About Time For Another Post – A – Rama #43

Weekend folks and I should be feeling a tad disappointed but I’m not. 

Many aussies will be partying hard this long weekend if our footy team the crows win the grand final of AFL. I’ve got the weekend off for once so I’ll be doing the aussie thing and watch the game tomorrow. I’ll have one of my celebratory ciders that are currently in the fridge. Everything lately has been gotten really well especially this week getting my new car… oh my god it’s a babe.

Now you may have noticed this week I’ve missed out on doing four days of my september blog – a -thon. Work had me by the leash, is the reason got majorly behind instead of stressing over it. I wrote what I could, wanted too and still say completing 3/4 of blog – a – thon is still pretty good. I’m more proud all the articles I’ve written better than last year, if you guys would like to me to do a summary over September blog – a – thon. Then please comment below and will do so.

The last post for this month will be my OWLS post tomorrow, were covering the topic treasure, mental illness, suicide. If you want to see all the posts from this month click here. |

Here are the two posts only for this last week of the blog – a – thon:


We All Don’t Know Where Were Going | Solanin

Yuri Collab Is A Happening Ft The Lily Garden

That is all I have to update you all on, I’ve read some great posts as of recent and due time for a showcase. Let’s see who are my features for this week!!!!


This was a really short post but a main question you end up asking yourself. When it comes to giving anime a go, I give any a fair short but I’m still torn over an answer for this. As something genuinely not enjoying I have dropped in the past. Head on over and leave your comment to this answer. 


Among Other Things, Star Driver is a Triumph of Aesthetics By Mage In A Barrel 

This was such a great read I can’t tell you. Iblessall talks of their experience with Stardriver just made me so happy to see someone else talking about this series, Originally was one I dropped. Revisited years later falling in love with it all over again. Iblessall describes Stardriver as a summer of youth which this theme is constant throughout the series. Definitely worth your time to read this personal piece.


A Random List Of Anime That Deserve More Recognition! By Kawaiipaperpandas 

Wohooo recognition anime lists, see them, immediately read them. It’s always interesting to see what series people feel deserve to be given a chance more of. This was vast different choice from Moshi so give her list a look over. 

10 Essential Boys Love and Yaoi Anime for Beginners to the Genre!! By Mistress Yaoi 

This is a list I’ve wanted to see for a long while and a great one by Mistress Yaoi. Like Yuri anime, I’ve only watched so much Yaoi. For those that are interested in the Yaoi genre, or curious if you don’t know where to start. Check out Mistresses list, she has got you covered.


Planetarian ONA Done right By Jon Spencer Reviews 

Jon I’ve had the pleasure coming to know during this month and really enjoyed his read on the short series Planetarian. All I’ve known about this series from others are negative points but Jon is one of few showing the good points, what the show has done right. If you’ve seen nothing but negative over this show, recommend reading Jon’s review.


Please Come Back Mister Review By K-hop K pop 

Still new to K drama world this blog I’ve been following for some time and enjoying reading their thoughts on Please Come Back Mister. They highlight how unexpectedly funny it was and that it’s worth the laugh. Looking for something funny give this a read over.




Please check out everyone from this post – a – rama !! So tomorrow will the last day of September and October will begin…. time is going too fast in my opinion. Have to start saving that pot of money for those anime sales ya know. After all the writing I’ve done over the last two months or so over the next week will be taking it easy. Catching up on some series and writing up those fours posts that didn’t have the time to write for.

My regular blogging schedule will resume after tomorrow a new blog post every Wednesday and usual Friday feature. But hope to throw in extra from now on as during this month, new motivation has been gained.

Hope you all have a great weekend and long weekend to fellow aussies bloggers. !!

I’ll see you all tomorrow !! 



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