Ani Lime Light: Mei Tachibana

This ani lime light focuses on a tough cookie but yet so sweet underneath.

Starting this new segment has been a great comprise for me to talk about favourite characters in anime/manga. Instead of jam packing them into one big list, they get the equal focus, deserving why I love them for my own reasoning. This ani lime light focuses on a character myself relates from a personal place and her journey to trusting in people. Mei Tachibana from Say I love you.


I Don’t Need Friends

Say I love you is up there in my romance favourites, but in the title of this series. The meaning is delved deeper as for the main protagonist of the show. Friendship, trust is a wide open court of beauty and ugly, From past childhood bullying and events Mei never wanted friends. Mei kept a low profile in feeling being the next target of bullies and people in general.

“I dont want to worry about unnecessary things , Since I’ll be betrayed again”

It was like seeing through a crystal ball of myself back in my high school days. The three years of hell some of it, having Mei’s thinking. Attempting to try get along with people but you put up the barriers, keeping a low profile. Hoping to just get through it all till moving on to college. Truly in a weird sense I admired Mei’s constant time of staying true to how she felt, not letting herself get swayed by others easily. Mei may have been fragile on the scale of trusting but her confident will in herself, something I wished I had.


Little By Little

Mei ended up attracting popular boy Yamata, before she knew it slowly her barrier came down. Not only the aspect of Mei just learning what’s like to be infatuated for the first time, the other focus of letting people in. Mei kept her rear guard a lot around Yamata in the beginning but willing Yamata was to make her see, he was not as Mei perceived him to be. Mei’s tough cookie exterior slowly began to crumble away in the people she came to meet, leading her to experience new feelings.

Your lucky if your someone during your high school days easy to florish making friends, have your first guy like/love. I’ve said before being jealous of Shoko (Silent Voice) that least she had people around her. Want to say for characters like Mei starting at the beginning is the worst, being in a new place/environment. Walling in anxiety of having to get to know people, letting them in not that easy. For such carefree people out there that are social butterflies never experiencing these worries.

This whole process can be seen through Mei eyes, feeling on edge all the time, that’s the majority of how myself felt during high school. I did not feel release from that until moving to Australia, in the new people I got to know, was much more relaxed. Construction around Mei building up, slowly more confidence to let people in little by little, thought was done well in how shorter series. Because from, how Mei felt at the starting point to reflecting on how much she had opened up, was something you can’t rush.

Character whom I’ve admired along side with experiencing new things Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke, is a compelling, satisfying journey. To rewatch every time but stating before in a short amount of time how gripped easily by Mei’s process change in thinking. About trying to trust again, get to know individuals felt connected on a completely different level to how Sawako’s growth. You cannot grow by yourself unless you surround yourself with others, taking that scary leap. Which is the most important Mei learned and that’s why another reason loving her character. 


Tough But Sweet

Shoujo protagonists like Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke) or Yamato (My Love Story)  innocent, sweet are cute to the eye. Mei examples in shoujo to me not all female protagonists will be at the guys beckoning right off the bat. This was what made me love Mei’s character aside of relating on a personal aspect. Mei’s fiesty, tough nature arises in the right scenes especially with Yamata. In episode eight Mei confessed to Yamato oh how frustrated, jealous she felt from spending time with model Megumi. Though all of the new feelings she was experiencing, it never stopped Mei from speaking her mind.

Every time Mei spoke out in a particular scene felt so sincere, believable. It was a added bonus of her random outbursts of awkwardness, made me explode in laughter.


One In The Same 

Mei holds a special place with me above other shoujo protagonists like sawako whom I adore, all the same. Not because alone from watching the series the process of what Mei went through, I myself did. But because she stayed true to herself, never loosing that strong will of hers. Feeling never swayed by others to speak her mind. She’s a sweet, tough cookie.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Ani Lime Light you can read my last one on Sora Nageino. Starting this segment has been a great comprise to feature favourite characters whom I can spotlight but at the same time hope you guys enjoy it.

Please comment below any thoughts you have !!

I’ll see you all in the next post !!


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