“It’s Like Anime Disney Version” Ancient Magus Bride Ep1

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Kept this a hush plan for a while now but Sundays are going to be interesting for the next few 2 or so months.

Finally it’s here one anime been pining for since watching the first of the OVA episodes. Pain staking months waiting and my Sundays going to look forward to more than ever. As every week, diving back into the seasonal swing be reviewing the Ancient Magus Bride .

After reviewing clockwork planet over on my youtube earlier this year said wouldn’t be doing episodic reviews like that for a while. Well.. major difference is when something your genuinely interested, it’s your jam. Knew that it would be better than clockwork planet but for the record the series wasn’t that bad. Honestly the reason this is even happening or decided to do episodic review is because of the prequel, introductory OVAS. That gave a insight look into main protagonist Chise’s backstory, which is compelling, convincing in it’s performance to Chise’s character. Make you feel sorry for misfortune.

Unfortunate Chise Hatori has had it rough, no family or friends to call her own. Her ability to see such things Yoma spirits, fairies unseen to other humans. The abuse and being passed onto other families, Chise put herself up for slavery. Just to escape the real world, the pain about to be auctioned off. Mage known as Elias with the appearance of a skull head, takes in Chise. Elias makes her his mage apprentice, teaching her magic and….. bride to be.

You can stop dreaming now….. it’s finally here Lita. 

Had to tell myself this before even watching the episode but crunchy roll decided to be a jerk and not load on my PS3, computer or mobile. This has happened before, so weird but finally watched the episode two hours ago.. still in awe.

We get the opening sequence right off the bat, which usually you don’t get that till episode two of a new airing series. It was a great opening especially after the part with Elias and Chise get to see little snippets, for what will be in store later in the series. The singer singing it JUNNA not well known but played a vocal role in Macross Delta.



Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.24.54 pm
This part wondered from the trailer…. not what at all I thought

The first few minutes of the episodes, no time is wasted in setting a heavy atmosphere as Chise is auctioning herself off. Completely caught me off guard this part but was understandable why from the traumatic past Chise has gone through. Being passed from one family to another, ridiculing your sanity, both verbal, physical abuse. When your back is up against the wall, you’ll take any last resort measure. Chise took that to escape the real world, the pain though not caring what may await her ahead. It was an incredible impact already at the beginning of the episode it was making. That massive impact flow just kept on going through the episode.

Just was so hard from that point to take your eyes away.


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.31.18 pm
Saviour is here

The saviour arrives paying five million pounds for Chise known to others as a “rare” thing. My first impressions of Elias were mixed from watching the prequel OVAS as found him mysterious. Still find his intentions a little unclear but one thing is clear he took in Chise for the right reasons. At this point had just been wanting to see more interaction between Chise and Elias. Up until this point Chise has been this lifeless doll, someone who gave up and Elias swoops in unexpectedly. Offering the things maybe within herself secretly Chise may have desired a home. But not saying these desires aloud

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.32.27 pm
There’s a moment where Elias describes Chise’s gift a fortune which sends Chise into a rage tangent. Glad in this episode from the prequel OVAS it was reinforced, showing Chise suffering as Chise’s character that you can’t feel compelled to feel bad for her. It’s not forced to feel sorry for Chise, but conveyed from a place where viewers can relate easily to. How it feels to be in a hole you feel you can’t climb your way out of. Until someone pulls you up which was Elias.

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Part absolutely adored where Elias transports Chise to his home. That was transportation sequence with the thorns was really cool. My heart went up into my throat seeing Elias home setting and realising the setting of anime. Set in good old England, my old home it was so picturesque from Elias cottage to the luscious, greenery surroundings. This part made me think of old home and just thought was the perfect fitting, to give enhance the enchantment this series conveys already with no problem. The animation cannot be question, cannot be questioned in it’s ability to draw you into most interesting yet dangerous world.

Made me laugh for some reason seeing served typical UK Foods fish and chips, sandwiches and meatloaf. God just love it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.13.52 pmScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.38.11 pm

Though the world Elias and Chise come from is interesting, we see in the episode it also dangerous. The appearance of “Fairies” we refer too tired to befriend Chise but not having good intentions. Admit the some beings, creatures in this world are cute but nor would you want to befriend several of them. Letting chise wander off with the fairies, Elias was testing her a little but course Chise wasn’t going to betray Elias. Chise could have ran away if she really wanted to but Elias was the first ever. Saying Chise was welcomed into his home and had family to rely on. It was nice to see some light in Chise’s personality, as feel by the end of this series. Chise won’t be a lifeless doll no longer.

Elias wants to make her see that noone has before, that her gift isn’t all misfortune. Which is why wishes to teach her magic but towards the end of the episode we get this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.38.59 pm
Forgot to mention…. You’ll become my bride as well.

Chise reaction was hilarious, as in totally caught off guard. See what I mean in Elias intentions maybe they’ll become clearer when the series progresses more. How Chise and Elias interact together just is intriguing to watch, both great central characters for the story plot. Elias is one of the coolest anime characters, seen in a long time. This episode as a whole was just perfect in my eyes, it’s went beyond whatever thinking before it might have been. The emotional, impact Chise will have over you is effortless, being a character you feel attachment to her relatable suffering in a realistic aspect. This wondrous, enchanting world brings the magical enchantment, along with the transparent, detailed animation. Wit studio props to you guys.

This was such a great introduction and first episode, not felt so satisfied over a first episode like this in a very long time. The ancient magus certainly has gotten much attention but happy to say for all the right reasons. I accept all the hype it’s getting.

After watching this was getting those Disney vibes, It is like beauty and the beast but anime version.

*Screenshots taken by me*  

I hope you all enjoyed this first impression review of Ancient magus bride, So happy to be writing this. Every Sunday expect a episodic review till the series finishes, feel like I’m about to put myself through torture for a while. But so happy to do so.

Please…. please comment your initial first impressions of the first episode. We can have a magical debate over it!!

I’ll see you all next Sunday and next post!!! 



11 thoughts on ““It’s Like Anime Disney Version” Ancient Magus Bride Ep1

  1. I have started watching four new Animeseries today. Black Clover, Two Car, King’s Game and Plastic Memories. After reading this…I think I’m going to add a fifth one. This story sounds really cool, and you pretty much convinced me to watch this one with your great review. And I guess you can never watch too much anime anyway 😂😂


  2. What is it with red haired girls and being all Disney Like? Snow White with the Red Hair was incredibly disney like as well?

    And yeah, trying the episodic review thing too this season, but with Kino’s Journey. Hopefully that goes well…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It was a great start and I’m glad it hasn’t disappointed given the build up to this one. Fortunately I’ve never read the source material so I can just find out what happens as we go.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I read the manga for this and im just excited to see it animated but also slightly worried about pacing. I felt the manga rather slow and i love the anime to the point i hope i dont drop it x)


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