Listening To Your Own Judgement – Anime Hype

The following image perfectly to me shows the situation of getting hyped for a show. By popularity and other opinions but then your left disappointed. Hype is a hit or miss indeed. Or is it? Does it really matter to an extend?

In my early days of watching anime whole hearty being honest here, listened to my best friend at the time a lot. When looking through her collection asking all the while “Oo what’s this anime? Is it good?”. At that time it was like this crazy frenzy discovering all these new shows to watch, it was a great time. Not knowing the word “hype” in this community was such an important thing.


Seasonal Praising Fandom

Since seasonal anime has grown into being considered the norm, newest shows directly airing right after Japan. Feel has created whole line of new discussion within the loving fandom, I’ve noticed over the last three or four years. It wasn’t around till 2015 did I get into the seasonal scene, seeing the newest of new having what to offer. Though slowly over time started noticed certain shows making a name, Attack on Titan, One Punch man for example. Making a name for themselves but leads me to the question how shows likes this getting the focus point of excitement that it does?

From when new seasonal anime is teased with trailers and announcements is where it all begins in the community. Exactly how it turned out for Attack on Titan in this situation, have not seen a show stir the pot that much in a long time. It’s an obvious choice example for me to use as just this year alone season two finally aired after four years. Waiting.. waiting….the build up for that season to air was intense, indeed every week I decided to keep up with the show. It was a great season in my eyes, enjoyed it thoroughly all the attention it had been getting, the anime indeed exceeded people’s expectations.

Attack on Titan is a good show to me, it’s nothing new in terms of plot though end of humanity and such. But this brings me to the point where such attention on a show in seasonal anime and if the anime fell flat or did not meet an individuals expectations. Then this is when to me the over exceeded praise from the community can put off people from watching popular series just like Attack on Titan. Other potential shows during any season get overshadowed, this exactly happened with Tsuki ga kirei . It took a while but finally got the notice it deserved, was my favourite during spring 2017.

With every new anime season, honestly I just wait to see what is going to be the next hyped up series. It’s an interesting process to watch.


Hype/Build Up Is Not A Bad Thing


In no way is the excitement or hype of something new coming is a bad thing, but it’s not the be all end all. Sadly for new people to anime whom may only watch seasonal shows, waiting for the next great hype. They’ll just follow along with the community waiting…. waiting not expanding their horizons. Going off Attack on Titan next to that Boku no Hero Academia especially this summer season, second season debut. The love for this series has truly exploded but as usual with me, I’m hardly paying attention. As my desire to watch seasonal by weekly has slowly dimensioned. Any one series each seasonal anime that gets so much attention, immediately I’m turning away to.

As my anime tastes have changed so much, not feeling the need to watch all the latest craze. Boku no Hero has been recommended over and over for ages but was considered to me a series later on I’ll venture into. Though wasn’t until a fellow blogger friend started talking about their new love for it, as she’s like me at times with seasonal anime. Can’t even explain it now but somehow she managed to convince me to start watching it. Her opinion it not being like other shounen shows, having more side character focus. Currently on episode five of season one and truly many things to love about this series. It’s been truly enjoyable so far.

Think because my friend doesn’t typically like shounen genre and describing how it surprised her addiction to it. Is what made me watcher sooner than planned, can say the attention Boku no Hero has gotten it backs it up. While in this case “The hype was worth it” but have you hyped yourself over something then left disappointed or not what you thought it would be like? Read this useful article that explains to the point how individuals build up hype.

It’s amazing on what actually can get you excited over something. In anime usually it’s PV trailers or art visuals. For me during spring 2017 seasonal this was the case with clock work planet, thought the visual for it was cool, premise sounded interesting. Noone had took much interest in the series but admit was excited, steam punk feels all that jazz. Only sadly to be left disappointed with the series honestly, the worst thing was reviewing each week over on my youtube. Some stage indeed need to write my thoughts on this series but while all the excitement I’d been feeling, to only feel deflated afterward. It’s not as you can predict that happening, So does this mean feeling hyped is bad?

The medium anime needs that thrill of excitement/hype from all fans, it’s what I believe has played part in more becoming more known. Hype is necessary but not something you should abide. Looking for next newest buzz, you’ll just suffer anime burnout which I’ve talked about previously.


Others Opinions/Your Judgement


This video happen to come across expressed half my feelings on hype itself, recommend listening to it. It’s okay to not pay no attention to hype, the latest popular thing saying before it’s not the be all or end all. My tastes have changed a lot towards watching anime that everyone getting over excited Boku no Hero, I’m here with stars in my eyes over all these 90’s anime’s I’ve yet too see.

“Have you seen so and so?” “It’s amazing you got to check it out” never have confessed how at times hearing this over and over. It tickles your annoyance slightly because personally this awkward silence comes when you may have not seen the show an individual is talking about. Listening to your friends or others opinions is not a bad thing as I’ve talked about before but so much solely myself believing in your own judgement. Dare say you may have experienced in this community, hype from fans of a show your not bothered about. Some people can’t take it simply that you don’t have an interest in that genre of show or not feeling to watch it currently. Listening to other’s hype puts a sense of expectation, so if a show did not meet that, then it adds to your judgement towards anything new.

