Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #44

This series is angelic.

Been on the binge read of blog posts recently, so many good ones and sorry there was no Friday feature last week.

Things got on top of me last week unexpectedly as the reason for no Friday feature but were here now even though this one is late. I’ve caught up on everything blogging, youtube wise thank god was so behind which bothered to no end. Since the blog a thon last month been out of sorts resuming my usual blog schedule but did take a break for my mentality from the writing.

Good News!! 

For a while every Sunday I’ll be doing episodic reviews for the ancient magus bride, probably putting myself through torture with this. But been dying for this show for the last year and something happily look forward to each week. Here is my first review.

At some point over the next few days I’ll be posting up a all round update, has been a while since doing what. End of year is coming faster than anticipated so look out for that. In the mean time had read through a lot of posts and discovered some new bloggers.

As usual time to see my features for this week !!


Blogger Feature

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 8.30.23 pm
This week’s blogger feature goes to a driven romance blogger who looks at at the genre in anime, comics Bloom Reviews Instantly this blog was a must follow as hello romance is my favourite genre from anything. Their post on Say I love you anime/manga comparison was inspiring as these are posts I’ve been wanting to have a good go at. Like their exploration into romance in comics, covering ones I’ve never heard of and others may not have as well. Their very methodical and detail in their posts but in a simple understanding sense for readers. If your a fan of the romance genre in pop culture then this is one you should add to your list.


The flower language of The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1 By Atelier Emily 

Ancient magus bride episode one has made a impact on others but was entranced by Emily’s take on the episode. Haven’t read a post quite like hers describing the meaning of flowers that appear through the episode. What significance, impact they had to a particular scene and found this whole post so interesting. Highly recommending reading!! 

Too Lazy to Write Less?
By Prattle

This is a rather short post but prattle bring so much point to it. In saying their is nothing with short posts, sometimes get right to the point of things. Brilliant simple post you should check out as a reminder.


Get To Know Lejla: An Interview Collab With World of Anime Girl By Fujinsei 

Lejla you may have seen appear in a collab piece I did and was great to see her appear around again. Always great to see bloggers collaborating together like this, be nice to see this more so check out this interview. Get to know a new blogger.


Photography in anime – Just Because! Episode 1 By Derek 

Derek finally give you some spotlight as his piece on fall 2017 romance Just Because . Was great to read some personal perspective from Derek in his love of photography as main character Ena hobby is photography. Derek went into such detail how well crafted in -depth was taken in the scopes of what photography involves. It was such a great read and one to check out !!



Precious Ohana

Hope you guys enjoyed this Friday Feature and as you can tell have finished the anime Hanasuka Iroha. Such a angelic watch one hoping to write a piece on in the next couple of weeks.

Make sure to check out everyone from this feature!!

Now to catch up on more things.

I’ll see you guys in the next post !!



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