Shortest Anime Ive Ever Watched – Left A Unexpected Imprint

Never did I anticipate such a short series with not a overly amazing plot, leave me obsessed with it for the last seven years or more.

I’m sure we have all had those in watching any such series, thinking we won’t like it. Due to hype, opinions from others but every so often your surprised. Munto Tv  already I’ve previously given my thoughts on back in 2015, took a look at it the other day. How I wrote that review, felt with how now my mindset is towards anime. It was time to revisit scarce series not known to many.


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” Munto Tv is about two worlds the heavens and earth. In the heavens the life source known as “Akuto” is slowly depleting causing friction and war among the surrounding kingdoms. Wannabe king Munto goes to earth in search of a girl told in the prophecy having the power to save both worlds. “

Taking some inspiration from
Zeria her talking whatever floats her boat. Your welcome to read my old review on Munto, it’s nothing special from a blogger just starting out her blog adventure. So it’s true I’ve been obsessed with this series for the last few years as in the title still is the shortest anime seen to date.

Special Why?


Could ask myself a million times over the last few years probably as to why this is one of my favourite series ever. It was something coming across randomly on youtube in a AMV (anime music video) the video made it look so cool. When watching the first couple episodes initial impressions weren’t huge but by after completing I had come to like it. From there meeting my long time friend whom I discovered through youtube funnily enough. The AMV which coming across, the reason watching this show she made, told her I just watched the show, because of her video.

It was like an explosion of excitement as she hadn’t in a long time met someone who had mentioned this rare show. From there discovering she drew a lot of fan art for it which you can check out here. Found myself in a obsession period of making a bunch of anime music videos with this anime (at the time was the only I’d downloaded). So? after that I created a facebook page for the series, which we run together. In hoping of discovering more fans where currently sitting on over 700 likes, 700 fans of the show. Crazy thinking about it now, ha but out of all those people my friend loves this show more than them.

So that’s the first reason why it’s special because it gave me a friendship with someone whom loves this series, much as I do. Were still friends after all these years.



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Those eyes…

Those eyes should have been an early sign as leading into the second reason: Kyoto Animation. The beginning love of KyoAni started here with Munto but back from watching it then, nor would have paid attention to animation studios. Out of all the shows KyoAni has produced Munto is one that is never talked about, due to being one their earlier works. Which still have a beef to pick with KyoAni for not giving my munto show it’s third movie. To briefly summarise, it’s weird to me now the series originally was Two OVA’s first one 2003 then second 2005. Suggested to people I’ve recommended best way to watch is the 2009 Tv series. |

The story still is the same in the OVA’s but was altered a tad in the TV series. Having seeing all of them, for me wouldn’t care what way I re watched it.


Stare at this image so much.

There was suppose to be a continuation but KyoAni never got beyond that. Which is disappointing to this day, being like any fan of a series they know will never get continued. Then you are left feeling so obsessed like for me and my friend. Still Munto steered in the direction of beloved favourites like Full Metal Panic, Free. Kyoto animation has come a long way from this adapting series, it’s my mission in life to see every show by them now. Sometime soon hope to do a piece on KyoAni be excited to write that.


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Munto is an enchanting series which would be a breathe of fresh air, something to watch in an afternoon easily. Maybe only nine episodes or however way you go about watching it focuses through protagonist Yumemi, self doubt and belief we all feel. Yumemi denial into believing she is needed, some prophecy girl that can save the world, she turns her nose up at. Thinking some fragment of her imagination a heavenly being needing her help but all becomes real due in course.

Now there a lot of things people will fault about this series, which myself knowing too well. Slow paced at times, not enough backstory on certain characters to name a few but despite this still so many things I love. Don’t know how the idea of putting Munto and Yumemi as a potential pairing, which the idea has a hold of me, even now. Still yearning for that development between the two, it flowed their connection during my watch. Pure torture this series gives me, yet even now after re – watching so many times. My love for it holds up just as strong from the first time.

To say in a nutshell every time thinking about or listening to the main opening theme it makes me smile. Makes me think of the heavenly story setting, giving off ancient roman feels, easy flow of the plot where nothing feels rushed, Yumemi and Munto entrancing connection. If ever Munto third movie happens you’ll know about it people, in a massive rant video of explosion.


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My mission will feel complete with this post if I’ve made you curious about Munto tv and that if your a KyoAni fan. You’ll check it out.

Now I feel like I’ve talked about this series enough to be known more, this post, a review, I did a video as well. But more over feels good to finally express my feels in a brief summary over.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment below any thoughts you have below !!

I’ll see you in my next post !! 



5 thoughts on “Shortest Anime Ive Ever Watched – Left A Unexpected Imprint

  1. I love reading about your Munto days and your relationship with that girl—finding new shows through AMVs is totally a thing!! It’s probably thanks to them that I started in the first place. And I like how, despite knowing that the series has its mishaps, is still something you love, recommend, and discuss today. That Facebook page is a sign of that passion, so congrats there!

    If I had to think of an obscure show that I keep turning back to…hmm…I’d probably have to go with both Negima!? for being the first I ever watched and Tales of Symphonia because of how truly beautiful it was. Like Munto, some of the characters needed more backstory, and, at the time, it needed an ending (it has one now), but I think your Munto is my Symphonia—we both discovered them through amazing AMVs that left an everlasting impression on our anime adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I can tell your going to keep up with all my posts this whole month lol. I had been wanting to write this post for a while. Glad you know of MUNTO always excites me when someone does !!!

      I’ve found a lot of my first shows through amvs and continue to do so. I want to get back into amv making end of this year but need a second hand laptop first. That’s a nice way to put it my MUNTO is your symphonia haha XD

      Liked by 1 person

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