Sucks To Feel Useless But Tsukamoto Soldiered On

This is a reflective piece I’ve wanted to write for quite some time. Summer 2016 soccer anime Days reminded me of happy memories and a protagonist so useless might hurt to watch. But didn’t hurt, it made me cry. 

As a kid and in high school was not the athletic type, sports day rolls around. I’d want to either skip it or run a mile, getting involved in some of your school events was not one of those people. Seeing all the athletic ones taking all the praise and cheer, heck it’s the same with all the smart snobs that were in my high school. It took me a long time to realise what I thought was actually good at because most of the time thought myself, as useless. Those three years of high school are something never wish to remember if all possible honestly. 

There are many worse feelings to feel but for me was feeling like you were a burden or useless. All of these feelings came erupting up while watching Soccer anime Days.

Tsukamoto had no real ambition or bothered to get involved with anything. Tsukamoto befriends rookie star Kazama invites him along to a casual game of soccer, seeing he has no athletic ability, practically useless. Tuskamoto at that moment found an interest in soccer, wanting to pursue that along side Kazama joining the schools soccer team, Seiseki.


To Overcome Adversity 

Tsukamoto’s character is one people would only look at the negative points, useless, his honesty turns to stupidity at times, no redeeming stand out qualities. The underdog story you’ve probably seen in many anime. Tsukamoto has those imperfections I just stated but there was something about him that flourished while watching Days. Tsukamoto had it rough when first joining the soccer team, no acknowledgement from his team mates, build up his stamina to keep up.

Tsukamoto truly is one of the most useless characters I’ve come across yet, but.. watching him it was like staring in a mirror. Making you look back at things you’ve tried at sport, relationships etc and any situation where you feel useless, there’s nothing you can do or to make it right. This representation through Tuskamoto’s character is his strength that plays well in the series. Tsukamoto overworked himself during practice, did stupid things nearly hindering his health. You may think he is incredibly dumb founded but I don’t think that at all:

Desperation of whining in saying what Tsukamoto quotes above. Realising he wanted to just give nothing but his all in something that he found for himself. Exactly this same situation happened for me back in high school, discovering that I wasn’t that bad at the sport shot put. If you don’t know what that is, basically holding a heavy, heavy, heavy metal ball, have to thrust it from your shoulder. Throwing it with only one arm far as you can throw it, was during P.E classes that my teacher thought I was the best at it in our class. She asked if I wanted to participate in a athletic competition, held every year.

Like Tuskamoto dedicated all the time to getting his stamina up, my dad would take me out to a abandoned field to practice. At the time of the competition, it was so nerve wracking, ended up coming 7th place, 8th place was considered last. Even though it was my first athletic competition and came in last of positions, it was still a great feeling. Even now I still know Shot put is something I’m good at, the moment you find that something your good at. You want to cling onto as much as possible, Tsukamoto laid all on the line no matter what his teammates thought of him.


Steaming Determination

I’ll admit the progression of Tsukamoto by the end of season one, is unrealistic. So is some of what happens in the series but still sticking to soccer traditions to an extend. For an example the following gif above, I remember that kick from Tsukamoto did turn into one of those “Oh seriously” moments. Watching Tsukamo’s progression didn’t bore or hurt my time, in fact made me tear up. The frustrations just wanting to feel apart of his team and that your getting somewhere, all the effort your putting into what you love doing.

Tsukamoto had his knock backs but those around such as Mizuki the captain. He was a massive influence over Tsukamoto and one that secretly rooted for him, behind everything. Mizuki felt empathy towards Tsukamoto for the fact, Mizuki used to be just like him, knowing how it felt when others don’t have belief in any capability you have. A quote Mizuki tells Tsukamoto:

“There will be those who say that you can’t do it
There will be those who laugh at your hardwork
But you don’t ever listen to them, Don’t forget,
your hard work will never betray you
Your on the right track
Keep on following the course you’ve set yourself”

These words have become a favourite quote from any anime, because it speaks out about anything you love doing, trying new things. To never stop doing it, The words dug deep for Tsukamoto added to his determination flare. Perfecting only his talents he possessed which he did, becoming Seiseki’s “Decoy”, being a key distraction to throw other team’s off their game. Tsukamoto found his groove, eventually and becoming this unexpected influence over his team. Tuskamoto yelling the name Seiseki’s from the sidelines towards the end of the series, became less an annoyance but relighting his team’s spirit.


Amuses me that Mizuki called Tsukamoto an idiot even though in what he was saying in the following image above was meant in a good way. Days certainly was an unexpected series that took me back to my shot put days and at times overcoming the feeling, being useless or a burden. Even now still struggle with it on a weekly basis, it’s never ending but when thinking about this anime. It makes me happy to know such a series reflected around these every day emotions I deal with. Actually liked soccer used to watch it with my dad’s side of the family back in the UK, cheering for England team. Reminded me of those good times as an extra bonus. Unrealistic things relating to Soccer happen in Days but it’s to me still worth the watch regardless, excited for when season two is announced for.



Others might find him annoying, I think he is cute in his own right

Hope you guys enjoyed this personal piece, you can let me know down below if you’ve seen days and your thoughts.

I’ll see you all in next post !! 



  1. I really did not like sports at school for pretty much the same reason you did. I hated being picked last when people were picking teams for instance, and I never felt I contributed to anything either. Nor was I ever good at any kind of sports either. It’s probably one of the main reasons I still don’t like sports right now. Thanks for sharing such a personal post, it takes courage to do that, which I always respect 😊

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