Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #42 – Very Late

My writing flow was broken. >.<

*sighs* Early last week for once and back to being late because it’s Sunday I’m writing this.

You know when everything is going well for you then something breaks that flow? Exactly what happened and my Blog a thon suffered for it thanks to good old work. My work is starting to pick back up busy again and worked more than usual this week. Coming home had no motivation to write so decided to wait till now to catch up on everything I’ve missed, so bare with me guys over the next few days. As I catch up with all my write ups I had planned, because I only had so much written in advance for this month.

Oh well such is life but were on week 3 of this blog a thon and only now I’m all caught up to this but here is the posts from the past week:


Not Just A Empty Shell | Ghost In A Shell


Ani Lime Light: Haru Glory


These Weapons Pack A Punch But I’d Use Them


Lita’s Limited Edition Box Set Tag


Enjoyment Factor Matters Most


3 Reasons To Give Inuyasha A Go

Pretty happy this week’s write up even though technically am behind but it this last week of posts, I’ve had planned I’m excited for. Hope you guys are but without further or do time for see who are my features for this week.


Blogger Feature


This week’s blogger feature goes to a fellow owls member who’s just made her return to the blog sphere being more active it’s Venus from Japanimetalks. Have nothing but respect for Venus and her content filled blog, first happened to come upon Venus’s blog through one of her blog tip posts If you want vast variety of content her as abundance to check out from handmade quizzes, reviews, lists. In the way Venus blogs in general has inspired me in so many ways and ability to break down her points so clearly. It’s been a joy to have her join our Owls group, bringing her extending enthusiasm. Venus is one to add to your follow list for certain !!! Check her out !!!


Ghost in the Shell (2017) Dives Deep Enough to Prove Itself a Fascinating, Engaging Ride | Review By Takuto

Finally having seen this controversial film and giving my thoughts on it. I could read Taku’s thoughts about it and his review is one of few to shed the even positives and negatives of this film. It was a fair, balanced review for Ghost In A Shell.


Anime Editorial: A Believing Heart is Your Magic By Tsuyuki 

Tsuyuki from Anime Corps I always enjoy his editorial pieces, time and time again I’ve been inspired for certain blog ideas. This was a nice break up article they did on their new found love with my little witch academia. I’ve not had any initial interest with this beloved magical series but after reading their thoughts, they’ve convinced me.


Yearning for Yuri: Wife and Wife by Zeria 

I enjoy Zeria’s segment on different Yuri manga they explore and it was interesting to read about their write up on Wife and Wife. This is a considered light read unlike some yuri titles being heavily dramatic. if you looking for a read like this among the Yuri genre this could be a good choice for you. 

Blood+: Thin Like Water
By Ennadune

Blood + is a vampire series been meaning to for a long time to visit. Enndune experience was up and down but reviews like their I appreciate. I’d rather read people’s true opinions and still enjoyed hearing their thoughts.



I’ll complete this blog a thon for certain. Who cares If I’m behind.

I’ll press on with all the writing I have to do, I’m not going to burn myself out in the process. I’ve been having breaks so nobody worry but make sure to check out all the features for this week. Realise also need to fit reading blog posts in better, feel like when I go back through what I’ve read it’s barely anything. 


I’ll see you all next week and in the next post !!




  1. I’m a little late as always, but thanks for the shoutout! I tried my best to see the good in a film that received so much hate, and I wanted to be realistic with myself, too. It’s a hard balance to achieve, and I’m glad you noticed my efforts. Thanks again Lita—I can’t wait to see your GitS post, as I’m going through my read list now!

    Liked by 1 person

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