close but missed out on a 3 or 4 days still 3/4 attempt is still not half bad. Thirdly was not enough manga talk happened on my blog that is lacking still badly, but something will change about this. Fourth was not the seasonal side of things much this year here and there.

Finally the worst failure is my opinion not covering enough older anime or unknown which is a primary reason. For wanting to start this blog but they you can’t help but getting distracting in trying new things but this will change again. 

All stuff to only correct for yourself right?

Enough About 2017…. 

Much To Say About 2018



It’s okay I know you guys really reading came to see what Lita has planned.

Plenty my friends. 

2018 For the LitaKinoAnimeCorner And Other Hobbies will entail, reveal and changes are:

More Manga Exposure/Impressions –  It’s within the last year or so my manga interest has elevated and slowly been trying to read more. From my wonderful parents they surprised me with buying me a tablet for my birthday this year. So it will be a joy to read some manga before bed in style, reading it on my phone is tiresome. Wishing to do more manga first impressions than anime ones. I’m hoping to do more more blog pieces such as Before Bed Shoujo Reads #1. I remember was so fun to write and I love my shoujo trash people. If anyone has any manga recommendations for me to give a go leave it in comments down below.

Older/Unknown Anime – Said time and time again I’ll be bring this to the blog but doesn’t happen well 2018 it’s happening and already have my first series lined up. That sometime in new year well January I’ll have a piece out on. This is my number one thing above everything else.

Special Episode Coverages – I have to thank Remy dear for this idea. From a post I read which I couldn’t find oops. Remy personally reflected with what occurring happening in the anime episode. Reading his post gave me an idea of using certain anime episodes to use as an personal outlet. These posts will come out when I feel like but you’ll see them around.

More Other Interest Exposure – K dramas, marvel movies etc are other area of pop culture I have an interest in. Particularly K dramas you might see come up more but you’ll see more exposure in this area than I did this year.

Blog Schedule – Nothing is changing with in particular with the schedule Every Wednesday still will be a random post and the Friday Feature as well. But going to try make more effort to have something come out in between. Even if it’s a first impression of something. Don’t feel two posts a week is enough apparently lol

My Youtube –  2017 for my youtube channel was the best it’s ever been. Pumping out a few more videos after getting my beautiful mac computer. I still have no schedule for my channel and don’ t want to. Uploading when you feel like it suits me better but I’ll be trying to cover more in the older anime area. Also doing more blog article related videos talking about articles I’ve written in a video. I like where my channel is going right now but youtube is secondary.

Collection/Haul Posts – This is something I haven’t done in forever and I share about my growing collection on my youtube but never here. That is changing so can’t guarantee I’ll have a post of this sort every month. But I have planned for the new year as I’ve gotten some goodies over the last 2 months. Whenever I get new things I’ll share them here don’t worry.

Seasonal Anime – Honestly undecided about seasonal anime right now but I’ll be checking out each season this year. I might do a first impressions or thoughts on shows I’ve picked but there will be seasonal content. Just haven’t figured out how I want this to work. So bare with me.

My Podcast If those don’t know I run a podcast called Senshi Ani Girls with my co host/blogger Shay. We had a break period for 4 months but were coming back now. Follow our twitter to find out our upcoming podcast which will be in the new year. Me and Shay decided to fit this podcast into our lives better now will be holding one per month. If you have any topic suggestions for us to cover anime wise please leave it in the comments down below.

I’m Excited to bringing this back finally !!! 

Personal Things

Stay on the Healthy Path – I’ve been doing not too bad over the last few months so keep at it. I actually have found motivation to do it on my own, that is a big thing you know.

Grow my manga collection – No growing my anime collection it’s large enough but I wish to finish collecting titles like Say I love you and Kimi ni Todoke. I’m not someone who will buy digital copies it’s not the same as having the books for your own. If I can grow it a little then that’s better than nothing.


How is this nearly 2000 words ? 


Happy New Year Guys !!

Well all that is left to say is HAPPY NEW YEARS MY FOLLOWERS, FRIENDS !!! I’m excited for the new year ahead hobby wise. Thankyou during 2017 for the ones I got closer with, have become great friends, all the new followers to the blog. It’s gets me excited when I’m reading all your wonderful comments, makes my day. I hope you all have a great 2018 for yourself in whatever aspect, personal goals, life, your hobbies. Every year comes with the ups and down but it’s only right still to wish you a good one !!!

I’ll see you in a few days or so for the first post of 2018 !!!

It’s 2am finishing writing this lol

All the Love


11 thoughts on “Kino Corner 2017 & Awaiting 2018

  1. (Ayyy that pretty header image tho!)

    Lita, you’ve had such a great year of success for both your blog and channel that it inspires me to do better next year. I’m looking forward to these new projects (gimmie me more old anime yes), hauls, and other exciting things that await! Best of luck, and happy new year~!

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  2. Great post! Love your plans for the upcoming year, especially the one about the older/unknown anime. I’m a huge fan of classic anime, so I am really excited for that 😊😊
    I think you should definitely be proud of all that you achieved this past year 😊 It has been a pleasure following your blog: looking forward to 2018! See you then 😀

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