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Hatori feels her romantic story is about to come true. Hatori has had a crush on childhood friend Rita for 10 years… and counting. Instead of feeling to confess, waiting for Rita to be her hero. Making the first move. Rita starts dating nerd shut in Adachi, her worst nightmare and player Hiromitsu takes a shine to Hatori.

Been a while since we talked dramas.

My drama game has been at a all time low. Felt in the mood for something more uplifting than the current sad drama, I’ve been watching. Scrolling through countless suggestions decided to give No Longer Heroine a shot. Such a generic romance plot did not have any certain expectations other than hoping for a satisfying watch but this film surprised me. Feel lately with other things I’ve been watching surprise factor has been elevating.



If anything this film shows through well were us we have our failures in love. But this cute film spoke to us females my ladies. Main protagonist Hatori demonstrates this stand out in her role putting yourself in Hatori’s shoes. We’ve all been there the hesitance in confessing to your crush, maybe it is your one guy friend/childhood friend. Hatori took this to the next level “real dreamer”, it was in her mindset. Childhood friend Rita was going to confess to her and her life fairytale would come true. Anyone who is a Disney fan we wish secretly somewhere deep inside our prince would come. If real life worked out that way then that would just be weird to me honestly.

Hatori’s dreamer mindset clouded any effort to be the one to confess. But making the first move or plucking up some courage is baffling to your comfort zone. Hatori wanted to be waited on and shut in Rita had to deliver. Rita had been abandoned by his mum, Hatori has been the only one to stay beside him. Rita is a little empty inside of personality as Rita feels like a nobody pretty much. Hatori has easy influence over Rita which is sad to see at times but the guy has nothing else going for him, in his life. Despite Hatori’s demanding influence over Rita which is not intentional, Hatori is good hearted in her intentions. Both Rita and Hatori are quite hopeless individuals when it comes to confessing feelings. This questions my own hopelessness in this aspect haha.





Generic romance plot comes throwing a spanner in the works. Rita somehow starts dating reserved Adachi who was too reserved for my liking. Seems every time watching a romance my “oh my god” face still happens, even after seeing so many movies, tv series etc. Rita with Adachi noone will be a fan of but Rita I felt was attracted to Adachi as someone who was full of dreams, goals. Rita feels empty with no aspirations so it shows the attraction we find in people, of things we wished we had. There’s nothing with that. Adachi ripped a page from Hatori’s heroine story which challenged Hatori to up the anti on finding some back bone in confessing her feelings. It also made Hatori realise her self absorbed selfness with Rita. Though Rita indulging Hatori all the time didn’t help the matter, bad on your part Rita. 

For my preference would have liked Hatori to have chose popular Hiromitsu. His typical character you see in a lot of romances, popular, dominating, I get what I want. Last thing by the end thinking that preferring him with Hatori, not actually a bad guy. Though it’s obvious Hatori and Rita would be on the same page by the end. It’s was a very sweet conclusion for Rita and Hatori, which made left me awe so that’s all that matters honestly.



No Longer Heroine was ridiculously exaggerated in it’s comedy factor. The first minutes of the movie was laughing my head off already. Mirei Kiritani as Hatori just stole the show with her outrageous expressions especially the moment Hatori sees Rita holding hands with Adachi. The whole main cast played all their roles fairly solid especially Mirei who to my surprise recognised from when watching my first ever live action film. From Me to You Mirei played love rival Ume, it was great to see her on the opposite side as the heroine.

The moral of this movie seems we are all our own individual heroine. From a girl perspective were our own failure heroine but whoever your with will not think anything less. No Longer Heroine was a great, funny watch something in the future to re watch from my preference. You could pick away at the exaggerated factors the film takes, some might weird you at won’t lie. But there’s half sweet moments and comedic flare balance well together making for something to lift your mood.


Hope you guys enjoyed hearing my thoughts on No Longer Heroine. Recommend this film if you need a laugh, it’s what I needed at the time. It delivered in it’s job. It was hard to catch my breathe at times during watching.

Romance fans will enjoy this.

Please comment below if you have seen this and if you want more Drama posts like this one. That’s what I’ll be doing regardless.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



2 thoughts on “Your Own Story | No Longer Heroine

  1. I love Dramas so I think it’s cool for you to talk more about them. 😀 As for this one, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m really behind in my J-drama watching unfortunately. Nowadays I’ve been more of a Taiwanese and K-drama type person. But I do hope to give this a shot at some point. 🙂

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  2. I’m running behind on dramas myself. But then again I am running behind on pretty much everything. I do love watching dramas though, and I certainly love reading posts for them, so I say go for it 😊 I did not see the one you reviewed yet, but I am adding it to the list. Great review!

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