Why Ghost Hunt Is Worth Your Time!!

There was a change of plan for this weekly post but when you watch or read something that you felt you need to address. This doesn’t happen often to me but it’s lead to a previous reviewed series and one that have noticed over the years. Unjustly critiqued at points.

Many Happy Halloween’s to all and hope you all had a good one before we get into the post. 

When I generally wake up, like to read some blog posts, catch on the youtube world.  Right off the bat see this title above this morning. “Do NOT Watch Ghost Hunt This Halloween” By Glass Reflection  haven’t clicked so fast on a video and afterwards this sudden rush of thoughts overcame me. Now here we are. Ghost hunt is one of my all time favourite anime, with any favourite anime you enjoy. You’ll always be curious to others thoughts, opinions that was my usual thinking when going to watch Arkada’s video.

After viewing my mind went blank for a few seconds as to what I just watched. I’ve personally followed Arkada’s channel for a long time now, enjoyed some of his videos. This review on Ghost hunt was the least impressive of all his videos not because the high regard I hold for the series or being a favourite. Because of Arkada’s unmotivated, lack of enjoyment presentation reviewing Ghost hunt. Felt it clouded a fair judgement upon the series, there were more cons spoke of than pros. Seeing the title of “Do Not Watch” is a pretty bold statement and not one in this case in my eyes, worth stretching that far.


It’s Slow and Boring


First negative from Arkada, other reviews read and comments from Arkada’s video  that the series is slow. It’s undeniable the pacing in Ghost Hunt is slow, I agree with this yet disagree. The series doesn’t have a focal plot point because of how it’s split to into different arcs, been stated things can feel dragged out. How from my first viewing and rewatches my view point hasn’t change, that the slow pace is not a complete downfall.

Ghost Hunt examples the most “realistic” sense in our believe in the Paranormal and suppositions. ouija boards, curses, objects moving these are things that others do believe in. With the series cast of characters a monk, priestess, medium, priest each background of characters, you learn their methods for dealing with the supernatural is really interesting. Their practices originate from real folk law which is inspiration for the case arcs. I don’t know any other anime that shows right off the top of my head that shows this aspect in such detail, it’s standout. Naru the narcissist science, investigation background you get to learn such things from advanced equipment used. Example when the temperature drops in a room could indicate ghost activity. but not all arcs have a ghostly conclusion ,some Lead to more realistic, common explanations but not all.

The spiritual/practices from partly character cast and in – depth investigation are timely important elements to Ghost Hunt. Feel its only right you would want some in-depth explored and if only the surface was scratched on this, rushed. Then probably Ghost hunt would have an lower standing which is why the slow pace the series has. Is very valid. The slowness in all of this has never bothered me, would you rather complex theories be explained in such a rush?


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 6.44.51 pm
@Arkada’s Video 



Suspense Factor


Ghost Hunt isn’t scary. Not sure why people put this series in the horror category because it’s nothing like your Hell sing gore blood bath. We have our own fears, things that make us scared and to say Ghost Hunt isn’t scary is not entirely truth. In my old review something I stated which still hold by that the second half of the series. Things become more intense with every arc you go through. Ghost Hunt strongest stand point is it’s suspense factor, don’t believe it is meant to make it’s audiences chatter on their own teeth. But give thrill, jump out of your skin factor. That was my first experience with the series and every re watch still somehow manages to do that every time.

The musical backing to Ghost Hunt is the backbone to it’s atmospheric suspense. Tracks Fuon and Kaidan Banashi from OST are the most reoccurring you’ll hear throughout the series. Fuon creates the startling lure something is afoot and Kaidan Banashi follows elevating the rise in tension. These two tracks always have stood out to me and most memorable. The whole OST screams thriller factor and trust me you’ll know when something is about happen.


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 6.41.34 pm
@ Arkada’s Video What this person said.

The great thing about Ghost Hunt is being episodic, if you did not feel to watch all through. You can just pick the arcs you like if this is you, I would personally recommend doll house and particularly the blood stained labyrinth.


Know It All Naru and Whiney Mai


I’m going to touch briefly on this the annoyance over characters Naru and Mai. Entrepreneur, boss Naru and complaining Mai lot of people have issues with and can’t blame them to a degree. I say to a degree as Naru always seems to be right in every conclusion ,every arc and Mai feels like she just disappears into the background. Voice actors Todd haberkorn and Cherami Leigh I felt really brought out their characters during the dub. Particularly Todd as Naru, Naru is meant to be righteous, bit cold in a sense he reminds me Of L from Death Note. Naru’s personality is really amusing at times and makes me laugh a fair but. More so when Mai and Naru interact together as Mai is not afraid to speak her opinion. Mai is just a compassionate person and sometimes her whining, complaining brings a sense of empathy.

Naru and Mai’s characters are not the most annoying characters I’ve come across fact if you can see amusement in their interactions together. Then it may be less of an issue then, that is how I see it now. But for the record actually like Mai and Naru.



Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 6.46.33 pm
@Arkada’s Video

You are your own judgement in anything you watch. 
I’ve touched based on this before and this post should be seen as eye opener. Not assuming I’m telling you to watch it, that’s why reviews and such are only a guidance. Into the mind of an individuals opinion, seeing a comment like that above to this video. Is a tiny fraction into how much people regard others opinions particularly in the anime community. Ghost hunt has it’s flaws, John’s put on Australian accent, Side characters backstories be explored more but all I’ve stated in this post. The standing factors that still make people like me and others love this series, it’s so called not aged well animation doesn’t lower it’s standing.

So Ghost Hunt I don’t consider as something skippable and you build up your own opinion of something. I’m just another stating view point.


Phew sounded full on at points but just feel so much better after writing this piece about this series. That does mean a lot but gets a fair overview.

Please comment below any thoughts you have.

I’ve made my peace now with this.

I’ll see you in the next post !




6 thoughts on “Why Ghost Hunt Is Worth Your Time!!

  1. And here I thought it was happy coincidence that two of my favorite reviewers covered the same show within 24 hrs of each other! While I can’t vouch for Ghost Hunt (haven’t seen it), I do know that seeing “skip it” and the end of a review can be a bit harsh. I think the best thing about Arkada’s video was that he didn’t just flat out say skip it, but added that “there are better shows out there that convey the fright level better.” Still, I’ll take your advice and consider watching the show sometime. I mean, what’s the harm in thinking it over for myself, right? Nice counterpoint, Lita!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First part of your comment made me laugh lol as you seemed happy this series was covered but yeh my written piece was in a way defending ghost hunt. I wasn’t personally happy with how the video was presented in such a unmotivated way. But yes Arkada at the end of the video to me said skip it giving slight mention of better shows. But that’s all he said better shows not really abbreviating on that further.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. While I kind of get Ghost Hunt won’t be for everyone, I kind of love it. That’s kind of why people need to read multiple reviews of things because sometimes things don’t work for someone that someone else sees something great in.

    Liked by 1 person

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