Made It’s Voice Clear [2]

Day 2

A film that represents something close with me and for others.

A regret I’ve had part of this year was not immediately doing a video or blog post talking my thoughts. Right after seeing kyoto animation film, A Silent Voice. This piece will be relatively short as most fully addressed what this film truly meant to me in my owls post for it back in May. You can read here. But still can’t help but say how this film from talking with people and reading articles. How much it has affected others on a personal level as the film covers bullying, disability and suicide, there’s no film like this. Heightening all of this into something visually grounding through characters experiences and soft tone music.

No subheadings required for this post, need the freely freedom.
Seeing A Silent Voice on the big screen was one of the best decisions I made this year. It was a surreal, hitting home experience having me feel so related to an anime, did not imagining. The careful attention to the theme disability through Shoko’s character, being hearing impaired. Disability can be a tough and touchy topic but found through Shoko’s character was handled with care. It was a given as myself with Autism or anyone with a disability would find them selves relating to this aspect. It was an exciting thing to see this finally in a anime, represented beautifully.

 A Silent Voice film handling suicide and bullying was a complete, different experience than to the manga. What elevated it all was the original soundtrack music, subtle, soft tones, in the heavy barring scenes that nearly have the water works going. Exactly how I was feeling both times the focus was on Shoya or Shoko just wanting to end it all. Suicide, bullying and disability were shown through a silent voice, in a visually, engaging experience. Sending a message that we are not all perfect. Shoya and Shoko’s flaws were put on display, Shoko’s constant negative look on being seen as a burden, Shoya’s gulit from bullying Shoko. The pair had a lot to work through to reach some peace for themselves and find redemption. Correcting your errors and work through the mess.

It’s a film you need to experience at least once, brings such significance relevance to it’s viewers and it’s a new breathe of fresh air to the anime medium. You could try to nick pick this all you wanted but nothing could take away the impactful message, this film stands on. A silent voice can stay in my favourites forever, far as I’m concerned and have it on limited edition baby. HD QUALITY!!


Day 1 post 

Hope you enjoyed my piece on Silent Voice for day one of 12 days of anime. If you want to follow all the other bloggers participating in this click here for the spread sheet. Also can use the hash tag on #12DaysOfAnime on here and through twitter to find more posts.

Day 2 done and for Day three I’ll be talking about some certain anime boys Any guesses? 

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5 thoughts on “Made It’s Voice Clear [2]

  1. I’m so jealous that you guys already got this film—I mean, it really is a good thing, cause it’s about time films filter to other places first besides the US. But man, as soon as a release is announced here in the states, IT’S MINE. This film means so much to you and so many other people, and I cannot wait to finally experience its beauty for myself. Happy day 2!

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  2. Sometimes, really only sometimes, I regret loving in Holland. We pretty much never get an anime movie that is released in the cinemas here. Also the movie currently isn’t available here on dvd. It’s a movie about a topic I can relate to myself a lot as well (bullying), and I so want to see it. Hopefully next year I will get the chance in some way as it will in all likelyhood appear on dvd for me to purchase. As always, great post 😊

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