Confusion In Feelings | Netsuzou Trap

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“What does it mean to love someone?”

Netsuzou Trap
Published: 2017
Genre: Romance, Yuri
Producer: Creators In Pack
Episodes: 12/Short

Hotaru and Yuma are childhood friends when Yuma gets her first boyfriend. She looks to Hotaru for advice but Hotaru drastic advances towards Yuma comes to confuse her. Hotaru claims it’s a joke and will help Yuma gain experience for when it comes to being intimidate with her boyfriend. But all this only confuses Yuma and both keep it all a secret from their boyfriends.

2017 seemed to be the year Yuri genre gets some attention. One of first adaptation  announcements Netsuzou Trap. Decided to follow along as fun fact this is my second yuri watch ever. Fun fact: my first yuri watch ever was Strawberry Panic, must rewatch at some point, thinking about it.

Before getting into what overall thinking about this Yuri recommend you check out these opposites ends of the stick opinions. From blogger friends Remy and Lethargic Ramblings, both reviewed this series. Leth describes in their post why they enjoyed it for exploring a dark, twisted side. While Remy explores hisdislike for the exploitation in homosexuality and portrayal for the yuri genre in general. It was great to read their opposite thoughts and I both agree some of their opinions.

Adore the opening theme, something not forgettable always looked forward it. When it started playing. This J-rock tune has made it to my I-tunes that should say something.

The Deeper Dark

Netsuzou Trap is a “trashy” anime why bother giving it any deemed light? Wouldn’t go far to say in my opinion the show is utter trash, First Love Monster which I watched earlier this year. That was a train wreck of trash, too many manhood jokes… Ugh. Netsuzou Trap sets up a poor portrayal for the yuri genre, fully agree with this statement but it was a surprise. In exposing the twisted nature of people, when it comes to love, friendship. I’d had a small introduction to this taste when watching Stawberry Panic but Netsuzou went much deeper in Yuma and Hotaru’s bond.

Each episode was only seven minutes long, things were rushed but there’s was just enough to make an impact. To make me feel something towards these two hopeless girls who finally by the end of the series came to admit, realise their true feelings.
My first impressions  have not changed about jerk face user Fujiwara but changed a bit towards Yuma and Hotaru. Still stick by that Hotaru had this dominating presence over Yumi but Yuma was very naive. Hotaru represents out of the pair the main twisted aspect, taking advantage of Yuma when least expecting it. Those particular scenes don’t look good and reflect personal violation in a bad way. That was a bad move from the show, made me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Hotaru’s story of being bullied, feeling left out still never griped me to make me feel sorry for her. In her own actions of what decisions she made, feel conflicted still over character. Hotaru doing for making things awkward with Yuma then pretending like nothing happened, ticked me off. Shouldn’t feel conflicted over Hotaru’s character, should despise it but Why do I find the idea Hotaru deserves a little happiness?

Make Stupid Mistakes In Confusion

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To best describe Netsuzou in one word is confusion. It was everywhere among all the characters especially Yuma. Yuma may find hopeless and naive but had a good nature about her, if others were to question this. Yuma to a point was clueless in how to feel with Hotaru’s advances but after a while was no excuse. Going into denial mode, jealously starting to abrupt, made some mistakes. Yuma’s had – been boyfriend Tankeda getting strung along, was your typical, generic good guy. But somehow the genuine emotional pull felt from Tankeda was enough to feel something for the guy.

My feelings may have changed towards both Hotaru and Yuma but were both bad as each other. But feel in their mistakes, behaviour demonstrates the ill decisions we make when dealing with any relationship situations.

Why Did I Still Half Enjoy This Somehow?

Via Lily Garden 

Netsuzou Trap is a series feel conflicted over. 
There are many reasons to be it’s not a good look in general for the Yuri genre. Fujiwara character mocks homosexuality as well as the whole show does, with comments exampled in picture above. The conclusion of romance between Yuma and Hotaru leaves you questioning if you can actually feel happy for them. I’m still questioning that but romance factor was no where to be seen. There were moments that did make me uncomfortable.

Clearly should be saying this is a terrible show and yet found a small amount of enjoyment factor among, this mound of confusion. How twisted certain moments in the series became gave me this thrill buzz as from time to time, don’t mind some of that. So twisted factor in selfish gain and lies Netsuzou did a great job with have to commend on but honestly after seeing this yuri series.

Have to agree with a part in Remy’s post just give us a compelling romance in Yuri. Where it’s nothing like Netsuzou trap, the genuine factor is true, none of this messing around, confusion nonsense. Not being in a circle of friends where the girls have boyfriends but it’s focus being on a group of girls. That is something do genuinely crave for from the Yuri genre. Believe we will get this some day at some point for now may found what I described among Yuri manga.

Don’t regret watching Netsuzou Trap as the show has more negatives and minor positives but still found as saying before some small enjoyment. Maybe it was just due to the fact was happy to see the yuri genre get a anime adaption.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing my thoughts and talking some Yuri, this review wasn’t going to be long.

Please comment below any thoughts you have about this series. Would love to know!!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



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