An Ovedue Post – A – Rama #46

Things are too much lately

Last post – a – rama was in September about time for another one and…. it’s November.. 8 weeks to Christmas. *braces for the next 8 weeks*

November is here and we all know what that means…… CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR SALES. I AM SO READY *cough*.  Are you ready? comment below. But yes folks there was no Friday feature last week do apologise but for this week post – a – rama is well overdue. Finally over the week I’ve had time to read some posts,  not fully caught up with things but all in good time. Far as anything you guys need to know with me I released my October Blog Update, it will be my last update till the new year.

I’ll be taking things slow and easy towards the end of the year as things as usual for all will get busy. An aim I’ve had is to focus my writing towards older anime series, no clue how much I’ll be able punch out but that is the aim.


Time to see what content caught my eye this post – a – rama

Let’s GO !!


On the Iridescence and a Kaleidoscopic Love By Zubat 

Personal pieces coming from a honest place always get me. This time round Zubat a new blogger I’m following wrote this touching piece on their view in how they favourite anime or anything matter of fact. It was a eye opening view into their mindset in how they love so many things and hard to put it down into a list. Make sure to give this touching piece a read.!! 

Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Dragonball Z By Neetaku 

I haven’t included a list for a while and Neet writes some amusing content. Their list on some of the questionable moments in Dragonballz is a hoot honestly. All the ones included are ones that even now as a forever fan of this series. Still have a gripe over so if you need some amusement, make sure to check out Neet’s List


Kase – My First Yuri Manga By Two Happy Cats 

Kase – Chan is a upcoming yuri title that is getting much praise and reading Steph’s thoughts indicating this yuri title to be a cute read. It’s great to read people’s thoughts on things they have never tried and was great to see Steph enjoyed her first Yuri manga. Check out her collaboration with Remy !! 

Order Of Events By Tsuyuki (Anime Corps) 

Another great editorial piece from Tsuyuki from Anime corps address their feelings on anime franchises with many sequels. Knowing what order to watch them in and if it’s always about watching things in order. This was a relatable argument for me as I’m someone that is always getting told to watch things in order where I don’t always feel inclined too. Very happy to see such a piece written on this topic, make sure to check it out !!

Makoto Shinkai and The Desire For Connection By Videogamep

Makoto Shinkai work is something I admire…. I can’t even express how much. This piece on how much Shinkai really thinks of his audience and that is Shinkai focus before anything else. Make sure to check it out!


Le Portrait de Petite Cossette By Jon Spencer Reviews 

This series is something I saw years ago not appealing to me highly. But Jon speaks of this short four episode ova in high regard and where dolls are at their creepiest. If you like your scare and want something different check out Jon’s post !!


That’s all I got guys.

Hope you enjoyed this post – a – ram and make sure to go check out everyone from here all awesome people. 

I’m going to go be lazy now.

Have a Great weekend !!

I’ll see you all next week for another Friday Feature !! 



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