Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #48

Wohoo were on time for once and it’s actually FRIDAY!!. But watch next week I’ll be late again trust me… 

Seems hit or miss over the last month with Friday feature being out on time. Trying to get my ass in gear to write them always in advance now. Don’t trust me always with that just saying. With December creeping up slowly honestly will be the busiest for month of the year but that does not mean, my blog will not suffer for that. Giving mention that the 12 Days Of Anime blogging edition is during December.

Wait what’s the 12 days of anime? 

Yearly event among bloggers and youtubers from 14th to 25th post every day about personal events from anime during this year. It can be about anything from seasonal to an anime or manga you revisited. It’s a really fun event though last year I failed but I wish to redeem myself. If you wish to participate sign up here and you’ll see our blogger community is huge so many o.o 

December is honestly my favourite month for various reasons though the busiest for me bit have some exciting plans which I’ll keep you all in the loop about as we go through. For next week’s main post it’s undecided at this point but thinking about doing a first impressions for a drama currently watching, change it up.

Also with my Friday Feature’s you may notice from now on, I’ll be diving into looking at older content that has not been featured yet. Talked about this last week and intend to follow through.

Alright enough Babble. 

Who are my features this week?



Blogger Feature


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 6.13.54 pm
This weeks blogger features goes to a fellow Owls member and humble guy Miandro from Miandro’s Side. I’ve not known Miandro for very long but met him when he joined our owls group. Miandro covers over on his blog anime discussions, seasonal, reviews, personal pieces whole array, which is great to see. Writing is a dear past time for Miandro writing about about different forms of media but mostly covers anime. One piece you should check out is a recent one How Being The Bad Guys Helps  covering our owls topic for November. Diplomacy in a interesting sense regarding social groups in school. Miandro brings a interesting view point when it comes to any of his posts and very informative always. Still new to the blogging scene but doesn’t hurt to click that follow button and make him feel welcome. 


10 Ways to Make People Love Your Otaku Blog By Arria 

Like Karandi brought us a great piece on blogging advice last week. Have another one for you guys by Arria from Fujinsei. Arria knows how to write some amusing content in the funniest way possible. She looks at how you can get people to love your blog and their are some great points here. If you are new to the blog thing or this community check out this piece !!!


Opinion: Does Eureka Seven have a Feminist Streak? By Ya Boy Jack

Jack from The Ani Writer newly discovered blog wrote a short piece on people assuming in media their is no real strong female focus. He uses Eureka seven as a example that the dynamic romantic relations between Eureka and Renton, plus Renton always looking up to Eureka. Eureka seven certainly does have it strong females, check out this post that gives a different angle on this great show !!


Ghost Stories A Different Kind Of Comedy By Rossiroad 

I’ve heard no end about Ghost Stories but this piece by Rossiroad emphasises in the entire of post. All this series has going for it is the comedy, was interesting to read this show covers some crude, rude jokes. This is something while looking at following picture or reading the synopsis you would ever assume. You can watch this series in crunchy but check out Ross’s piece if you have been unsure about this series.


R.I.P Defunct Anime Studios
By Artemis 

Artemis short piece on anime studios no longer around, went under or for various reasons made me think about. It’s still important to not forget some great works by each studio but this post would be a great read to those new to anime, may have not heard about them.


Hope you enjoyed this Friday Feature and check out all the people from this post. Seeing all the great content recently. By the way went to see the new fate movie over the weekend which was the bomb, did do a written piece on it for this week’s post. If you would like to check out my thoughts. 

I’ll see you all next Friday!! 



  1. Thank you for the shout out that’s very kind! The 12 days of anime challenge is something I thought would be fun to do but now that I know it’s a more official thing I think I’ll sign up so I can’t really back out of it!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It is really tempting and I would lo to do it, but I as much as I would want to, I really don’t have the time to write a post every day. My work unfortunately is too busy for that 😢 But looking forward to reading the posts that everyone is going to be writing for this event 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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