Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #36

This week has been so up and down, I’ve not been in the mindset to watch any anime honestly. But the other reason I’ve not been watching it is following some trashy, teen vampire show. No regrets as it’s been a nice different pace, because it’s been a dam long time when I binge watched, a tv series of sorts. Though over the weekend I’ll be catching up on some anime especially starting a new gundam series 00, I’ve been wanting to for ages. I’ll inform you guys that next Wednesday there will be no post, there are some posts I’ve been working on. They are taking me a lot longer than planned so nor do wishing to rush anything for the sake of it.

My 500 special follower Q +A will be out Sunday or Monday as promised. Whenever I am able to finish these posts I’m working out, always I announce on my twitter when I do. But for those that don’t it’ll be out Thursday most likely. Before I forget also next week’s Friday Feature will be a post a rama only, featuring people’s posts. As it’s been a while since I’ve done that feature.

Alrighty, Time to see who are my features for this week?


Blogger Feature



This week’s blogger feature goes to female anime blogger and fellow owls member Rai from Rai’s Anime Blog. Rai is one of the cutest bloggers you’ll come across with her love of cute anime girls, yuri. The all round of content Rai blogs about are seasonal anime, analysis pieces, yuri + LGBT pieces. Rai is one of my favourite bloggers to feel inspire from there analysis pieces, as she just knows how to make her point across of reason so clear. Two pieces by her you guys should check out are Anixety In Amanchu and Izetta Last Witch . Her analysis posts always inspire so every time a new one is out must immediately go read, Rai is a real sweetie in general to just have a good conversation with. So you should add cutie Rai to your follow list.

 Give her congrats as Rai just hit one year of blogging and you can follow on Twitter

Characters I’d Like To Be Able To Call If Needing Help By Karandi 

Haven’t featured a top list of sorts for a while and karandi weekly segment of tuesday top 5 is something I’d be following. Karandi comes up with some interesting top 5 list topics, which are some things I wouldn’t have come up with. This list is one of those and fun to read in her choices of who she would call upon for help. Check it out !! 


In The Defence Of Fan service
By I drink and watch anime

Sure you like me hearing the same over and over, others discussing the topic of Fan Service. Finally I came across this interesting discussion on the defence of fan service, breaking down the definition and highlighting positive uses it does have. This was a interesting so Check it out ! 


Recalling Thrills Of Our Love: Michiko and Hatchin By Yatahaze 

This was a really nice piece to read on the anime Michiko and Hatchin. Yatahaze discusses their love of this series and that it’s focus of a journey not being about a place or destination. But how the show conveys of emotional growth and forming your own footprints in life. Hope to get a chance to watch this series at some point but make sure to give this a read !!


Nerawareta Gakuen Review
By Yukino Cake 

Psychic school wars till I read this review was a movie, here thinking it was a series. Yukino doesn’t think too highly in her review of this movie but it’s that honesty that’s convinced me to give it a go. Reviews should always be about honesty, not feeling afraid to express when you don’t like something. Reading Yukino review is one of many reviews I’ve read that defines this notion. So make sure to check it out !!!


Now as I finish writing this, won’t lie so tired one more work day to get through then I’ll be able to finish all I want to.

Time for my butt to go on the coach.
Hope you enjoyed this Friday feature, make sure to check out everyone !

I’ll see you all next Friday !!



  1. Aww no post on Wednesday, I was looking forward to it. Anyways, Thank you for featuring me AGAIN. m(*-ω-)m I’m honoured that you thought of me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did say might have one out for Thursday instead so keep your eyes peeled. What I’m working on won’t be ready for Wednesday is why it won’t be out then. Aww no problem 😊 love your reviews

      Liked by 1 person

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