Maybe It Was To Fate? After 9 Years | Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel


*This post is spoiler free*

It’s amazing to me from watching Studio Deen’s first fate adaption years ago, how far the Fate franchise has been pushed and branched out. It’s a dam long time since seeing anything Fate and this first trilogy movie came to my local cinema. Decided to check it out and was it fate to revisit this series after so long?


Before getting into anything this post mindset is from only myself seeing the Studio Deen adaption from 2006. I’ve never seen unlimited blade works nor Fate Zero, now this is the part where you can scold me. As Fate Stay Night has been screamed in my face over the years from seeing the original adaption, to see the other adaptions. Don’t think ever on this blog talked about this series in particular till now but Fate Stay Night was one of my first ten anime watches. Holds a significant importance with me because after viewing it nine years were talking now about it.

Did I dream that it would get more adaptions? or get a visual novel 3 movie trilogy? NopeFate was not as huge back in 2007 – 2008 when first viewing to how popular it is to the masses now. So much that people get confused what fate series to start, if your one of these confused individuals. Check out Videogamep overview on this issue, will help give you a better scope into what might interest you. Going in blindly is always fun, had no idea if it would follow recalling from 2006 or be similar.  


Not The Fate You Or I Know


I’ll be keeping things spoiler – free as this part one of this trilogy is something viewers need to experience for themselves, even going in blindly. As someone who has not seen zero or unlimited blade works this did not affect my watch of Heavens feel, it was ease to follow along with. Thought at points you can feel a little confused regarding Sakura’s focus point in the story and unknown dark entity slaying all the servants. If you have never seen fate or generally have been unsure how to watch Fate, but putting my two cents in. Watching 2006 adaption the simplest out of all personally find easiest following fate plot web. You can trust me on that at least.

Heavens feel is far from the original fate from those years ago least personally knowing from.  There are similarities with the main plot seven participants in the holy grail war, seven servants whom historic heroes or figures. All to kill each other, one remains, holy grail granting one wish. That’s the main plot point all the Fate adaptions revolve around, nearly to my knowledge but Heavens feel explores something darker. 

This three part movie trilogy is exploring the real nature behind the holy grail war, first glimpse into this, introducing character Assassin. How they introduce his character was done in a spine chilling fashion made my skin crawl. But that one scene sets up the folding out, hidden mystery that surrounds the holy grail. Your curiosity will be peeked and be hard for you to take your eyes away. My mind went blank after that scene, especially to my surprise towards some quite gruesome scenes. That might make the stomach churn a little, be sitting their thinking if your a fate fan. This is not the fate we all know.



Action On Point




One of the reasons Fate is an unforgettable series is for it’s majestic mage fights. 
Remember it’s been a long time for me seeing Fate so had never seen all this new heightened animation work by Studio Unfotable. Certainly have made their mark in the last three or four years with other Fate works Zero and Blade works, along other series such as God Eater. This was my first treat with their mixed digital/CGI animation and it was indeed a real treat, to watch and witness. Noone will be disappointed when it comes to action factor.

Their were some insane, close up shots during singular one on one fights. My particular favourite fight though briefly between Saber and Rider. From Lancer’s fastness to Saber’s direct blows such a huge impact is made in every single detail possible.  Meanwhile times the movie can feel slow in certain scenes but with good reason, the mage stellar battles make up for that. All these feelings came flowing back from long ago, as I was watching an exciting, adrenaline rush when a heated mage battle was about to commence. Not going to lie my heart was racing most of the time, especially when the focus would be on Saber. Dam that girl knows to keep her composure, make things look so swift, easy.

Elevating my experience and it will for yours with Heavens feel was the music. Yuki Kajiura directing the music someone now to my knowledge has worked on Tsubasa Chronicles, Sword Art Online. To name a few, honestly not that well versed in knowledge when it comes to music. But the music to Heaven’s Feel was so dramatic and thrusting in unpredictability, something again could not fault on. The music was just in perfect sync with every action, emotional scene. Yuki is on my list to look into more now, she may on yours if you watch this movie. 

