It’s a Post a Rama Feature #37

Me knows this is a late one this week and been getting my Gundam on.

Currently Saturday evening I am writing this as last night got home late after work. Had no energy to do a thing, I’ve been behind on the blog reading, commenting things for a two weeks now. Intend to catch up tonight for a bit as before I forget to inform you guys that my group OWLS. Were having our end of July blog tour live stream Saturday 5th August 8pm EST over on our youtube. Hope you guys can make it if your interested, but click here for the event.

Wanted to say now before I get into this week’s post a rama special. Over the next three to four weeks things will be slow post wise for my blog. I am planning something special for my followers next month which requires some prepping for. All will be revealed soon but I’ll do my best to keep up with my schedule here even if Im like two days late or something.

Alright guys Time for a POST A RAMA special round !~!!!


Top 10 Places To Buy Anime, Manga Goods In Japan By Yukino Cake 

Featuring Yukino from Shinyuu Site again but this was a really useful piece. Especially for those going to Japan for the first time, who love anime. The one day I finally get to go to Japan this will become very helpful. So if you know anyone going to Japan share this with them !!


Gun x Sword Review By Gentleman Anime Circle

I was kind of exciting when I saw this review as Gun x Sword is a series I’ve watched the beginning of like six times and never finished it. Older series but reading over this mini review, just reminds me to finish this god dam anime. It has a fun, southern premise in the story so if you looking for something different to watch, check out this review !!


What is That: Karuta? By Ka-chan Anime Reviews 

Chihayafuru was the first sports anime I ever watched, it took me a while to grasp the game Karuta. Kachan started up a new segment on her blog What is That?, where she discusses various things in anime that interest her. It was great to see this informative piece on this loved game in Japan. Want to learn something new? Check out Kachan’s post !!


(Casual Article) My Tips For Anime Blogging By Truly Trash Media 

For every blogger this article will be very useful, or for people who blog in general. Valid tips from creative content to using gifs, everyones opinion on this topic on what are good blogging tips. Always great to read about what others think, so make sure to check this out !!


Kimi no Na Wa Review By Ameithyst 

Reading Ameithyst review on Shinkai’s amazing work Your name, sent happy memories for me. Remembering when I saw it in cinema, so here just another Kimi no na wa review to reminisce over and go read.


Resonating With Anime By The Lily Garden 

Remy covers a important line that a lot of people use when they “resonate with a series” that is goes beyond the meaning of the word. This was a great short read with a deep message behind it. So make sure to give this a read !!


Hot Gimmick Review
By Daiyamanga 

I haven’t featured any manga posts for ages. The queen of manga I call her Krystal she knows her stuff and as usual enjoyed her views on Hot Gimmick. Highlighting this series is one of the best worst manga, don’t be turned off by that opening line. Read her review !!


Hungry right now

I hope you all enjoyed this post a rama edition and make sure to go check out everyone from this feature !! 

So dam hungry right now as now is dinner time, Steak then after there is chocolate cake awaiting around somewhere. I’ll have a post out when I can for next week no clue what it will be yet. 

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



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