Enjoyment Factor Matters Most

It’s a dream to make a living off of writing about anime, making videos about on youtube. As of late I’ve questioned Is it worth the cost?

From a experience of being a blogger and youtuber it has crossed my mind in the past, be great to make money off my hobby, love for anime. Now the idea of it for me is a complete turn off but doesn’t mean it has to be for others. This reason for me spouting about this certain topic is the so called “Adpocalypse” on youtube. Content creators videos whose videos deemed not advertiser friendly they make no revenue on, takes a huge hit for those that make a living off of youtube.

This is something that’s been on going for a few months but the last two weeks is the first myself is hearing about. Certain anime youtubers personally follow and big ones in the community making videos about this new advertiser policy is affecting their lively hood (Big youtubers mainly). Being quite frank the videos I watched of bigger faces in anime community on youtube like The Anime Man, list is endless. Honestly all that was going through my mind that it wasn’t me in the video, the Anime man was talking about the issue.

Now before anybody jumps the gun, saying “Glad it wasn’t me” refers to my decision in never wishing to monetise my channel. So many personally seen on youtube start up a channel hoping to make a living off of youtube. This has been on the more reoccurrence, hearing about over the last couple of years. This illusion of picture is painted that it’s easy to get all the subs and reel in some extra funds but it so far from that. You don’t want to be roped into that story if your told it.

Some people on in the blog or youtube sphere might have shear dumb to become a instant hit and your sitting their thinking:

Why not me?

Why I’m Not Thinking “Not Me”?

Never when creating my youtube all those years ago did it cross my mind to monetise my channel. Making money off of my videos seems awesome but if you’ve watched videos of creators explaining the process to see a cent, it’s just draining honestly. All depends on how many views you get etc etc it seems like this never ending headache that never goes away. How many views you get on a video might overtake what content your wanting to produce, just copying what content ideas get most views.

People can do what they want at the end of the day but the one clear thing I see, that gets overshadowed is enjoyment factor. That is the most important thing to me these days enjoying the content myself is putting out. Even right now writing this is something I want to put out. Small Youtube? Small Blog?

So what?

The worry of views on my videos, How many likes on my blog posts doesn’t loom over my head 24/7. In fact never as turning my love for anime into the idea of a side income with either youtube or blogging venture. It would take away my enjoyment factor, something never would I sacrifice.

Creativity Freedom

It takes so much, much much notice I’m emphasising that word to make a name for yourself out their on whatever platform. Feel that would be taken away if all my mind was focused on my stats, what videos or blog topics can get the most views. My creative outlet would not feel free bounded to any of these things but it’s so much easier for me as a blogger, youtuber. Not being bounded by these in my own choice, choice of not monetising my channel or writing being paid for articles. If my blog or youtube grow then so be it. You’d want to make a name for yourself in the content you are producing and enjoying the process while writing, editing etc.

Some people get lost or wrapped up in the idea of wanting to become big then left in disappointment the work they put in. Seems to be unnoticed causing them to give up, if your passion is so strong in wanting to become big, putting out the content you want. It’s hard but you have to press on to get noticed without sacrificing your enjoyment in what your doing. I speak from personal experience within both youtube and blogging community, it’s now to say with full confidence. Within what I’ve been producing members from both communities, I feel noticed. It’s taken a long time to get to this point but never sacrificing my enjoyment factor in the content myself was producing.

Every single video, article I’ve produced are ones the process has always been enjoyable and makes it so worth while when other people have enjoyed it. So in no way it’s wrong to want to be big, earn money on youtube, blogging whatever platform. Just remember your enjoyment factor in the content your producing is what matters most. In my eyes anyway.

But what matters to you guys?

Would really love to know how people feel about the topic I’ve discussed. Leave your comments below. What matters to you enjoyment factor? making some extra funds?

This seems more of a personal rant of sorts that really wanted to get off my chest for a while but this was still fun to write honestly. 

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. This reminds me of my most recent idea to try and open a donation box on my blog. I thought long and hard about it. I even discussed it with my most trusted advisors. I then gave it a shot by opening a Paypal/Ko-Fi account…only to find out that in Aruba you can only make payments via Paypal/Ko-Fi/Patreon etc, not receive them. Thus my short-lived idea to open up a donation box came to an abrupt halt.

    Oh well. I enjoy blogging so I’ll keep it up for as long as I’m able. I mainly opened a donation box to get money for more yuri stuff to enjoy and then review but alas. Anyway I’ll keep on doing what I love.


  2. I’ve unfollowed a lot of people that grabbed my interest with their original content to then do a 360 and start posting about topics that didn’t have anything to do with what they started doing. I know too many people that started a YouTube channel to try and gain fame and money and then turn around and give up on the channel after putting time in because like you said they only had their eyes on the stats rather than creating content that they enjoyed.

    this article is a must read for a few people that need to remember why they started putting their content on the internet. Creating for your enjoyment is the key to being happy.

    Thank You for posting this it really helped me rethink some things I was going to do that would have made me lose my creative freedom.

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  3. It’s definitely hard, as a well-run blog, website, or YouTube channel can take up as much time as a full-time blog. And if they go the paid route, they need to make sure that they’re doing enough so that people will pay them or that they’re approved for AdSense, which means more work, and, like you said, more work can also mean more stress and less fun. It can be a vicious cycle.


  4. This is how it’s been for me too. Since I’ve started gaining an audience lately, for some reason, I was thinking of putting ads on my blog at some point. Right now though, I don’t think that I am ever going to do so. I get enough money from work and I never wanted to be a full time blogger either. I just do it for fun, which is why I am not as concerned about scheduling or what types of post I blog about because it’s all for fun.

    Thank you for sharing.

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