More Gundam Talk Is Needed – Gundam 00 First Impressions

I don’t do enough first impressions of any anime I start but before continuing on with Gundam 00. Wanted to give my initial first impressions, already seeing a few people will be happy seeing this post. haha.

My good blogger friends Arria, Ka-chan,Scott and other people on twitter have been watching me closely as finally couple of weeks started another Gundam. If you are new around here on my blog, fact to know I’m a mecha girl all the way, Mecha is my second favourite anime genre. You recommend me a mecha show, will be friends instantly without question. It’s been so great to have people to talk with about mecha, gundam previous encounters it was noone’s cup of tea sadly.

This first impression is based off the first seven episodes to clarify firstly. Last Gundam recollecting which watching was seed, so it’s been sometime since then. After watching seed won’t lie here was a little anxious about starting another Gundam, Would I ever experience the same happiness from before?

Gundam 00 is set in a time where fossil fuels are scarce and humanity found a new power source, solar. A orbital system in space was created, there are three groups Union, Human Reform League and AEU which cover various parts of the world, access to solar energy. Among these groups hostility and war has grown over the source, A private organisation known as Celestial being comes into play. With there Gundam machines they claim their mission is to eradicate potential war outbreaks, put a stop to war all together.

From the first three episodes was not completely taken in as it’s a slow start in my opinion but the premise of the story was intriguing. The first opening themeDaybreak’s Bell by L’Arc-en-Ciel really digged, had some cool lyrics expressing the grimness of what war brings out in humans. Depsite slow start sets the stage well for the introduction having a first glance at Setsuna whom has been quoted by someone on twitterproper psychologically scarred Gundam pilotWhich is dam accurate, having a glimpse into some of his flash backs Setsuna’s comes with some heavy baggage. Setsuna reminded me of a character from Aquarion LogosAkirawith lifeless personality but happy to say Setsuna is better than him.


(Far Left – Lockon Stratos) (Left along – Tieria Erde) (Far Right – Allelujah Haptism)

Very curious course to learn more about Setsuna’s past especially from episode six or seven where a person appears from his past. Gundam 00 has quite the big cast of characters but most that have my intrigue are the other Gundam pilots Luscious Lockon *cough* seems the decent, logical one out of everyone. Tight up Tieria, getting all nicknames he’s very on point and strict, bit too serious but this group needs that. Mystery Allelujah, that’s what he is a mystery at this stage, there was this moment during start of a new mission. The group were about to embark to space and Allelujah starts hearing voices inside his head. So that left me with questions and even more so wish to  know why they joined the group celestial being.




Two other characters curious over Sumeragi leading leader of celestial being. Spunky, confident in the laid out plans set by founder Aeolia. Then lastly no clue first Princess Marina of Azadistan, reminds me Lacus from Gundam Seed but doesn’t hold a torch to Lacus. Gives me a feeling she’ll get swept away in her ideals of ending war, looking stupid to others in foolish idea. There are too many characters to remember already and just on episode seven alone, this is a 50 episode series. Found that out late.


The biggest questions currently have regarding celestial being is all these future plans laid by Aeolia, founder. How long can they keep following these plans? Till there is a cock up somewhere along the way, as being told by others there is a lot that happens. First couple of missions set for the Gundam meisters were to break up a potential war, now where I’m at the moment the world finds them to being hostile. Destroying a countries army base, the idea of eradicating is impossible honestly but very keen to see what conclusion will get with Gundam 00. Realised failed to mention love the four Gundam designs, very cool machines. Dam entertaining in all the battle scenes. 

Beginning to see why others find Gundam 00 is not one mentioned among other Gundam series. It has some great potential so far with it’s characters, especially it’s plot. Sunrise never lets us down when it comes to Gundam, can say now feel the story is beginning to move in a good direction and makes me excited. By the time this post goes up, I’ll probably be having my bingeing anime day Gundam 00 is taking up a majority of it. My plan for giving my thoughts with Gundam 00 is reviewing season one first then season two including the movie. Feel it will be a bit much to review all as one chunk, I know I’ll miss something important that happens in the plot.

Expect at some point this month or next a season one thoughts, review thing.

Hope you guys enjoyed this brief first impressions on Gundam 00. Over on my twitter pinned to my profile is a tweet purely to dump all of my thoughts on Gundam 00. Welcome to follow that with my watch along but please comment below any thoughts about this series.

Are you a gundam fan? What do you think about Gundam 00 compared to other Gundam series?

I’ll see you all tomorrow !~~!



  1. i tend to see a lot of hate for this series, a lot of which is well-deserved, but i will always defend it for how it looks. as far as gundam series go, this series has by far my favorite gundam designs. i loved the concept of GN particles separating the gundams from normal mobile suits and the idea of trans-am (not sure if you’ve gotten there). i personally would have liked it if the idea of violence to end violence was explored more than having a bunch of characters declare that celestial being is wrong, but meh. aeolia’s plan is also kind of a fun thing to think about…a grand composition that extends far beyond the reach of one man. it’s effectively an entire shadow organization that is fueled by an idea, a goal to end war, from a man who is long gone.

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  2. I’m so happy that you finally gave 00 a try. I was so surprised that there are a lot of people hating on this show, but I can see why. But like I care. The battles & the mobile suits, not to mention the character designs look awesome. The overall story is also very relevant. S2 & the film was when I really fell in love with it. Enjoy watching. Cheers!

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  3. Yay, I’m glad you are liking it. I think I’m strange in that I liked season one and the beginning of season two more the rest of the series, but I look forward to your thoughts later on.


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