Post – A – Rama Time !! #49


What’s the reason were going to party..? you’ll find out over the weekend when I make an announcement but it might be obvious *hint*


I know there wasn’t a main post this week, been swamped with personal life things but this weekend I’ll have some breathing space. To continue my write ups for the 12 day of anime which told you guys about last week, so you’ll be spammed for 12 days. If I can blog for nearly every day of the month then this should be a piece of cake honestly. It’s not even December till tomorrow and with how busy this week was, lord knows what the next four weeks will entail. But I’ll spam you all with updates over the weeks as they go by but for now… it’s the end of the month!!! 

Know what that means?


The segment where I spam you all with as many articles I’ve read as of recent. Found some very interesting content over the last two weeks.

Let’s see who are my lucky features for this post – a – rama round up!!!


Questions Of Conventions and Their Entrappings In Zankyou no Terror By Appropriant 

This one’s an older post but brings up important points when it comes to common troupes in anime. They use Terror in Resonance to example it’s about how common troupes are used played with, the main cast of characters, shy girl, transfer student type boys. Describing in asking how in your anime watching to think about how a familiar plot is being utilised in the show. This was a very interesting view point you should definitely read up on. 

 Review: Norn 9 By Little Anime Blog 

Little anime blog had been on hiatus for a long while but they are back Elizabeth and Dominic. Good to have you guys back and wrote a very picturesque piece on otome adaption, Norn 9. If your a fan of Otome then this post will be worth your read as Dominic highly compliments the series excelling animation.


Responding to The Well-Red Mage’s Asking Big Questions Prompt 3: How Do You Overcome Writer’s Block? By Pop Culture Literary

Worst thing in the world being hit with a blank mind, no words are coming out. Carla gives her two cents on how to tackle this issue that is for any writer. She encourages to find what works for you but if you are dealing with this. Then check out Carla’s points.


Macross Frontier: Love By Mage In A Barrel

Older 12 days of anime post from last year, Mage in a barrel describes their love of the Macross Franchise and uses Macross Frontier oozes out on this theme. The Macross franchise is one feel under looked in this day and age, Macross frontier was the first series I watched from the franchise. I know what Mage is saying in their post about this endearing franchise.


Antagonist or Hero? The Layers Of Lady Eboshi
By OtakuSheWrote

Marion from Otaku she wrote, writes a interesting view point on Eboshi from Ghibli Princess Mononoke. Would be easy to see Lady Eboshi as a villian role as having no regard to surrounding nature, ready to step over what comes her way. But Marion points her out as more than this as a leader, role model and bringing meaning their are more layers to characters in anime. Here is her Video essay version to watch also.


Napping Princess – Dreaming In A Technological Age By Jakiba 

Jakiba discusses the fresh, modern outlook film Napping Princess brings on Technology. Acknowledging the dealings of today with the younger generation adapting to a world full of technology. This was a wonderful eye opening piece into this different take idea on Technology and interesting film premise.


Amanchu Episode 13: Joining Friendships Of The Past and Present By Anime B + B 

Marina from Anime B&B writes a little piece on a particular episode from Amanchu focused on how Futuba was so insecure in the beginning of the series. How much from that she had involved and Marina describes her personal connection. The feeling of all connection with people will always still be there no matter what. Was a nice little piece to read. 


This will be at some point, all the writing have planned to do

That concludes this POST – A – RAMA some cracking posts this time around so make sure to check out everyone !!!

Now time for me to pass out and refresh my brain.

I’ll see you all next week for another Friday Feature and look out for a announcement post over the weekend. hehe.



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