The Feeling Of Feeling Official

Finally Happened!!

Was hinting to you guys on Friday what this surprise could be for my blog… 

What is it?

Happy to be making this post currently as it’s been a long time coming for this year. From starting this blog in 2015, to how it’s blown up in the last two years is crazy, crazy. All of it had proven to me that my little corner of this vast internet was having influence over others, somewhere to just visit. Decided last month to make this blog become official all on it’s own.

I got a DOMAIN NAME !!!

I admit had been hesitant to get one of these word press plans and do a domain name originally. After some research and talking with other ani blogger friends felt reassured, making the transition over the weekend. In my mind felt ready to make this move, for where my blog was at and for it a chance to grow even more. Now.. this does not mean anything is changing on my blog, don’t worry.

Just now my site will be known as from now on.


Feels great to know this site is mine now. Officially 

That honestly all I had to announce to you guys and that currently working on my 12 days of anime posts. Next Wednesday there will be a post as this week did not have one so you can look forward to that as usual.

I wanted to say also Thankyou for the continuous support from so many I’ve come to meet and people who follow me. You have influenced my decision to make this move for my blog. Let’s see where it leads to, who knows.

I’ll see you all in the next post !!



22 thoughts on “The Feeling Of Feeling Official

      1. I haven’t been doing much cause I’ve been depressed, aside from making a Twitter for my blog, so I’ve been laying low 😅💦
        Thank you for worrying, I hope you’re doing good too 😽💕


  1. Ahh yeah, feels good to take even small professional steps like that, and it’s something I feel your blog deserves 😊 We rescued our blog domain just as it was about to run out when we came back from hiatus, it really would have been a shame to let that drop off.


  2. Congrats, you seem to be doing quite well 🙂 Just a word of caution, but it might be frustrating if you ever decide to no longer keep it, as the links will become broken (if you tend to link yourself)!

    Keep up the good work!

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