Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #47

This week has been a good week and yeh…. it’s Sunday yet again. Been obsessed last few days with this Jennifer Love Hewitt song from my childhood. Hunch back on notre dam the feels. You should take a listen if you need something sweet and soothing to listen to. I love her voice.

Better late than never but would like to be more on time with these things from now on as things will just get busier and busier. But this week has been a good one for me on a personal level…. got some new anime in the mail. Been on the old anime binge for the past few days. Yeh it’s been so good honestly. Signed up to the wonderful site book depository which consisted one night this week staying up till 1am, scrolling through that. I also realised I’ve not been giving hint to Wednesdays posts but next week’s will be covering a manga, for a change.

This week’s Wednesday post wordpress had a malfunction with it and didn’t post on the correct day so it didn’t appear live. Here is this post giving my thoughts on over saturation in reviews, editorials if you missed out.

I’ve had chance to check out some content and as usual.

Who are the features this week?


Blogger Feature

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 7.46.19 pm
This week’s blogger features goes to a intellectual blogger and fellow owls member Carla from Pop Culture Liteary.  I did not meet Carla till she joined owls having a background as a language arts educator and a deep love for all things pop culture. Carla covers an array on her blog in pop culture, from anime to cartoons, I’ve never come across a blog quite like Carla’s. Carla’s post are full of such detail and in depth which always make for such a eye opening read. One of my favourite posts by her you should check out Theme Delivery Service, expressing the meaning around “Theme” tying in Kiki’s delivery service. Carla has a great ability in making you look at things in a different angle, and so worth to add to the mix of blogs. !!!


Rated Under 7 By Haruhi 

It’s good to see Haruhi back with another post where she looks at writer Yoshitoshi Abe known for serial experiments lain and under looked series Niea. Haruhi goes on to say her experience with the series and how creators like to pump out things on the conveyor belt for the sake of it. These sorts of pieces always grip me so go have a read and discover something new. 


Friday’s Feature: Why Believing In Yourself As A Blogger Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do By Karandi 

Karandi wrote a brilliant piece that every blogger will be able to relate to. In how we doubt ourselves when it comes to posting something were worried of what others will think, how will be viewed. Karandi’s message is to simply stop hesitating and keep on blogging. Give this read if you are a blogger in need of some motivation  


The Content Creator’s Dilemma as Seen in URAHARA By Remy

I love it when fellow blogger people surprise me with what new post they could come up with next. Remy uses an episode from seasonal series Urahara which revolves around catering to those around you, writing about topics you don’t particularly enjoy. This was a smart, inspiring post which recommend you give a read. 


Attack On My Sleep Schedule Review By ShoujoThoughts 

To break up all the seriousness of this Friday feature it seems recommend you go check out Shoujo’s fun experience with Attack On Titan. Honestly her title immediately drew me and shoujo’s laid back blogging style makes it always a fun read.



Summer is a coming for me

That concludes this Friday Feature folks. Hope you enjoyed and make sure to go check out everyone. I’ve made it my aim for the rest of the year to read bloggers older posts, as feel so much untapped content yet to be featured. So that is the goal.

Man today was warm but so good, summer is coming… though that might sound weird but if you are new around on my blog. I live in the aussie land.

I’ll see you all next Friday Feature!! 




  1. I completely agree with you on Karandi’s post. It was such a brilliant piece, and one that pretty much everyone can relate to at some point I think.
    Being the old anime binge is always a lot of fun. I’m trying to do that myself at the moment as well. Have a great week, and take care with the Australian weather 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha, I have to admit, maybe I comment too much lol. But yes I honestly love giving comments, especially on posts that I really enjoyed reading. And it’s one of the most fun things to do with blogging I have to say, interacting with everyone 😊😊 Have fun on your anime binge 😀

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice job on this Feature Friday! It sounds like you have a lot of exciting projects in the work, and it’s fun seeing what you yourself have enjoyed reading recently. I’m excited to read these other posts. Thank you also for the shout-out! I’m off to read some of these delightful discoveries.

    Liked by 1 person

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