Lita’s Limited Edition Box Set Tag

limited edition boxset
Are you a collector?

Is there a box set of an anime series you love, if it existed with all the stuff you’d want it? You would buy it right?

Time to start a new trend ^-^

I’d never give up being a collector any day, one thing that are extra special are limited editions. Though for what some boxsets you get for your money are too expensive for what you get in the product. This is something personally that has bugged me to no end, you want to get your monies worth. Us as customers, consumers licensing companies such as Madman, Funimation, Sentai Filmworks etc like to listen to us. In what we would like to see more of, room for improvement but they can’t continue to do that if we don’t put some input in.

I decided to start that chain.
With my very own Tag.

Here’s are the simple rules for my tag:

– Choose an anime series you love that doesn’t have a limited edition boxset out there or that you don’t like.
Include the following tag logo in your post
Remember to use the tag #Lita’sLimitedEditionBoxsetTag
– Pick six or more things you’d like to be in that boxset
– Lastly tag 5 minium or more people, SPREAD THE WORD !!

I’ll Start The Chain

Kimi ni todoke is a series that never got licensed over in Australia and one I crave for it to be. These are the things I’d love, want to be included in a limited edition for this special, heartwarming series:

Hard Cover Art Box 

This to be the front cover.

The first volume of manga I’d love for to be the front of the hard cover art book. It’s a sweet image. When I say hard cover art box, I mean a good solid hard cover with a gloss finish. Inside would nice to have the usual specs art books have like, sketch drawings, fan art, any commentary. I’d look at it all day, I know NIS America have a boxset for it, but not fond of it honestly. The book included in that is rather too simply for my liking.

Flower Keyring 

The opening to Kimi ni Todoke is so adorable and every time I’ve seen this flower. The passing though of it being a keyring would be really cute. So a keyring of these would be a cute addition to the set. 

Art Cards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Art cards you’d want to represent special moments or scenes from the anime that make it memorable. So the following images I’ve chosen as one that are memorable to me, cute and love to see in a limited edition. I think 10 art cards is a good lot to have with a limited edition, high quality with a nice gloss finish.

Kimi ni Todoke Live Action

The live action of Kimi ni Todoke was my first drama anything, course it is special to me. It was really well adapted and the portrayal of characters was great, so to have this in a limited edition would be a great bonus honestly.

Hard Art Box

One side of the box
Other side of the box

No one wants a flimsy cover for their DVDs or blu rays. I hate it honestly so limited edition for anything should be good old hard chip board. Nice and solid it’s purpose is suppose to protect your dvd and such, not be stuck with a flimsy thing. Following images example of what I’d like to see on the art box. 

Your turn now guys !!! 

To get the ball rolling here are the people I am tagging:

Something About Lyn Lyn 
Grimm Girl (Kat) 
Ka Chan Anime Reviews

Go forth people and continue the chain haha. Anyone else is welcome to just go ahead and do it. Anyway helps and this will be so fun to see what people come up with and how far it goes. This is not just for bloggers but you can tag youtubers as well.

Have fun with this my fellow people !!! 

Please leave links to your tag posts, so I can read all of them !! 😀 

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



8 thoughts on “Lita’s Limited Edition Box Set Tag

  1. while it wasn’t a limited edition box, Kimi ni Todoke did get a release in at least one shop in Australia (pretty sure they were selling the American release though given the format). Whichever way, it came with an art book and was in a really nice A3 case. I’ve only ever seen it in the shop I bought it from but I grabbed it.

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  2. What a cool tag! 😀

    While I don’t have any limited edition anime sets to share (because I’m a poor human being), I do have some DVD’s that are no longer in print.

    I have the original Code Geass DVD’s, which have long since been out of print after the bigger box sets were released. And they have a much cooler packaging 😛

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