To Feel Warmth Of Another [10]

Day 10

A magical girl series that just knew how to warm me.

*Spoilers in this post* 

Side note: The reason you probably didn’t see Day 9 post on here is because it was a video so you can watch that here. 

This post and two after are going the sentimental route, were nearing Christmas now. Time for the fuzzies and warmth to come out. Thinking about it now this series I’ll be talking about would have been good for yesterday’s post. As to why this in my opinion the under-looked magical girl series Pretear, evokes such warm when watching. Pretear surrounds protagonist Himeno who is fitting into her new family after her father remarried. Himeno feels out of place until she meets the leafe knights who have been searching for the so-called Pretear. Whom the Leafe knights need to defeat their enemy princess of disaster.

Pretear explores through it’s characters each individual experiencing a form of loneliness which is quite relatable to any viewer. The main message in everyone’s feelings is we don’t want to feel lonely really, nobody wants to alone. Takako formally known as the princess of disaster was previously a Pretear like Himeno. Due to her shy nature Takako found a belong with the Leafe knights but someone not returning her affection of love. Sent on the spiral of giving into the dark side which sounds pitiful in a way, it takes up until the end of series. Till Takako finds some clarity but she was someone who wanted to feel loved. The representation in this is exaggerated but a sense in the truth for ourselves, just wanting to feel belonging.

Himeno’s sister Mawata a complete genius locks away her loneliness when her mother remarries. Finds hard in acceptance of Himeno and her father as Mawato was close with her real father. Mawata reminds me in how vulnerable one is in this state, to wanting to fill that void. Where we would do almost anything to not feel it but your then scared to open yourself up to others.

Himeno’s feelings in not fitting in with her family, feeling to the point in not trying anymore. Brings her to accept that she just running away. Despite this exposed vulnerability Himeno comes to overcome it. Within herself and bond with the Leafe knights. This makes her only stronger and resilient affecting those around her. Bringing warmth to such as Takako and sister Mawato. It really builds up a lot of meaning in the last two episodes of the series and is heartfelt. I find Himeno to be the centre of this series, is the reason I’ve loved her character for the longest time. Pretear is the warmest watch and reminds me why this time of year has significant meaning. No matter if you celebrate it or to not feel alone and are in your warm place with who or wherever that is.



Day 9 post

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Day 10 done and for Day 11 I’ll be talking about a anime movie 

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