These Weapons Pack A Punch But I’d Use Them

Taking some inspiration from blogger Scott’s post on Top 5 Anime Guns. It made me think about certain weapons in anime I would totally use.

Yoko’s rifle is pretty sweet but my tastes are different when it comes to different weapons in anime. I couldn’t agree with more what Scott saids in his post that anime does something spot on right weaponry. It’s something never could I fault when it comes to anime as brings this electrifying atmosphere to fights, it’s not always about in human abilities. The following five weapons are ones in my early days of anime, I dreamed about in my dreams. Imagined using and it was some of the best passing thoughts in my already crazy head.

5. Decaforce Sword (Rave Master)

If you haven’t heard of rave master?.. then your missing out on some great adventure. I discovered this show through my toonami watching days, it is such a fun, down to earth series to get invested in. Maybe if you have watched the following clip you may realise both shows rave master and fairy tail have a thing in common. They are by the same author Hiro Mashima, that man has created two series love both equally, if not more. It was cool that characters Ellie and Haru were put into a Fairy tail OVA, never thought that would happen.

Haru’s sword the decaforce sword is a sword I’d be wanting above many known ones even more than Kenshin’s reverse blade sword. *shock face* More than Kenshin’s? where’s my mind gone. The Decaforce sword requires the rave stones in order for it to transform into it’s different forms. The cool thing is it has ten forms all together, my favourite is explosion. Soon as it hits it’s target, the sword lets out a explosion on it’s opponents, all the swords abilities are all unique in whatever situation arises. This is a amazing sword but so big and heavy.

4. Hiraikotsu (Inuyasha)

Who wants to haul around a boomerang around all the time? I do. The coolest thing about Sango’s weapon it’s made from old demon bones. Course purified of any remaining evil so it’s nearly unbreakable. I’ll let you in on a secret during my first watch of Inuyasha it would get me excited when Sango was about to use Hiraikotsu. I was shouting at the TV screen. Mean? come on I did it whenever Goku was about to see Kamaaaaaa… I could be doing it right now?

In 2015 actually cosplayed Sango myself:


Cosplay was bought but me and my dad made the weapon together. He’s made other weapons for me in the past. It was a lot of fun, he made the base for me out of foam board, which required a lot of sanding down. I painted it and put the finishing touches on. Sango has been one of my favourite characters to cosplay But in my opinion I’m a chubby Sango. Don’t do her justice which is why hope to do her again in the future. Holding my handmade weapon honestly made me feel like flinging it across the room, oh the ideas anime puts in your head.

3. Sealing Wand (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Anything is a weapon in anime and Sakura’s Nostalgia wand should be no exception to this. This series was a big part of my childhood along side other shows but Card captors was that bit more special. The whole incantation, releasing the card Sakura wanted to use it still sends those same nostalgia feels all the way, whenever revisiting this series.

*cough* I’ve cosplayed Sakura before too… 


Calling forth the cards…

Again I made the wand with my dad, discovering he has a knack for making weapons real good. Cosplaying Sakura was great fun and it’s hard to not imagine yourself calling forth the clow cards. The combination of the wand and cards is exciting, best magical combination to have for a weapon. The different elements, abilities of the clow cards is something feel to not under estimate. Be the most fun of your life, lovers of Cardcaptor Sakura will know what I mean. 

Lita Fact: The windy card has always been my favourite.

2. The Valkyrie Skirt (Buso Renkin)

Tokiko’s spider legs I use to call them, before finding out the proper name are still a favourite weapon. These death scythes ends react to body movement and can be easily manipulated to suit your fighting style. Tokiko makes it looks so easy but when she’s not using them, they stay withdrawn in, less she needs to activate them. Buso Renkin as a series itself has some interesting weapons which reflect on the users heart as Tokiko is a Alchemist warrior.

Being a alchemist warrior each user has a weapon reflecting their personality, which this concept in anime I’ve seen Elemental Gelade, Chivalry failed a knight. Though the concept in Buso Renkin is more interesting asTokiko’s Valkyrie Skirt feel reflects her firey side when she get’s mad or angry. I’d wanted to attempt making this weapon for cosplay but that would be a task in itself. Either way it’d be effective weapon to use in a dire situation is why it is something I’d use.

1.  The Magun (Final Fantasy Unlimited) 

*shivers* Now we have gotten to one of my favourite weapons in anime. Kaze who uses this magnificent demon gun just let me say right now. Every time when watching Final Fantasy unlimited when he was about to use the Magun, the whole sequence is just so exciting. It is indeed a gun but the “Bullets” are no ordinary bullet infact containing inside is soil. It’s a bit complicated to explain if you haven’t seen the series but the compound of soil are souls. Lost souls who have been killed in the chaotic weird world Kaze is from. If you ever watch the series it will make sense, trust me.

Three soil chargers are required to summon a celestial being, the magun itself is alive in a way. Apart of the design there’s a round glass globe with what appears to be black and red heart, that beats. It only beats when Kaze is about to summon a being. The magun is one of the coolest, strangest weapons I’ve seen in any anime series so far, but such a unique weapon. Though maybe the only backfire with it is, being one your arms stays in this frozen state till it activates. That’s another thing about the Magun when it activates actually thaws from being frozen. You learn in the series of why it activates as Kaze can’t at will activate it. So a interesting reason to maybe check out Final Fantasy unlimited.

Next time I’ll do a magical ability list

Hope you guys enjoyed this list and comment down below what are some weapons in anime you would use? and why?

Curious to see your answers.

I’ll see you all in the next post which might be late!! 



  1. Your cosplay 👏Looks👏So👏Nice👏 Especially the Sakura one! Oh, how Cardcaptors takes me back. You make a good point on weapons being equally as cool as special powers. If I could have someone’s weapon from an anime . . . You know, I did take a liking to Mami Tomoe . . . OH! There are the Fate servant Noble Phantasms!! So much to pick from~

    (btw windy is best card for sure)


  2. I can’t believe I’m influencing posts now, this makes me so happy. You have no idea!

    Also, awesome weapons and cosplay. I only know a couple of them, so I need to check out the others at some point.


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