Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #38

Writing my soul away.

There was no Friday feature last week…here it is now haha

How the hell are we half way through August is what I keep asking myself this week 0_0. Sorry to those that were hoping for a feature last week, it was hellish of busy for me unusual left no window time to write up one. I have been writing tirelessly for this big “Something” for next month which I’ll reveal next week sometime. I know you guys will love it and all the effort will be worth it. So next week there won’t be a Friday feature possibly to give me all the time I need. My Owls post for this August month will be due on 25th, so a post will be out for next week at least.

August I knew would be a slow posting month so bare with me guys. My anime watching motivation has been so lacking the last two weeks, but slowly found the spark again. In other news manage to convince my dad to lend me his tablet, so I can read manga before going to sleep. This added to my routine has been helpful so feeling like my manga reading is not lacking. Anyways I’ve managed to catch up on some post reading, but feel bad for hardly leaving any comments lately, must change this.

So for this week let’s found out who are my features !!!


Blogger Feature

shoujo thoguhts
Been a couple of weeks bringing you someone new to follow. So for this week’s blogger feature goes to a shoujo loving anime blogger Shoujo Thoughts. I highly enjoy following this enthusiastic blogger with her high energy she puts into her blog posts. It’s a good guess that anyone who loves shoujo should be following her, it’s a one stop blog shop. Shoujo is a adorable person and you get to know this through her bi monthly podcast she does, seriously… she sounds like right out of a anime. Best thing about shoujo is whatever is on her mind her ramble posts are the best to read. So as I said before if you love Shoujo definitely follow her and I wish congrats to reading one year for her blog. so yay well done !!


Barakamon Review By Peach’s Almanac 

Chris has really grown since starting up there anime blog, there piece on the slice of life Barakamon was a great read. Chris describes when you loose your love or inspiration for something you love doing. Through circumstances it can come flooding back, so check out Chris’s inspiring piece.


Top Ten Personal Anime’s I Like That Others Don’tBy Kawaii Paper Pandas 

Honestly this article inspires me to want to write my own. It’s pieces like this that when you read it, that the person writing doesn’t care what people might think. This is the case here Ayano expresses some series you may know, that gets mixed reception. She gives her thoughts that she enjoyed for her reasons. I commend her on her honesty in this personal list and check it out yourself.


How Gundam Build Fighters Does MarketingBy Unsheathed Sam 

Uh oh Gundam talk incoming, I myself need to talk about this more on my blog. Sam writes a very interesting piece on his love of Bulid fighters. Not seeing this show for myself yet but Sam delves into the Gunpla, marketing side of things which was greatly interesting. As that is a side of gundam franchise have yet to get into. Make sure to check out Sam’s post. 

Writing Outside My Niche By Zeria

Personal pieces are my weakness fair to say, there was so much truth I related to reading Zeria’s feelings on writing about other interests. It’s hard for even myself to write about movies for example, I’d find it hard. With anime just seems so easy so recommend reading this as it makes you think about your other interests you may have.



Time to collapse…

Hope you enjoyed this Friday Feature, check everyone out from it. As for next week’s post have no clue if it will happen or not. This point of writing, I am so tired, work tomorrow x.x Joy.

I’m a pass out now or go lay down with anime… lol

I’ll see you all in whenever the next Friday Feature !!



      1. I’m with you! It’s the only anime series with a complicated romance going on and it did a great job pairing all the characters at the end.


  1. Thank goodness that I have my own tablet. If I borrowed a parent’s iPad I would get weird looks when they find all the echi stuff I read haha.


  2. You are such a nice person, Ms. Lita. I have been ghosting WordPress for a while (*is so spooky and invisible, omgosh*), but seriously, thank you again for your mention and nice words!!! (^^)


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