Not Everything is a Failure [8]

Day 8

Love it when a series surprises me from a genre, stands out a little more. 

If anyone can remember back to summer 2015 where we had that massive controversy. Over similar series, Asterisk War and Chivalry of a failed knight. Both in the same genre action/romance/fantasy and similar plots. At a magical academy where students compete in a magical tournament and two main protagonists become an item. Along those lines and it was laid out already by many both were a waste of time. While not having seen Asterisk war yet so there will be no comparing till another post.


I’ve already covered Chivalry in a post covering what it did for different within it’s genre. In this instance I feel I can persuade you that Chivalry of a Failed knight is more than watchable not to the point of being unbearable. A series that is not that amazing fact is worse Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. Trust me on this one. Main protagonist a classic charmer but just totally pervert throughout, the series is laughable.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight personally feel has more positives than negative, the only negatives I have is Ikki’s sister wants more than brother-sister love. Opening and closing themes are non memorable try to go for this, fiesta Mexico tone. Never grabbed me. Chivalry of a Failed Knight surpised me with Stella and Ikki becoming a pair by episode four or five.

Stella is your typical tsundere character gets explosively mad at the smallest things but seeing her sweet side. That being a princess and ranked one of the highest in the academy, means little to her. Though this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her princess moments but she wants the simple things underneath it all. Actually have grown fond myself of Stella’s character a lot. A memorable part Stella begin to think different towards her character, is her outburst of encouragement for when Ikki is about to learn his match. It felt genuine and believable really warming moment.

Ikki for the protagonist is quite likeable, his humble nature is what I liked most. Being disowned by his family and learning of his past a bit is lonely when coming from him saying. It’s sad a little and managed to get to me. Stella and Ikki just have this good chemistry between one another, makes for towards the end a really adorable conclusion.

For a short series the fight scenes were quite entertaining, there’s sequence regarding Ikki’s old master. Which was a good fight and watching Ikki stick to his master teachings and what he knows wasn’t boring. He surprised me in his strategic thinking when it seemed like he was going to loose. Towards the end of the series where the focus is heavily on him, really feel for the guy. There’s a lot of protagonists in anime who are the weakest, no special ability like Deku from Boku No Hero Academia how he has no quirk. Deku comes out beaming on top and that how I felt when watching Ikki, being disowned by his family, loosing his master. He was like a father role for Ikki and found a sense of belonging with Stella and others he be-friended. The end of Chivalry got me bad when it came to Ikki, actually cried a little. But when he came out on top, really moved me.

If were being honest here Ikki and Stella main characters actually cared most about in the series, definitely not like Ikki’s sister. The other side character equally filled their roles but my eyes were on Ikki and Stellar

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight was one of my favourite watches this year honestly. It was a show for its genre that stood out with a consistent, sweet relationship between the protagonists. Instead of it fizzling out is what most struck me. Of the    action/romance/fantasy genre Chivalry will be a series worth the watch or to give a go.



Day 7 post

Hope you enjoyed my piece on Chivalry Of A Failed Knight for day 7 12 days of anime. If you want to follow all the other bloggers participating in this click here for the spread sheet. Also can use the hash tag on #12DaysOfAnime on here and through twitter to find more posts.

Day 8 done and for Day 9 it won’t be a post actually a video I’ll still post on here. As it’s a special one this day you’ll find out why soon enough. 

Comment below any thoughts you may have

I’ll see you all tomorrow !!! 



2 thoughts on “Not Everything is a Failure [8]

  1. Although I disagree in terms of the Opening being unmemorable, I am always fond to see you talk about this anime, nice going m’sailor Princess 😉

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  2. I also watched this anime in 2017! Really liked the developing relationship between Ikki and Stella, but the last episode or two kinda soiled things for me. It felt as if I were watching a totally different show, what with the imprisonment and torture stuff. Other than the ending (and the little sister, uck), I’d also say it was a fairly enjoyable ride—definitely better than I thought it’d be, like you said. I just really want to hear Luci Christian in the dub now!!

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