From listening to others, turned my nose up at a lot of shows and now I’m my own judgement of watching new shows. It’s how it should have been to start off with, not saying ignore everyone’s opinion, after all that is what hype is, opinions. It’s not such a bad thing wanting to ignore hype at times when it comes to watching, reading whatever. There’s nothing to loose that way in going in blindly. It’s how now my way of consuming anime has become better honestly. To switch off sometimes to all the hype, things I’ve been told and just see for myself.

So hype in this community is not a bad thing, considering a good thing from all the attention certain shows get. But it shouldn’t matter on your own judgement of whatever new anime your about to watch or read.



Walk away cool pose

Hope you guys enjoyed here my thoughts on anime hype but in the comment down below would love to hear your thoughts on hype in this community. Do you listen to it a lot? Does it affect your judgement when watching a new show?

Have fun watching your anime’s my friends 🙂 

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



13 thoughts on “Listening To Your Own Judgement – Anime Hype

  1. Me and trailers and hype have never had a good relationship. I remember when the third sly cooper game was coming out I refused to watch any trailers for it, so much that when my sister was watching stuff I got mad.

    Also I refuse to watch seasonal anime out of spite, mostly because I am miserable and refuse to try new things. So there is that to work on.

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  2. I don’t tend to go for hype show, unless there is a good amount of people who will suggest it to me. That was Boku no Hero Academia, despite the hype when it came out, I wasn’t really thrilled to watch it, but after it was recommended to me by at least 3 of my co-workers, ai decide to give it a try. I have to say it the 4 or 5 first episode was almost hard to watch and I was wondering if I made a good choice my starting it, but someone told me it took her time before getting into it, thus I decide to watch the whole 1st season taking a decision, now I really don’t regret watching it.

    The only time I watch PV is to get an idea of what I will watch for the next season, but I try to not expect too much from it. Best example from this current Summer season, I like “Dive!!” PV, however I’m a bit disappointed by the Anime.

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  3. Sometimes I am late to shows that bring in hype. Anime like Attack on Titan will give me hype but not a lot like Sword Art Online.I enjoyed AoT but I didn’t overwhelming hype like most fans.


  4. Hahaha it always takes me FOREVER to jump on a show! I think it’s because I’m always worried a show won’t live up to it’s hype. I think the only show I’ve ever watched from the get go because it was so hyped was Yuri On Ice!


  5. I often have to put my proverbial hands on my ears and block out some of the hype. Telling me something is good is one thing. Hordes of people screaming on the internet that such-and-such IS THE BEST THING EVER, YOU MUST WATCH, OMG AMAZING!!! is just overselling it and will more than likely ruin the experience for me.


  6. I actually take the longest to watch hyped shows because I don’t want to be disappointed. It’s why it took me 3 years to watch Attack on Titan, and then discovered there was no season 2, so now I’ve lost the build up for it and won’t watch so soon.
    Ditto for the other shows, I prefer watching something I’m sure I’ll like than try my luck. I still have it on my to watch list, it it’s never a priority. This is why I haven’t watched ghost in the shell anime, and so many others haha 😹
    I do have a few friends I trust their taste though, it’s why I ended up watching Yona of the Red Dawn 4 years later instead of more time passing by haha.
    I never watch trailers nor PV, I think the one time I watched it was for Yuri on Ice, but I knew I was going to like it because SPORTS, and I actually ended up watching it as it came out instead of waiting for it to finish 😹👌
    But all in all, it shows we’ve grown and matured and prefer to take our own time and make our own decisions before jumping in blind 👌

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  7. Honestly very glad that my article was of use 😀
    More than that I’m really just surprised that it got referenced by a fellow ani-blogger considering how long it’s been since I’d posted it 🙂 I suppose it goes to show how much of a discussion point it was back then as it is now.

    That was one of my first articles that I ever wrote, spurred on by the then-upcoming premier of Guilty Crown — the veritable poster-anime of hype in my mind; what with designs from a DeviantArtist of all people, supercell’s music giving birth to EGOIST, breakout seiyuus at the time Ai Kayano and Yuki Kaji (before he began appearing in EVERY anime that followed) — everything was just new and exciting for the wide-eyed me who’d only been following anime for about a year or two by that time. Suffice to say Guilty Crown didn’t live up to my unreasonable expectations, and it’s memory for me will forever have that lasting scar.

    I agree with you in that it’s all a matter of opinion, personal or otherwise. The practice really should be “we watch what we wanna watch” not “we watch because it’s popular and everyone is saying that’s good” (I’m looking at you TTGL. jk, still might watch it one of these days).

    That’s one of the things I’ve grown to get irked by over the years — people who only start to “appreciate” a series now that “hype” has built up around it (whereas they would’ve ignored it before when there wasn’t any buzz around it); or even people who say a show is good only /because/ there’s so much hype behind it.
    (I sound so jaded as I’m re-reading this, I can’t xD)

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