Finding The Deeper Meanings

Originally Witch blade was going to be my anime choice for Owls August blog tour but decided to save it.  Beneath all the outer Ecchi is a deeper meaning I wanted to express, but mostly when it comes to anything looking beyond, what you only see so obviously.

For my August blog tour entry decided to do a video rather than a post. Witch blade originally was going to be my anime of choice but changed my mind last minute to Fairy tail.


Let’s not beat around the bush…… Those Boobs…

Witch blade is a series to me that is barely ever brought up for certain reasons. One of the obvious reasons these irregular, busty beauties who look like they are horny when they fight. You may hear disturbing noises, and just this obvious fact is a reason not a lot of people would watch it. That is totally fine, from my first experience with Witch blade all of it made me feel a little awkward at first. Be a series many would not revisit but Witch blade’s standing with me has not changed once, in fact it’s one of my favourite series ever.



Masane main protagonist is unlucky to be the bearer of the Witch blade. A supernatural organism that choses only female hosts to harness it’s power, the hosts have never had a choice. Surviving the ground zero tragedy being the only survivor holding a baby, loosing her memory comes back six years later to Tokyo with that baby Rihoko. With the child welfare on her case, all Masane wanted was to have a peaceful life for her and adopted daughter Rihoko.

Masane’s life becomes nothing but just crazy and chaotic when she begins to work for Douji Group Industries picking up after their mess. Destroying their rogue machines on the loose with the power of the Witch blade.


Behind Busty Exposure


Truly mean when saying Witch blade is one of my favourite anime ever, your welcome to call me crazy. When watching anime compared to some years ago never did I wish to look inside the deeper meanings, some series explored. Now a days watching anime always now searching, looking for those deeper meanings, beyond what is obvious. Referring back to myself saying earlier “Irregular, busty beauties who look like they are horny when they fight. You may hear disturbing noises” from reading other articles this is the most off putting point for people about this series.

Which is totally understandably honestly but beneath all the hot, heated battles, some warped characters their is deeper meaning in the plot of Witch blade. This meaning was Masane and Rihoko’s relationship as mother and daughter. Even though they are not blood related, the incredible bond both they share just remains strong during all 22 episodes. Masane is a character I feel sorry for, bearing the witch blade does not bring her all joy. Forced to fight, feeling all the over powering emotions of actually enjoying destruction while trying to not loose herself in it.

All the time Masane is fighting Rihoko is always in her thoughts, Rihoko is the only reason Masane fights. We all have our reasons for pressing and carrying on, when you feel your back is up against a wall. Masane was a fighter even of what awaited her which won’t be spoiling. So it may have appeared Masane was always only ever thinking about getting money but all was for her daughter. It’s a trial for the both when child welfare and Rihoko’s biological mother steps in, that truly tests their bond.

The biggest test was the moment Rihoko laid eyes upon Masane’s witch blade form, no way was Rihoko phased. It was a really touching moment. So transparent through Masane wanting nothing more than a peaceful life with Rihoko. Masane was a great protagonist for Witch blade be a mistake to undermine her character. She was not lucky but appreciated every second with her daughter, didn’t let anyone try to define Rihoko wasn’t her daughter. Rihoko was all Masane had from remembering nothing of her past, it was only natural to wanting to hold on to something like that, all you could.


Looking Beyond

Anime as a medium has this incredible ability to show represent deep meanings, such is the reason Witch blade is a favourite for me. Ignoring all the overly sexualised females, full on fights, meaning of family beams throughout. This not me disagreeing the fact witch blade is not the best series terms also in it’s almost, all warped characters and sexualised portrayal. Strange enough find myself every time revisiting Witch blade, still love it as much from the first time viewing. I’m sure all of you have had an experience of this nature. 

I feel thankful in being able to join the OWLS group this year, we do something that no others to my knowledge do. Each month in our topics delving deep into certain anime, making it known what themes it explores, scooping out the realism anime portrays. From joining Owls this new trait has carried through into my blogging style, it’s a made deep impact. Feel it’s so important you should try to look past what is obvious from a anime an example I’ll give is Rosario + Vampire .

Rosario Vampire was one of my first harem experiences, initial impressions were anime female characters were busty a lot. Main male protagonists never getting no girlfriend. Fellow member Matt on our April tour, he expresses in his post Rosario explores among the monster girls and Tsukune. That they all were lonely, looking for friendship eventually all of them came to respect one another. They all just wanted to fit in somewhere. Honestly not until reading Matt’s post never did I not look at this angle for rosario vampire. You never know till something you watch or read makes you see something on a completely different angle.


Open Yourself Despite Genre Or Plot

Despite what is obvious about a anime from whatever genre example fan service Kyoto animations’ Free. The show has been geared more towards female audiences due to main cast of boys in swim suits, freely fanservice. I’ve given my thoughts on Free to me it was beyond the fan service. My experience was seeing the bond between the male characters and strong focus on that. Fan service is a given but put that aside it was a unexpected, enjoyable experience.

The obvious thing about Free was described as exploited fan service, that is all you ever heard about it. Not till watching it for myself experiencing something differently entirely. No matter what has been said about a anime or manga any obvious points made, feel you need to look beyond all that. Go into watching or reading anime with a open mind to what others may label obvious observations and scope out that potential meaning hidden somewhere. You will surprise yourself, relating to certain realism aspects that in a show you might have not thought twice about or not even liking. Which was the case for me with Witch blade so keep an open mind looking beyond what is obvious. In anything new you give a go. It could be a next favourite.


This post was originally suppose to focus on Witch Blade but decided to use as a focal point. Really liked how this post turned out honestly feel what I wanted to get across is clear enough.

Please comment below If you’ve had an experience with a series that there were obvious things about it but you found something more deeper within it? Would really love to know and if you look beyond when it comes to watching anime.

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. I was a huge fan of the comic of Witchblade and still have a lot of issues in my possession. Interestingly enough I still have to see the anime, I bought it a few months ago at Animecon, but after reading this post it sounds like I made a good choice. Looking forward to seeing this now very soon 😀 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The funny thing is, I’m in a similar position. I still have a few trade paperback collections of the Ron Mraz era of the comic (I thought he did a really good job with balancing the fan service and story) but am yet to see the anime. I did enjoy what little I saw of the live action TV series though.

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  2. I guess Suzuka is like this, forgive me for bringing it up… I REALLY FECKIN ENJOYED IT. But yes, the manga of Suzuka has a lot if Ecchi in it but the deeper story of why Suzuka is the way she is was was more intriguing than tig ol bitties. I suppose it is the whole not judging a book by it’s cover, though as a man I cannot watch free… I am not comfortable with male fanservice (outta touch I know lol), but if there is more to it I will trust those who have been able to review it with more of an open mind than me.


  3. I haven’t seen Witchblade but based on the readings, it’s more than just a story about a half clothes woman fighting. It’s interesting how this anime focuses on the mother and daughter relationship and how far Masane goes to protect her daughter.It’s like the old saying, you can never judge a book by it’s cover.


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