Sakura Focus


The lack luster bone have to pick with Heavens Feel is the suppose to be main focus, Sakura. 
When watching the 2006 adaptation her character was not of importance to me, Emiya, Saber and Rin always steal the spotlight let’s face it. My opinion has only changed about Sakura after watching Heaven’s feel, not a lot just slightly. Still mysterious to me in Sakura’s involvement in the Holy Gail war, there is particular scene involving Rider. Who’s Sakura’s brothers servant Shinji, just appearing out of nowhere, but will leave it at that.

Aside the fact Emiya and Sakura are suppose to get closer only felt that towards the last few end scenes of the film. Sakura had little impact within the goings on in the film, only minor impact was on Emiya his desire to protect her from the Grail war. All that aside mean Sakura showed a bit more personality in this film. Shame those lifeless eyes she has don’t do her any favours honestly, like a lifeless doll. Sakura emanates this constant sadness about her, which does make you feel empathy, small fraction of that. To do with her abusive relationship with her brother Shinji. Heavens feel made Sakura feel shrouded in mystery which isn’t a bad thing but her timid personality. Made it hard to focus on her not really standing out, found myself focusing on other plot goings on. But hope for the next one all will be cleared up.




Was it fate being drawn to watching Heavens Feel? haha in a weird sense but came down to curiosity. Despite issues with this hanging mystery over Sakura, Heaven’s Feel was a great experience and thrilling watch. It’s the most engaging thing I’ve watched all year and Fate fans are not going to be disappointed. It was all new surreal experience seeing Fate series in such a detailed animated fashion. This twist on the Fate series we thought we knew, shown in a completely different angle. Personally my love of 2006 deen adaption has strong standing even now with me. 

When it comes to the debate over watching chronological order in a series. Seriously don’t take it seriously and just go in blindly. It’s more important in what peeks your interest, there are many fate adaptions now, it’s like a frenzy choice in choosing. Heavens feel just rekindled those feelings from first watching this engaging series and have made me want to see Zero and Blade works now. Of course I’ll be seeing this whole trilogy through because as saying before it’s nothing like the Fate I remember. Has this dark twist, secrets it’s positively thrilling really.

Heavens Feel has made me like Rider, where never been a fan. Rider and Saber’s fight was majestic. It was just so good to see all of these characters again honestly bottom line.

Lancer was smoking good to add. haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed this piece on Fate Heavens Feel. Comment below if you have seen this and what did you think?

Have you never seen Fate do I peak your interest? Does the chronological order this series surrounds puts you off from wanting to explore?

Whole heartily Fate stay night is one of few favourites franchises I love and is worth giving a shot honestly.

Now want to see the other adaptions now, all in good time though.

I’ll see you guys in the next post!!!




6 thoughts on “Maybe It Was To Fate? After 9 Years | Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel

  1. Heaven’s Feel really is something different. I’ve seen Zero and the other Stay Night adaptations, and I even know the general plot of Heaven’s Feel, but this movie still took me by surprise. The tone is so different from the other Fates that it kept me on edge the entire time.

    It’s nice to find someone else who likes the DEEN adaptation. It’s flawed in a lot of ways, but it gets way more hate than it deserves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes fully agree was something very different to what I watched all the way back then. Good to see it took you by surprise. I was like gob smacked at the animation most of the time honestly insanely good. yesssss likewise deen adaptation so has merit and hope to cover the series when I get my hands on a physical copy XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lancer has always been the best man in and he will be the best man out.

    As for the mystery surrounding Sakura, I’m dead sure that the second part will reveal 80% of it all. The remaining 20 percent is actually stupid anyway so the second film would have to be of the highest quality story and plot wise, whereas the final film will without a doubt be action packed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww yeh Lancer baby of course XD

      Hoping all will be revealed about Sakura, she doesn’t annoy me her character but creators of the film give the girl the spotlight a bit more in the next film is what I’m hoping XD


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