Yuri Collab Is A Happening Ft The Lily Garden

 This was a great way to kick start my gear to reading more Yuri as honestly the one Remy chose for me. He didn’t know this was second yuri manga ever read.

Gotcha. Remy. 

Yuri alore here in the Kino corner. 

Very pleased to be bringing everyone another collaboration and with a particular blogger whom Yuri is everywhere in their garden. Teaming up with Remy over at the Lily Garden for this post. You need to go check out Remy’s blog, a amazing person, blogger who works to the bone. It’s nice to broaden your horizons, for this yuri collaboration me and remy both chose each other a Yuri manga to read. Then we have to give our thoughts on.

Remy chose for me a unusual titled series “Dark Forest, White Road”, it was a short series five chapters long. Out of curiosity went scoping through noticing lots of yuri titles are always short, very scarce in them being long. This yuri title is very tame, none of fan service nature, very drama focused on the two protagonists. Shou is a very introvert girl who is letting the world pass her by, with a blind eye.

Your introduced a the start of the manga Shou has no friends and feels weird in her thinking, she’s suppose to be like the rest. Have lots of friends friends, get all dolled up to flirt with guys. Shou doesn’t want to do considered those “normal things”, hence not wanting to socialise with others. It’s a fear thinking she is weird just in general. Shou meets Chiharu who is blind, the two during the their winter break meet up a lot. Shou doesn’t convey much emotion with Chiharu little snippets but still keeps going to meet her.

Chiharu describes Shou as this dark forest surrounding herself in such negative space, not letting any warmth or light into her life. Chiharu becomes very open in that she likes Shou and telling her their’s nothing wrong with feeling how you feel. Doesn’t matter if the person you love is a girl. Honestly this is making me think about the on going debate here in Australia over same sex marriage. It’s funny while reading that moment in the manga made me think about it.

Chiharu is a very optimistic person that Shou is not use to be around such nature. It was sad that Shou didn’t open up more that she actually liked Chiharu, felt bad for her. Chiharu was the one pouring out her emotions and still Shou was clammed up, But it was understandable from a perspective. It’s not easy to just become a social butterfly the next day, something within yourself that takes time. Chiharu had to go to her mother’s place at the end of winter break, stating her and Shou might never meet again.

Chiharu gives Shou her radio in the hope, she’ll listen to it remembering the time they spent together. Towards the end of the manga one of the last scenes, Shou comes to a street. Shou is dazzled by the street lights so bright and Chiharu I feel wanted to be a light for Shou, when she felt her world become dark. That’s when I understood the meaning of the title “Dark Forest, White Road”. This was a clever, meaningful read something even a non yuri fan would enjoy. Kind of wish it had been longer honestly to explore Chiharu and Shou’s characters more.


Hope you guys enjoyed this mini collaboration piece. I Thankyou good blogger buddy Remy for doing this with me, You can check out Remy’s post here.

If you ever wish to collaborate with me go to my Contact Me Page

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. Great write-up. I also wished it was a bit longer but I did enjoy what we got to see. Alas, yuri manga is often way too short in terms of chapters.

    Also, I was totally not aware that was your second yuri manga! You got me! I probably should have picked a more upbeat one for you to read, then, haha.

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