Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama + BIRTHDAY LIVESTREAM #50

Blogger Overdrive

No need to worry by it may be writing over drive on my end at the moment. But I still have plenty of motivation….see how long it lasts.

Any of you who are doing the 12 days of anime don’t burn yourself out. Friendly advertise so you still have your writing soul at the end of it. Don’t do what Lita is doing double the work 12 posts and 12 videos. I’ve been called crazy for even doing this but no going back now and can take it easy when I go on holidays next week. That would be the reason there was no Friday Feature last week so apologise. But I’ve had chance to read some posts over the last weekend and going to have so much more to read now. 12 days anime posts to read… and videos to watch. Oh my goodness.

Hope your enjoying the 12 days of anime and before we get into this Friday Feature. On Monday 18th December I’ll be having a pre – birthday livestream on my channel. As it’s my birthday next week. 11am ACST, hoping to have people in the stream with me and it will be a random time. Can’t wait and hope any blogger people or followers can make it.

So much fun to be had over the next week, I’m excited but let’s get into what you all came to see my features!!


Blogger Feature

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 6.40.40 pm

This weeks blogger feature goes to a female blogger Emily from Atelier Emily. Came across Emily’s blog earlier this year and have become an avid reader since. I love how emily relates personal experiences to the series she is talking about, makes for such a interesting read every time. Along side writing her own blog she does the occasional piece for Crunchyroll.  Emily covers a fair amount of seasonal content but cover older series occasional. One my favourite posts by Emily is relating the symbolism of flowers in the ancient magus bride. Truly interesting outlook recommend reading. Emily will bring a fresh outlook for you if you add her to your blog roll !!!



Fuuka & Dealing With Cliches By There Goes My Kokoro

If you have watched Fuuka then you’ll know it is full of common romance troupes. Guy gets face full of boob and sure you can get my drift really. Crispy (I’ll call you) writes a great piece stating Fuuka relies too heavily on these cliches. That it doesn’t do anything to reinvent them but just distracts you from the main story. Which I enjoyed Fuuka but agree with all the cliches it has.


Anime We Love – Rurouni Kenshin By The Wandering Anime Blog 

Doak has a wonderful segment on their blog where they interview anime fans about a specific series. Asking them questions surrounding their experience with the series, it’s great to see this sort of thing. Great informative piece exploring a series I love to death.



Humanity Has Declined Review
By I Drink and Watch Anime 

Irina runs one of the funniest blogs on the blog in this community at the moment and her review on under-looked Humanity has decline. It was a delightful read that this series is all not what it seems that, the comedic element is vastly strong throughout. I’ve never seen hardly anyone talk about this series and glad someone finally gave it a overview.



Ehh that is all I got for you guys.

Please check out this all the people in this feature and sorry there wasn’t as many as usual. I’ve only read not a lot of blog posts at the moment but I’ll be catching up over the weekend. So next week’s Friday feature will be a special one is my plan. 

Wanted to give a special mention to some fellow blogger people who have created their own podcast. I was so proud when they announced it this week and go check out their first episode. So glad to see you guys branching out and can’t wait to see more. Follow them on twitter.

Now I’m off to read some blog posts and continue my 12 days of anime quest.

Weekend is here !! Wohooo !!

I’ll see you all next Friday!!


  1. I so agree with the thing you said about Irina’s blog: her humor is seriously funny and cracks me up every single time 😊 Always nice of you to do these posts. I hope next week you are going to be having a great birthday, and be careful not to head too much into blogger overdrive mode lol 😂😂 Take care 😊

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You guys are both the best! Happy early birthday Lita! Thank you so much for the shout out and the podcast promo. But also for making me discover new blogs (and that talk about Kenshin too! yay!). I love how you don’t necessarily stick to recent posts, you’ve made me find tons or interesting reads.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww Thankyou Irina !! And your welcome it’s hard for me to keep up with all the blogs I do so sometimes I’ll go reading things blindly lol

      Yay this searching for older posts is having affect I’m
      Glad to hear this and will continue to do so XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing and plugging one of my posts! I truly appreciate that, and hopefully can make it to that stream if I’m not being swamped by work haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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