Undoing The Peril Of Not Wanting Write

Noo… Noo.. It’s not there

Snacks ready, butt on chair, computer turned on. Open up a new blog document…. fingers don’t start moving. Oh the frustration for any blogger.

There’s nothing more than being annoyed with yourself of wanting to just write your review, discussion whatever it is. Then a enemy hits you…. Writers block, laziness the will of words will not flow. It’s apart of the writer, blogger ways days turn into weeks, weeks turn to months sometimes. The flame of motivation is nowhere to be seen, so What can you do?

Doing a little investigation work around on the internet, quite a few articles say a lot of similar points. That already is common knowledge:

  • Do research for your topic idea
  • Listen to music
  • Get out and about

To name a few.

This article will be joining the million already existing now going over how to get over writers block. Can’t say mine will be any different but only can give my two cents on the subject. Good owls member and friend Taku is the reason this post is happening, he asked in my 500 followers tips for getting out of writers slump. This is dedicated to him as he’s been feeling the menace as of lately. Everything I’ll be suggesting are things I’ve always done to get myself out of writers block, so hope it all helps the same.


The Blogging Idea Notebook



Often when your not feeling it for writing. One reason could be you have no idea what you want to write about, perhaps you don’t want to write another review. Because the last one you did was that. This tip is a hit or miss for people but this has worked for me for over the last year, a designated blog notebook. Whether I’m out and about, reading through others posts, immediately I’ll write down what comes to my head. The creative ideas come at random times so it’s been handy to have this notebook, as apart of the blog happenings.

You may face the dilemma of all these ideas written down but don’t know what you feel like writing about? I’ve found this to put me in writers slump. To get around this issue, I’ve gone through my ideas and highlighted the ones I really want to write. Highlight a few and focus on those ones. This has helped a lot when wanting to decide my next blog piece. You don’t have to solely rely on this tip for where all your ideas come from but as a standby, for if you might forget of something you wish to write about.


Let The Feelings Flow


Felt like your next blog piece should be as good as your last one. Should be a high quality standard all the while? Oh no end of times in my early times of blogging did I feel my next anime piece had to sound “fancy and smart” in my review or editorial piece. Eventually in another post I’ll address the issue more proper of sounding smart in your reviews etc. For certain you’ll fall into writers slump with the forward thinking the next piece has to be better than the last. Won’t be doing yourself any favours.

At times it’s forgotten the outlet blogs gives us, to express our feelings and thoughts. Bloggers I’ve noticed who review, do editorial pieces are afraid to get personal, you shouldn’t be afraid. A while ago I wrote a personal piece where at the time was not in the best of moods. I remembering starting to just write and didn’t stop till every last of what churning inside of me was out. Honestly my favourite kind of things to write about are personal connection pieces where I can use anime as my outlet to express my feelings. It’s exactly what I did at that time.

When you don’t feeling like writing depends on your mood so if your sad, angry whatever it is your feeling. Just let it out, use a favourite anime, movie to help move along the words. Seriously it really does help, so get personal in your posts.


Reading Other’s Posts/Pieces

It wouldn’t be fun if we were just given inspiration. 
I’ve brought up this point before in an old blogging tips  posts but it’s most effective. This is tip is what I do a lot to get myself out of writers slump, as what better way than to get inspiration from others. When the mind is blank, spend half an hour scrolling through readings others pieces, you’d be surprised at what you get inspired by. 

Jot any spark idea in your blogging notebook, anything that strikes out to you afterwards or as your reading. Myself doing on a weekly basis, I’m always looking for new things to write about.


Listen To What’s Related 

Writing in silence is fun or not. Some people concentrate better while writing with music or not, again hit or miss. It’s massively important to me to have my tunes playing in the background, somehow myself not feeling distracted by it. This tip in my list is commonly for me gets my brain ticking especially when writing a anime review. Honestly lot of the time I’ll avoid writing reviews as they can be tedious to cover all the points you want to. You can agonise over for days in particular, then you end up not finishing.

With any anime related post now, whatever series it’s surrounding I’ll listen to the original soundtrack. Example when coming to write my your lie in april review, it was a on and off process, took a week to write it. Getting me through it was listening to the soundtrack really motivated me to finally write all my mixed feelings about the show. Find it helps to listen to music that is related to what your writing about, especially when it comes to anime.

For anyone’s interest here is my playlist, a lot of the time I’ll write too. It a mix of random but the majority trance, electric, chill genre is my favourite. Highly suggest just making a playlist on spotify, Itunes or even youtube, specifically for when you write. Songs that you love you think will motivate you in someway.


It Must Be Done Now… No Bit At A Time


The worry…not worth it

Overthinking while writing is more common than you think. So you can easily tell me while you’ve been writing or blogging feeling “I NEED TO FINISH THIS NOW”. That.. that article deadline coming up. Overthinking is a common enemy to your creative outlet and motivation depletes quickly.  It’s easy to wind yourself up in your own thinking that you cause into going into writers slump.

Flat out point: Not worth the worry. It’s not worth your mentality to keep worrying over that you didn’t complete that piece you wanted to that day, night. Particularly if your doing blogging for a hobby like myself, don’t let yourself feel like that. If your not running your blog as a hobby or working for such as crunchy roll, being paid to write articles. Article deadlines don’t have to be your worst enemy but some people let it as they feel like it has to be done now. Writing previously for another site as a freelance still even then personally had the worry of deadlines. Mind you then wasn’t used to writing for another site was a whole new pitch for me.

