Different Direction [7]

Day 7

Studios attempting out of their element.  

Were revisiting P.A Works again, certainly have caught my eye this year. It’s sad to say this year my mecha watching was not as it’s strongest. I hear you, I know immediately need to change this. When I got Netflix for myself, P.A Works mecha genre from 2016 Kuromukuro was one of my first watches off there. It’s makes you so curious when a studio takes a different direction in what you’ve know stick to in past tense. For P.A works from what I’ve seen they’ve stuck to realistic life aspects this was a complete turn around from that.

Yukina’s mother is the director of a UN research facility, her mother recovers a 60 year old artefact. Which her daughter Yukina activates by accident and inside is an old Samurai from the Sengkou period Kennosuke. This bring the mysterious alien race Efy Dolgh to invade earth and search for a special object. Kennosuke comes to aid the UN and adjust to 21st century.

Kuromukuro was an intriguing watch for a mecha series. Definitely different from such series as Gundam Seed, being a original story made it stand out. The plot to Kuromukuro was structured well honestly, plenty of twists and turns. Keeping me engaged. The protagonist a Samurai of few words Kennosuke I didn’t warm up to at first but adding the aspect of integrating to 21st century. His genuine curiosity in what he learned and experienced was humorous.

Have to give props to english voice actor Bryce Papenbrook as Kennousuke. Bryce is best known for playing Eren from Attack On Titan when playing Kennousuke. At first did not pick up it was him, Kennousuke character had quite a low, raspy voice. Till later in the first few episode is when I realised it was Bryce. It was rather surprising that he could do a voice like, let me tell you sounds so different when you’ve heard him play Eren. Also have to highlight Cherami Leigh as Yukina as well, she brought some lively spunk to Yukina’s character. Tried to watch this in the sub but was not a fan of the voices, just couldn’t feel invested. When watching the dub was a better choice and is when I became enveloped in the characters.

A strong point for Kuromukuro was it’s animation, mean come on by glorious P.A Works. But also unique mecha designs which is something will never let me forget about this series. Kennousuke’s mecha was the coolest out of the rest, doing all these fast ninja moves. The battles themselves during the series were entertaining enough, very strategic based which was good to see. Seeing the methodical side to battles is way more fascinating to me. Then just two mech robots going half at it.

Kuromukuro was part of P.A Works celebration of their 15th anniversary last year and diving into a different genre. It was a good way to celebrate honestly. The series is not perfect the ending was left open- ended, which a big gripe I have. But Kuromukuro was such a cool, intriguing watch and at the time of watching. I couldn’t wait to come home and watch it. A stand out for the Mecha genre indeed and if your a mecha fan, you need to give a shot at. I’ll later in the new year do a proper write up on Kuromukuro but was so hard not to enjoy till the end.

Day 6 post

Hope you enjoyed my piece on Kuromukuro for day 7 12 days of anime. If you want to follow all the other bloggers participating in this click here for the spread sheet. Also can use the hash tag on #12DaysOfAnime on here and through twitter to find more posts.

Day 7 done and for Day 8 I’ll be talking about a seasonal that aired in 2015 Any guesses? 

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4 thoughts on “Different Direction [7]

  1. There is only one question I have after reading this post: “How on Earth have I not watched this one yet?!?!?!” This looks awesome and being a huge Mecha fan myself I just have to watch this….definitely high on my list for next year 😀 Great post!


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