3 Reasons To Give Inuyasha A Go

It’s good to revisit your old roots and during this week myself has been on a Inuyasha binge fest. What better way to finally talk about this series than give you insight or interest to give this feudal tale a go?

On Kagome’s fifteen birthday she dragged into her family’s shrine old well by a demon, finding herself in feudal Japan. There demons, humans sought after the powerful shikon jewel exceling ones powers. Kagome discovering she is the reincarnation of priestess Kikyo protector of the Jewel. Kagome encounters half demon Inuyasha seeking the jewel by accident Kagome shatters the jewel into shards. They journey begins for Inuyasha, Kagome gathering the shards along side Fox demon Shippo, Monk Miroku and Demon slayer Sango. 


Your welcome to check out my previous post to this where giving reasons to Fairy tail, though not proud of the quality of the post. From watching this stupid face book video which consisted of how many times Inuyasha and Kagome repeat one another’s name during the series. It was hilarious then just made me want to watch the series again, that’s where my head the last three days. For a long time haven’t find a series that made me crave to re watch it soon as finishing it. There are only so many series that comply me to re watch them and Inuyasha is one of them. It was one of first ten anime ever watching, it’s still a strong favourite now.

For those that have heard of the series one of the off putting things about is…. one of those long running series like Naruto… 193 episodes cue *Facepalm*

Stop… Thinking “Too long” *insert surprise emoiji*

That’s why it will be my mission to possibly change your mind, peak your interest as Inuyasha was a big hit during 2000’s.


1. Comedic Factor

There are only few shows like Full Metal Panic that can make me laugh till I can’t breathe. Inuyasha is one of those shows, the continuous, developing plot has a lot of heavy drama. The comedic element just melds so well breaking up heavy atmosphere this my favourite ability series Inuyasha is great at doing. The main element of comedic comes from the main group Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo Miroku and Sango. How they interact with one another is hilarious in it’s own right. All their personalities are different and makes comedic chemistry, meaning be very hard not to laugh at all. Self centred Inuyasha never knows when to stop his mouth which usually results, his face in the ground. Inuyasha wears these sacred beads which by Kagome saying “Sit Boy” it’s face full of dirt.

Fun fact roughly Kagome saids the word “Sit Boy” about 127 times throughout the series. Lecherous monk Miroku gropes ever pretty lady he sees which only angers Sango, though takes her a while to admit her attraction for the monk. Fox demon Shippo always being cheeky and knowing how to wind up Inuyasha with his fox magic curses. Every episode you may find yourself having a little chuckle, me typically every episode I’m laughing. Even for some of the filler episodes which honestly aren’t that bad, nothing strays from the main story. But the filler breaks up the flow to just relax with.

So if you were worried there were so many filler episodes that may leave twitching of boredom. Guarantee won’t be the case all the while as all the filler episodes are just fun in Inuyasha. The comedy is my favourite thing about Inuyasha honestly just nothing feels put on for the sake but just flows.


2. Enemy To All – Naraku

Huge part of Inuyasha’s plot is focused on one dark individual who has caused misery for Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango and many others. It’s very interesting to know or find out how Naraku came to be but I’ll let you guys find that yourselves. Naraku is a great villain/enemy in Inuyasha one of my favourites villains in anime in fact. Best word to describe him is just relentless in everything he does, always one step head of Inuyasha and the others. Naraku became a huge part of my eyes glued to the screen, even now just makes you curious about what he will do next.

Naraku is a true embodiment of someone with no remorse and its creepy honestly. The pleasure he takes in people’s suffering but truly Naraku’s twist and turns makes the plot to Inuyasha. So dam interesting and your curiosity will be intrigued.


3.   Entertainment Factor *Tick*

Inuyasha has all the makings of a entertaining series but course it’s not without it’s imperfections. The love triangle between Inuyasha’s former love Kikyo, Kagome can feel dragged out, get tiresome. How many more abilities can Inuyasha’s sword possibly get? Those are just a couple to name but entertaining is the best word for this series, catering to all audiences accept very young audiences. Each main character has explored personality enough to feel invested in them and the story it self. There is equal split up time for learning backstories which adds to characters likeable factor and emotional attachment too.

For those who love a good fight, there is no end of those. So many great fight scenes as Inuyasha smug remarks add flare to any fight. Wackiness/weird factor is a given when it comes Inuyasha and others coming across their share of demons, spirits, Youma. You’ll definitely feel weird, grossed out possibly but it’s nothing like Tokyo Ghoul dare say. Weird factor is kept at a tame level, but supernatural element is strong.

For those romance lovers there is a frustrated, entangled love triangle which can seem like it drags out forever. Inuyasha can’t make up his mind but you’ll find yourself like me just not able to take your eyes off. Like with any romance you just need to know!! But it’s worth all that frustration feeling the end, leaves me satisfying every time revisiting Inuyasha.

Lastly regarding the 193 episodes thing originally Inuyasha was 167 episodes from how the series ended. Lita was not a happy camper honestly until in 2009 – 2010 a 26 episode conclusion “Final Act” was announced. If this series hadn’t got that no way would have recommended honestly because the ending of 167 episode would have left many disappointed. Doesn’t matter what way you watch Inuyasha sub or dub but honestly the dub is one of my favourites but one thing that still aches me. Changing Kagome’s voice actress in the final act, maybe I’ll get over it. All in all sub or dub you’ll feel satisfied with all actors, actresses performances in their character roles.

So overall?

Inuyasha is a satisfying watch catering to different people’s interest whether be fight scenes, romance dramas. Words alone don’t think can described how much I love this series but makes me smile, laugh, frustrated all at the same time. Shouldn’t that matter with any series? Feeling of fulfilment and that you’ll want to experience that over and over. Inuyasha continues to do that and I recommend just watching it in small chunks for being a long series. It’s not a series you should rush, there are always those reminders at the beginning every dam episode. Oh it can get annoying won’t lie.



Did I mention the music to Inuyasha is gorgeous? Especially those openings and endings

This concludes my mission in hoping you might have something new to watch or on going. Currently enjoying a lot my re – watch of Inuyasha had nearly forgot what great things this show is capable of.

Please comment below if you make give it a ago or if you’ve seen Inuyasha has my points I’ve made scoped enough for people’s interest?

Time to get back to my re – watch hehe

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. I really loved inuyasha back in the day. But I just couldn’t bring myself watch the final act. But something that I will always love inuyasha for is the soundrack. The music is just so good.


  2. I was a big Inuyasha fan, but after learning the anime just ended abruptly, I kind of stopped watching it. Meant to watch Final Act, but since they didn’t bother doing a recap episode or anything, I was so lost and never finished it. I don’t think I even finished the manga, which is a bit of a surprise.
    One series where I love tend to love the filler episodes though, especially when Inuyasha goes to modern Japan.


  3. Fun fact: Inuyasha was the title that put me off of anime until Ouran! I tried again to watch Inuyasha a few months ago just to see if anything had changed, but… I still couldn’t get past episode two. Just… so creepy *shivers*

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