This is an obvious point I’m stating to not worry about feeling you have to get your post done. Putting that pressure on yourself for certain makes you not want to write at all. Best remedy to avoid all of this unnecessary worry is come back to your post day by day. As apart of my blog schedule articles come out on a Wednesday so over a week, have to complete my post. It’s been on the rare occasion completing a whole piece in one sitting, majority of the time I’ll blog for 2 or 3 three hours on that post, then come back to it the next day.

This has worked for me for the longest time, I give props that can do their articles in one sitting. Even when your wanting to starting an article it helps to just put the title, a short introduction. Then you can come back to it the next day, Prioritising your time around blogging is important in this instant.


Go Back To Old Roots 


Best stuff ever

When feeling like nothing else will work go back to your old roots.
Go back to thinking of why you started your blog or writing your novel whatever it is. As a anime blogger feel when your not in the head space to keep up with the latest, popular things. Revisiting those anime’s, manga that got you into anime can get you out of writers slump. This is number one tip on this list, always has worked without fail to motivate my fingers to move. The last slump I had was a while ago, at the time decided to watch a favourite Escaflowne, instantly next day I’d written an editorial piece. Talking about the things I loved about this series. So going back to the things that made you fall in love with writing, anime etc. It’s something that will never fail you. 



Recommended Helpful Links

How I get blog post ideas: Anime & Manga Edition – Fujinsei 
Arria hints on getting those creative juices is certainly a good reminder to yourself for anyone who is a blogger or writer.

Top Ten Tips in reviewing anime – The Pantless Blogger 
As apart of pantless five year blog anniversary they created a series giving their tips and advice on how they have wrote 500 anime reviews so far. They’re goal is a thousand so on ward to your goal Pantless.

Critquing anime when you can’t write – Prattle 
Prattle is very methodical in all of their posts trying to given us content creators way to evolve, improve our content. Similar into my topic at hand here but great short post on getting out of writers slump.

5 great tips on how to become a successful anime blogger – Brandon 
Brandon is a full time ani blogger with writing for sites crunchyroll, manga tokyo. He’s knows the ups and downs of the talk people say of when wanting to write about anime for a living. He gives his input in this personal tips list.


Bye Bye Writers Slump.

Special shoutout to Taku hoping this post has helped in some way and helps any bloggers whom are ever suffering writers slump. Feel with all of these blogger tips posts around the joint, I’m adding to the ever growing chaining. All you can do is past on your personal dealings to others, otherwise how would we evolve or progress?

Hope you guys enjoyed this handy post and comment below any tips you have for getting out of writers slump. Maybe in the future I’ll do a part two.

I’ll see you guys in the next post !! 



  1. “Let the feelings flow”. AMEN! Yes! That’ is definitely a big one! When I have trouble writing, it’s often because I’m trying too hard to sound cool or professional or like a “real blogger”, that I miss the point of enjoying my writing. Write about what you want, and love the experience of it. That’s how genuine posts are made. 🙂

    Awesome article as usual, Lita. Keep up the good work! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks for the comment sam XD and amen to that. Letting the words flow wohooo !! Who needs to sound a sense of professionalism lol
      Glad you liked my article XD


  2. First off, thank you so much for answering my question for your 500 followers celebration. It really means a lot, hearing words of wisdom passed down by an experienced blogger like yourself!

    Now, about what I’ll start doing . . . As soon as can, I’m going to find a notebook to start jotting down all of my ideas for posts. Even fragments for things that I would put in reviews would be written down. Then, I’m going to just write without stressing too much about using the best word choice and all that—I just want to post something! For my reviews, I normally pull up the show’s soundtrack just to put me back into the world, and so that I can “score” it in the review. Maybe my next post will be my Escaflowne review, since you’ve inspired me to get a head start on it now! Regardless, I’ll spend like 30 min or so catching up on some posts that have come out recently.

    I’ll just “let the feelings flow” and go from there, and hopefully it all works out in the end. Again, thanks so much for the tips about this tricky topic! I went ahead and even reblogged it, which is something that I normally never do. Unless it’s a special post that means a ton to me, that is. ☺️ Keep it up, looking forward to whatever comes out next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always you leave the longest of comments my friend 🙂

      I don’t find myself that experienced honestly or a god blogger LOL Yesss the notebook will help you a lot XD

      ESCAFLOWNE soo excited to hear about from me you have joined, scott, hazel and me 🙂
      Spending 30 minutes a day or week reading people’s post will make you feel like you are not behind on peoples stuff. Trust me XD

      Glad you have found help in this article XD


  3. Ah Lita!! Such a good post. You talked about a lot of things to get motivated that I did not think of before, and will definitely use them when writers block, unfortunately, comes back. A really great post my dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is some excellent advice Lita!

    I’ll admit recently I’ve not had a lot of time for blogging and I’ve been feeling a bit of writers slump lately, but this has Proventil I be really helpful!

    Thank you for the inspiration! I hope others find this useful too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A large chunk of my posts have been written via a slump. Sometimes post flow and others time I find myself pulling teeth to get it done. More often then I would like to admit. My inner procrastinator is beastly, and I try not to let it get the best of me. LOL

    But most of my posts are written and finished on another day. There have been posts that have gone through three edits and other that I’ve written and made edits in the same days. But that doesn’t happen often.

    thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for doing this, Lita!

    I agree that any kind of pressure, be it wanting perfection or wanting to get better at the speed of light , will suck anyone dry, in any kind of artistic endeavor.
    I struggle with getting my thoughts and feelings across, and always feel like the crappiest blogger and writer in existence💦

    I usually write my posts in one go, because if I go slowly I’ll start picking it apart, but to counterbalance that, I first start writing the piece in my head weeks before. Let it simmer until I feel like I know what I want to say about it 👌✨

    ESCAFLOWNE YAS /excited

    Thanks for all the lovely advice you give us 💕💕💕


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