How My Vampire Anime Would Go

I’ve covered Romance but In the spirit in all that is spooky, time to explore a genre in anime, I have a dark desire for. The Vampy

The vampire genre have had a longing pleasure in enjoying no matter how good, bad the series maybe. Relating back to a post from last year that vampire genre needs a boost. In the longest time feel it’s been lack luster in giving that essence these beings of the night are known for. Devil line anime adaption was announced earlier this year, the closest to excited I’ve been over this genre in a long while. Because last time it was Shiki that got me in a frenzy. Wanted to lay my thoughts out there in how my vampire anime would go.






Very proud of my english heritage and of course this is where my vampire setting would have to be. Any castle in the England region would be just fine but one of the strongest known in Scotland Alnwick castle, would be preference. My vampire setting can be seen going back to old roots, castle, England it’d create the perfect atmospheric suspense which is my reason of choosing. Since younger had this fascination with older buildings whenever me and my family would go on hikes, specially in the country. Castles have such character and charm that simply always adored and just couldn’t think of a better setting.

The castle would be on the outskirts of London, in a busy town. Vampire family own the castle but it is open to the public during the summer.


Characters/ Plot

You mentioned Aulcard from Hellsing to me and I’ll be like…. Dam. Most crucial part that will sell this series is the plot. Now it’s not going to be a feed frenzy Diabolik lovers or who’s my vampire knight? Certainly no twilight turkey but folks must admit proud to be apart of that trash group. But must confess this vamp series will entale some form of romance between a human and twisted vampire, about crazy as Aulcard.

The name for the main male protagonist is nothing original Von. Needed something memorable and devious sounding. Von is not going to be a 1000 year old vampire with all the experience in blood sucking, in fact he’ll be a complete newbie. Von will be the black sheep of his vampire family clan, Each person in von’s family feeds on a particular blood type. Von feeds on innocence, people who don’t show their deep desires, ones locked away. Von is a lost canon a bit like Aulcard, cannot control how many lives he takes, doesn’t show much remorse, complete newbie.

The main female protagonist is Lila who is blind. Taken this inspiration from Shoko in Silent Voice, but would make for such an interesting aspect. Von’s vampire clan can appear as normal humans during the day wearing these special rings. Lila’s grandfather is a family friend of von’s family for many years, he’s their care taker of the castle. It’s the connection meet point of how Lila and Von end up meeting. Lila’s character is innocent, very selfless on the outside, but deep within craves hidden desires. hehe. Innocent girls are cute with hidden desires….but what are Lila’s hidden desires some aren’t all innocent.

Main focal point will be on Lila and von’s growing bond, but it will focus on self discovery among the two. Von learning to control his desires and Lila discovering her within her heart. How they meet Lila likes take walks at night before her curfew. As a kid Lila spent a lot of time with her Grandfather especially during his caretaker duties. Lila always likes to pass the castle on her nightly walks, where Lila senses someone following her. Von is still in his loose canon stage, following her on instinct, Von makes an attempt to feed on Lila but knocks him down with her cane. Lila knocks Von’s mindset with that blow to his usual self. That’s the basis of their meeting.

Main Aspects:

– Lila and Von both eighteen age
– Von’s family disapprove of Lila
– Lila wants to make her pottery a living
– Past grudges people hold against Von’s family come to seek them out, Lila get’s caught up in the mix. Von’s father’s brother seeks family acceptance. Very twisted family.
– Lila’s blood is a delicacy
– Von’s personality is quite cold, rude. Saids harsh things to Lila, but she doesn’t hate him right away
– Both have had a tough upbringing
– Lila is very strong willed, not discouraged easily even if she is blind
– Von falls in love Lila first but it’s half meant, Lila rejects him immediately
– Takes a lot for Von to capture her trust and heart
– When Von starts doing surprising selfless acts is when Lila begins to fall for him
– Up in the air if Lila becomes an vampire (haven’t decided)
– Setting of story on the outskirts of London

At this point getting ideas to just a write my own fan fic for this, because makes me feel inspired. If this kind of vampire anime ever came to light think my mind would flip out. Take a few days to pull myself together but a vampire romance with a human would be nice to be seen done right. Setting is what would be crucial for my series, to create the right suspenseful, tense atmosphere. Honestly love the sound of my own idea but now you all now my hidden desire of vampire



Hope you all enjoyed this edition of How Would My “Something” Go. You know this could be a post series which would be a potential idea and that needed to do some spooky content for Halloween. 

PLEASE comment below what would you like to see happen more in the vampire genre? More blood? What setting? No corny love?

You can read my last post about my romance

Hoping to have a least two more spooky relate content out, nearly forgot about Halloween honestly.

I’ll see you all in the next Post!



12 thoughts on “How My Vampire Anime Would Go

  1. This was great fun to read.
    In answer to your question, I’d love to see less depressed vampires feeling the loneliness and angst of eternal life and more that embraced their strength and were actually having a good time. Get rid o the brooding bad guy and bring in someone with a bit of personality.

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  2. This was a great post and one that I really enjoyed reading, I’m sold for it: if only there was a studio that could pick this up, that would be really awesome 😀
    And now onto your question. We have had a lot of Vampire dramas set in ancient times, modern times, even in the future. But it would be fun to head bsck even further in time: how about a vampire saga set in prehistoric times. It calls for a pretty unique setting, and the vampires would have to face the fact that they are not the highest on the food chain as of course it is the age of the dinosaur. No idea if something like that would even be possible to realise, but hey it’s just an idea 😀

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  3. Dope post. I’m not much of a fan of vampire related things but the genre needs some real horror or psychological elements since it seems like there’s very little of that in the genre.

    Liked by 1 person

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